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Being silent never eradicated a wrong.  Being silent does not help a victim, nor ease the responsibility and purpose of having a conscience.  Justice must always be blind and impartial, but injustice can only be exposed when confronted and challenged by those unafraid and courageous enough to be willing to die for a cause.

Fear begets silence, which in turn produces more fear.  How many have gone to the graves because of the wickedness of someone else’s inability to speak up?  To exact a wrong is to first enact a strong investigation into the very depth’s of one’s Soul for justice while journeying through the examination of one’s Spirit for courage, in being conscience driven against the very fires of all Men of whom may oppose you.

Historically, truth has never been silent. It has spoken of itself vociferously through the necessity of justice to be made for all of humanity from the dawn of time.

Truth weeps when silence abounds, for never was a sin of silence been kept, when truth was openly met.  Every victim needs a voice to speak up for them, particularly in the area of domestic violence requiring a strong chorus of Men united against the majority of abusers who comprise the same gender.

Wherein does it state in the laws of human hosts that a Man constitutes the sovereignty of bodily dominance conducive to another human being made subject to a physical beating?

Relationships by nature inherently possess a complex dynamic of emotions and attitudes requiring both nurturing and a constant thread of positive communication and honesty above and beyond conventional friendships.  In a world of often chaotic and deceitful experiences, an honest, trustworthy and monogamous relationship is truly medicinal for the Mind, Soul & Body.

Yet, when things do go wrong to the extent of both verbal and physical violence, an enemy more demonstrably worse is that of the muted voice of secrecy.  It is certainly easy for me or anyone else to tell a victim of domestic violence to speak up because were obviously not walking a mile in their shoes.

However, the price for not encouraging any victim towards empowerment is far greater. A soft tongue can often speak the loudest in the room. It is the method in which we encourage someone that often yields the best results.

I always remember that a victim of domestic violence should not be victimized twice.  Therefore let us provide our encouragement through being non-judgmental, practicing compassion, employing patience, and providing education and resources that will enable them to once and for all look within themselves to find the strength and their inner voice to make the logical choice towards both their inner empowerment and inevitable emancipation.

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kill, murder, now demonize…

Sadly, a month and a day after Young Trayvon Martin’s murder, the outcry for justice now fueled by a two million signatures petition seemed to be further from a reality than ever before. Yet, hope is a candle never extinguished by the waters of ignorance. Knowledge of Trayvon Martin’s 10 day suspension from school has somehow managed to be leaked to the press, although that information should be private, especially considering the fact the he is a minor.

The Sanford Florida police department calls the leak regrettable and unconfirmed as to their department being the source.  It is not so much the content of the leak that is despicable here, but rather the veiled attempt of its motive, which is to somehow find a way to vindicate Zimmerman’s actions by being able to point a finger at a dead child’s high school transgressions, to confirm his killer’s paranoid suspicions that lead to this tragedy in the first place.

Then the leak just happens to coincide with more non-filtered details of Zimmerman’s side of the story as to what happened that fateful night. His story continues to be divulged nationally by his public relations team/propaganda machine, Attorney Craig Sonner and Zimmerman family friend Joe Oliver.

There is always two sides to every story, yet what makes this disturbing duo’s demonstrable dance of dangerous delusion to demonize Trayvon Martin tour so despicable, is the price of the ticket called Naivete. Sponsored by Non-Sensical Productions, they either expect the general public to readily accept the accounts of Zimmerman without question, or they themselves are that gullible to swallow all the poop that’s fit to speak and print from Mr. Zimmerman. Anomalies both logically seismic and desperately disproportionate to what facts are known, frequently appear in their accounts as they quote Zimmerman often verbatim to his recollection.

I’ve heard them detail how Mr. Zimmerman claims to have approached young Trayvon, spoke words of which we are to supposed to believe were said in a kind and thoughtful way.  Then as he walked back to his car, lo and behold Trayvon Martin attacked him from behind? The illogical pertinence of this statement is tied to the fact that he forgets that young Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time stating to her that “this guy is following me…”

Young Trayvon informed her that he was cornered.  She tells ABC News that she heard Young Trayvon say “What are you following me for…?”  Then she heard the man say “What are you doing around here…? Then she says “Something pushed Young Trayvon because his headset fell off…” But remember the call was still connected and according to his girlfriend, seconds later she heard the gunshot.

That unidentified something that pushed Young Trayvon was not an alien from outer space, nor was it a northeasterly wind. It was George Zimmerman, who after 31 days of committing cold-blooded murder, is still not under arrest. I would briefly like to address several statements of Mr. Oliver since he has taken it upon himself to be the Pope of Personality, Minister of Manure and Reverend of Reconciliation in his efforts to validate and qualify Zimmerman’s character and humanity:

Mr. Oliver: “Until all the evidence is brought forth and analyzed, people should not cast judgment on a person they do not know and should instead let the wheels of justice turn.

truthful perceptions: Based on the lack of an arrest of Zimmerman that night, critical evidence that should have been taken by the authorities is now lost forever. First and foremost, why wasn’t a toxicology test done on Zimmerman to determine if he was under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol? Instead one is done on the victim. Zimmerman claims Young Trayvon reached for his gun and there was some obvious struggle. Why wasn’t police procedure implemented to collect that weapon for trace and latent fingerprints from Young Trayvon to even establish foundation to Zimmermans story. Again not done.

Reports from Police stated blood was on Zimmerman’s shirt. Reconstruction of a shooting-involved crime scene includes blood stain pattern analysis is a eight step process with the last step being one of conclusion to determine angles, trajectory, distance, etc; consequently  determining the truth.  The first step in this process begins with data collection. Yet, police allowed Zimmerman to walk away wearing the bloody shirt. Again, another critical piece of forensic evidence not done and lost forever. So Mr. Oliver the wheels of justice has started with a car on two tires and one is a donut, thanks to your friends at the Sanford Florida police department.

Mr. Oliver: “All these people who are threatening George, what makes them any better than the person they think he is?” “You’ve got all these people wanting to lynch the man and they don’t know the whole story,”  “There are huge gaps that are being filled in and interpreted without evidence.”

Truthful Perceptions: People are justified to express their moral outrage at a Man who racially profiles, stalks and pursues, interrogates and threatens a child before shooting him. Mr. Oliver seeks to ameliorate both himself and Zimmerman to the public by being the lone Black Man courageous enough to stand up for a man he obviously feels is innocent and is morally and legally justified when he shot Young Trayvon Martin.  He responds to the fringe elements of those demanding justice, but never to the core relevance of the “huge gaps that “were” being filled in and interpreted without evidence” by the police against Young Trayvon when they negligently botched the crime scene forensic investigation, and exonerated Zimmerman on the spot when they believed or helped to concoct his story of self defense.

The devil can always cite scripture to suit his purpose. Sadly, these two men have sought to paint a picture of a man to be pitied and is misunderstood.  That he, Zimmerman is inadvertently the real victim here.

The brighter the picture, the darker the negative. Since they attempt to paint a bright picture of Zimmerman in the media, let us take a closer at the real negative:

In 2005, Zimmerman was accused twice of criminal misconduct and violence. Arrested at a bar near the University of Central Florida after an altercation with police, he was later charged with resisting arrest. He was not convicted but entered a pretrial diversion program, common for first-time offenders. Later that year, records show that a woman filed a petition for an injunction against Zimmerman, alleging domestic violence. He filed his own petition against the woman the next day. Injunctions were later issued against both.

The odorous audacity in attempting to demonize this child and further his parents grief by publishing a high school suspension, when we can plainly see the pattern of criminality does not belong to Young Trayvon Martin, but to George Zimmerman.  Attorney Sonner is a paid hack, in to achieve his own self glory so his motives are at least palpable in understanding his role. Oliver’s role is murky at best, foolish at worst. He appears to be an honorable man, but he’s doing a dishonorable thing in allowing himself to be the one to vouch for Zimmerman’s moral character, especially in light of his past criminal record.

Love may be blind, but friendship is an eyes open event sustained by the virtues of integrity and honesty. Once violated by your friends volition in committing a heinous act of cold-blooded murder, your true role as a friend is to convince him to surrender himself to the authorities. The time will come when Zimmerman’s role in killing Young Trayvon, the local police department’s role to Murder his justice through negligence, and the disturbing duo’s role of demonizing him by omission through sanitizing Zimmerman, will soon end with George Zimmerman’s inevitable arrest, prosecution and conviction. IJPN.

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truthful perceptions…trayvon

…he never even tried to help Trayvon..”

I enjoyed participating in a very interesting dialogue today on a radio program that invited me to weigh in on the Trayvon Martin case based on my blogs. Specifically, the blog that was themed; “Trayvon Was Killed Once, But Murdered Twice…”

Now it is one month to the day his beautiful Soul was taken from his Family, his uniquely gifted talents, personal dreams and professional aspirations permanently extinguished from the reality of this world, while his murderer is still not under arrest. Each day continues to expose more detailed revelation(s) from both the evening of the murder, as well as the nations growing indignation and anger for the slow pace towards Justice For Trayvon.

Now words that are both haunting and expose what level of inhumanity George Zimmerman had for Trayvon have been spoken to the media by neighbors who are now serving as ear witnesses in the State and Federal investigation.

Once a hunter has made a kill of his prey, the last thing on his mind is to take steps necessary to revive the animal. On the contrary, once he has made his way to the wounded animals location,  he is more inclined once he discovers that the beast is not dead, to take another fatal shot to end its life in some strange show of merciful aggrandizement.

The portrayal of his outer feelings is that he is begrudgingly happy to have caught his prey, but he is really more inwardly upset with himself for not imposing the kill as it were in one shot, instead of two. Any emotional remorse is absent from his conscience, as his humanity is disengaged from the very notion of a cultural necessity to hunt for survival, as much as it is motivated solely for the sport of hunting and killing God’s defenseless creatures.

George Zimmerman exhibited the very same characteristics of a dispassionate hunter in colonial Africa, not just in pursuit of the prey in his sights, but more so for the lack of compassion and human decency to the reality that Trayvon was not some wounded animal in the forest to be dismissed, ignored and euthanized, but a human being of who lay dying before his very eyes.

Resident Mary Cutcher spoke to a nationally televised audience aired Sunday night on the news program Dateline, that she and her roommate both saw Zimmerman “straddling the body of Trayvon Martin, basically a foot on both sides of Trayvon’s body, and his hands pressed on his back.”  She goes on to say; “Zimmerman never turned him over or tried to help him or CPR or anything,” Cutcher said.

In an effort to counter the obvious, Zimmerman’s lawyer is making the rounds on television trying to paint his client as a victim and Trayvon as the instigator.  Zimmerman family friend Joe Oliver, who happens to be Black joins the attorney on the media jaunts and has the audacity to state that none of this would have happened if Trayvon would have just said that he’s staying with his Dad in the community…” Mr. Oliver also spoke on how poor Mr. Zimmerman has been crying and cannot believe how big this whole thing has gotten to affect not only him, but the nation at large.

Sadly, Mr. Oliver is lacking intellectual discernment and the moral common sense to know that Trayvon Martin was not legally or morally obligated to inform Zimmerman of anything, because to Trayvon, Zimmerman is a total stranger that was stalking him ever since he arrived from his errand back into the gated community. As to Zimmerman’s crying, let Mr. Oliver be reminded that Trayvon’s Family will be both crying and grieving for the rest of their lives for what his “friend did.”

Because of the epidemic of pedophiles and sex offenders preying on our children, is it not both common and prudent practice of parents to teach their children to avoid talking to strangers at all times? It is dark and raining and some 250lb gorilla is rolling up aggressively on Trayvon, and Mr. Oliver expects Trayvon to show Zimmerman some respect? I must question the mental stability of this man to make such a statement.

So we see the beginnings of the defense strategy is to somehow manipulate this as a regrettable set of  circumstances, that somehow culminated into an unfortunate series of events that left Mr. Zimmerman somehow fighting for his life, with his only option left, was but to shoot this wild teenager. I will not waste anymore valuable time in denouncing Mr. Oliver for his blindly naive bias for his family friend, other than to wonder would he be feeling the same way, were this his 17 year old child that lay dead at the hands of his friend George Zimmerman..? I don’t think so.

As to the attorney, I am not surprised by his rationale as it is his job to spin the event, however recklessly, and turn good for evil (Trayvon), and evil for good (Zimmerman).  The lunacy of exaggerated hyperbole will never turn into sympathetic wisdom for his client, no matter how articulate he speaks it.  This ongoing event of Trayvon Martin’s murder, one month after it took place without an arrest of Mr. Zimmerman is the real tragedy here.

For 372 years since the first African arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1640 and was declared a Slave, Black Americans have lived as a Nation within a Nation. Black people have arguably endured the worst of those things one set of human beings can do unto another. We were always somehow expected to engender our better angels and not exact revenge or seek vengeance upon the perpetrators of our race, but to allow the curtains of justice to mythically part themselves and render unto us our due benevolence.

We spilled our blood in every War for the Nations cause and always satisfied her thirst for cultural and entertainment excellence, or when called upon for academic and professional expertise in the case of our many Scientists and Inventors.  We remedied her ills through the best minds in Medicine and worked tirelessly  to be accepted as equally as every other ethnic group in this country, in spite of her original Constitution rendering our humanity as three fifths of a human being, equitable to that of a horse.

Let us not get it twisted, for we as a people arguably have the most tenable and credible experience(s) as any other ethnic group to seek, desire and demand the rightful presence of Justice, as it has been the most elusive of all desirable entities present unto us, ever since we were forcibly brought to these shores and then forced to do slave labor.

The verity of this argument is witnessed by African-Americans being the only race in this country with the most outstanding number of crimes done unto us, over the longest span of time that were unsolved by law enforcement, unrequited of justice and rendered unto us in the form of countless lynchings for over 135 years, and officially ending 72 years ago according to the Justice department for the last recorded lynching of Joe Rogers, lynched in Canton Mississippi, May 8 1939. Magnify these facts by how many lynchings went undocumented.

So this 21st Century modern day lynching of Trayvon Martin carries a great deal of weight upon the shoulders of this country’s justice system to learn that lessening the wrongs of the past, does not come by delaying justice of the present.  For a innocent young Man paid the price with his life, because of the ignorance of one recklessly profiling his immediate future, based on the color of his skin. In spite of the millions of petitioned signatures demanding an arrest, counsel for the accused seeks to change the climate, alter the argument and balance the scales of media attention in favor of his client. All people of good conscience will not be fooled by this tactic. You can put a diamond in a pig’s snout, but its still a pig.

This is not about sympathy for George Zimmerman who remains free after committing cold-blooded murder one month ago today. This is about giving rightful Justice For…Trayvon. IJPN – In JESUS Precious Name.

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“Was he justified in using the amount of force he did?…”

George Zimmerman’s attorney raised eyebrow’s today when he gave insight into his defense strategy for a client that hasn’t even been charged with a crime much less arrested.  He infomed the media that the “Stand Your Ground” law does not apply in this case. He states this is a case of self defense, pure and simple and the only question that arises is; “Was Zimmerman justified in using the amount of force that killed Trayvon Martin?

Regardless to what planet Zimmerman’s attorney Craig Sonner is living on, this insidious tactic is being manufactured to assert into the minds of a potential jury that his client was confronted and attacked by Trayvon and therefore had no other alternative but to shoot him.  He will try to paint a picture that uses the elements of both darkness of night and the rain as two significant events that would have hampered anyone’s judgement as his client had to assume Trayvon had a weapon.

He will bring into evidence that several burglaries had occurred in the community most recently and that Zimmerman was acting in the best interest of the community when he followed Mr. Martin.

I can hear it all now…” Although my client was told by the 911 operator not to pursue, we submit his obstinacy to obey was exceeded by his determination to protect the community at large…” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.. He knows and has already informed his client that if successful, this strategy could garner a guilty verdict of first degree manslaughter carrying a sentence of 15 years of which he is more than likely instructing his client that he would appeal the verdict, hoping to delay sentencing. In the event that is not successful, then at worst Zimmerman would have to do at least 7 -10 before parole hearings come up.

A tenacious and skillful prosecutor should be able to tear such a defense to shreds. First off, if it were purely an act of self defense, why after 28 days has counsel for Zimmerman decided to inform the press that he is not going to use the Stand Your Ground law in Zimmerman’s defense? Because, they know he doesn’t have a chance with that defense as the Prosecution would call to the stand the Author of the law, who implicitly put into the law the criteria of any force used against a person must be met proportionally to satisfy the statute.

State Representative (R) Dennis Baxley who is the author of the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, has publicly stated that Zimmerman’s actions in the killing of Trayvon Martin is not covered by the Stand Your Ground law and he should probably be arrested.

Also evidence would be presented of prior cases where citizens of whom are Black, when using this law were arrested first, and then the wheels of justice would sort out the incident and in the process would decide whether the Stand Your Ground law applied.  This was not the case for Zimmerman as he was evidently given preferential treatment by the police and allowed to go home with his gun.

Secondly, George Zimmerman was not acting in the capacity of a neighborhood watch Captain once he decided to disobey the orders of the 911 operator.  He is now acting as a vigilante who is taking law enforcement into his own hands without legal authority to do so. Subsequently, anything that results after such a move of ignorance on his part, he must be held accountable.

Final point, it is Trayvon Martin of whom possesses the rightful stance of self-defense. It is Trayvon Martin who had no idea who this 250lb maniac was that was following him and confronted him.  This man was a stranger to him.  Not someone wearing even a security guard uniform or was in a gated community security car with lights flashing so that Trayvon could have a sense of knowledge to know who Zimmerman was.  No such thing existed.  Therefore Trayvon Martin is the true victim here and any alleged swinging of the hands or struggle with Zimmerman is justified as he had the right to do so in his own self defense, based on perceiving Zimmerman as an imminent threat to his life.

So for Zimmerman’s attorney to now try to paint a picture of his client using some form of justifiable force is a mockery of truth and seeks to insult the intelligence of everyone familiar with this case.  Zimmerman’s only true defense is one of being guilty by means of insanity and/or mental deficiency.  Trayvon was just 70 yards away from reaching his Dad’s house, to bring home the Skittles and Iced tea he went out in the first place to purchase on behalf of his little brother.

In his closing argument, all the Prosecutor has to do prior to asking the jury to convict George Zimmerman on a 1st degree Murder charge with no possibility of parole, is hold up two things in his hand for the jury to see.  His only question to them should simply be: “Where is the justifiable force of someone using a 9mm gun against someone possessing a Bag of Skittles…?

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truthful perceptions…mississippi

“I do not ask y’all to forget, but I do ask y’all to forgive…”

Just in case you missed it this past week, with all of the plethora of events taking place at blinding speed across both the Nation and World.  From the Terrorist Massacre at the Jewish School in Toulouse France to the Military coup by mutinous soldiers ousting the President of Mali. From the major 7.4 Earthquake in Mexico to the continuing loss of lives in the ongoing civil war in Syria.

In this country the top news stories will range in diversity from Presidential campaign politics, 100 Bison making a comeback in Montana, Occupy Wall Street protests, Whitney Houston’s toxicology report to the sports driven madness of the NCAA tournament, and that’s just the National news.  Not the multitude of local news taking place in our individual cities from all the negativity that’s fit to print to the arrivals of new movies to celebrity driven music concerts. Of course without question the most dominating ongoing national story playing itself out in Sanford Florida is the fight for Justice For Trayvon Martin.

Yet, there was another story in the midst and madness of all the others that was just as telling, just as significant and just as much of a human interest story as one can find.  It calls upon the basic tenets of ideology from which the foundation of this Christian-Judeo nation principles itself on. The backdrop could not have been any more serious, any more dramatic than the realism that often sparks the question of whether you’re having a surreal experience.

A Jackson, Mississippi courtroom lay the setting for what could only be a day of both reckoning and the realization that no winners would emerge from the outcome. On one side was the defendant, a White Man, 19 year old Daryl Dedmon was just found guilty on two charges of Murder and for committing a Hate Crime.  He was sentenced to two life sentences with Prosecutors and Federal Officials leaving the door open to the Death Penalty.

The sheer viciousness of his actions in killing 47 year old James Craig Anderson, a Black Man, on June 26 2011, Dedmon along with seven other teens viciously beat Anderson and if that wasn’t enough Dedmon then got into his Ford pickup truck and ran over Anderson’s body several times in a hotel parking lot which according to the medical examiner was the fatal act. The crime shocked the Nation and a expeditious investigation lead to Dedmon’s arrest.

On the other side of the aisle was the Anderson Family. Their grief stricken spirits was still present after all of these months and the sincerity of love for their beloved family member was very much available for all to witness.  Prior to sentencing, Dedmon was allowed to speak. He shared of his spiritual conversion to Christianity and the youthful ignorance he possessed as the main culprit behind his evil rampage on that fateful night. He summarized by saying “I do not ask y’all to forget, but I do ask y’all to forgive..”  

Now it was the Family’s turn to address Dedmon and the court to express their outrage, their pain and what understandable punishment that could be levied against Dedmon to the fullest extent of the law.  A visibly shaken Barbara Anderson Young, sister of James spoke on behalf of the Family and James’ estate. She spoke eloquently from a prepared statement and gave all of whom were expecting her to be the channel of our wrath, an impromptu Bible study lesson on Forgiveness direct from the heart of the Gospel of JESUS Christ:

In her letter, Young quoted Coretta Scott King in explaining her opposition to capital punishment: “An evil deed is not redeemed by an evil deed of retaliation. Justice is never advanced in the taking of human life.”

“Our opposition to the death penalty is deeply rooted in our religious faith, a faith that was central in James’ life as well,” the letter continues.

“Our Savior Jesus Christ rejected the old way of an eye for an eye and taught us instead to turn the other cheek. He died that we might have everlasting life and, in doing so, asked that the lives of the two common criminals nailed to the crosses beside him be spared. We can do no less.”

But the family goes on to explain that there is another reason for their opposition, one that is tied to Mississippi’s racial past.

“We also oppose the death penalty because it historically has been used in Mississippi and the South primarily against people of color for killing whites,” the letter states. “Executing James’ killers will not help to balance the scales. But sparing them may help to spark a dialogue that one day will lead to the elimination of capital punishment.”

“Those responsible for James’ death not only ended the life of a talented and wonderful man. They also caused our family unspeakable pain and grief. But our loss will not be lessened by the state taking the life of another,” the letter reads.

Well there you have it. In the wake of an average news-week cycle of hate, war, cynical and hypocritical politicians dominating the airwaves, children dying, natural disasters and the like. Quietly and with stoic dignity the Anderson Family represented not only James C. Anderson in the much deserved honorable legacy of his life, but kept to the core of his and their faith to transcend the vengeance they and we all felt for those responsible for this heinous act of murder.

In the state of Mississippi, a capital murder conviction carries the death penalty or life without parole. Those convicted of murder can petition for parole starting at age 65. Let us hope the State will grant the Anderson Family request and for the next 46 years Daryl Dedmon will try to understand the depth of forgiveness and love given to him, that his own hate produced. IJPN.

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Trayvon Was Killed Once, Murdered Twice…

26 days And No Arrest…

Justice For Trayvon…Is more than a term of endearment, a bumper sticker slogan or a mantra for angry protestors.  Now 44 years after his death by the hands of a murderer, Justice For Trayvon is the song of pain Martin Luther King Jr,. along with countless others during the civil rights era who fought, marched and gave their lives, so that we would not hear this song sung again and again and yet again.

On the night of November 25 2006 a team of fifty New York City undercover and plainclothes police officers initiated a barrage of gunfire into a car with three Black men who were labeled  “suspected” drug dealers. Three of the men were hit a total of fifty times.

One of the occupants, Sean Bell was killed.  Three Officers were subsequently charged with an indictment of manslaughter, reckless endangerment and assault. One of the officers charged was found to have fired 31 of the fifty bullets fired into the vehicle.  The trial resulted in the acquittal of all charges. The morning after he was shot dead by NYC police, Sean Bell was to be married to his fiance who was the Mother of his four year old daughter. The officers walk as free men today. Sean Bell is dead.

In the early morning hours of New Years Day 2009, Oscar Grant was shot in the back while handcuffed and lying face down. The shooter was a San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Officer who subsequently was tried and convicted, but received a reduced sentence from two years to 292 days with 146 days subtracted for time served. He is now released and is a free Man. Oscar Grant is still dead.

From the 19 of 41 shots that struck and killed Amadou Diallo in New York City to the death of Victor Steen, shot dead in his Mother’s home by a Porterville, California police officer who was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing. The multitude of nationwide cases concerning the deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of police reveal a historical pattern tantamount to an ongoing generational curse.

Whether spurred on  by the Overseer-on-the-Plantation mentality of keeping these so called untamed Black men in check through physical force, or perpetuated by a fostered mythical fear of the stereotypical Big Black Boogeyman, the constancy of these reoccurring events fuel the enigma of mistrust for the police that remains deeply embedded in my GrandFather’s generation, my Father’s generation, my generation and now the generation of my 24 year old Son.

George Zimmerman was not a Police Officer, but a cop wannabe. One of whom had assisted the police in previous burglary cases in his community and apparently felt a certain bona fide sense of bloated self importance.  Jesus said to Watch & Pray. A Neighborhood Watch Captain is elected to Watch & Call police.  In his zealous ambition to be community hero, Zimmerman chose to Watch & Shoot.

The lack of an immediate arrest of Zimmerman reveals not only the professional incompetence of the Sanford Florida police department, but also the long history of tensions with the city’s Black community via the questionable deaths of unarmed Black men and the subsequent acquittals of it’s officers in those deaths.  By shielding Zimmerman on the basis of a Stand Your Ground law, they’ve chosen a foolishly evil position that leaves them no alternative but to continue to demonize the victim in order to protect a murderer.  In essence, killing Trayvon Martin once and for all, by murdering him twice.

George Zimmerman may have pulled the trigger that killed Trayvon, but the police have chosen by their actions to assassinate him by demonizing his character. They’ve chosen to alienate the truth, by perpetuating a lie.  They’ve selected to muddy the waters of this beautiful young Man’s life and all of his academic accomplishments and dreams, by attempting to manufacture a caricature of him being the stereotypical criminally minded Black teenager, who MUST have been up to no good if he was walking in the rain that night and wearing a hoodie…

They tested his blood for alcohol and drugs, found none.  They’ve scrutinized his background for past criminal activities, found none. They did no such alcohol and drug tests of Zimmerman that night, who for all we know could have been under the influence.

When they arrived on the scene to find good ole familiar George from the neighborhood watch with a literal smoking gun in his hand, and Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton’s 17 year old Son lying face down on the ground, the theatrical spin was set in place once Officer George Raimundo’s attempts at mouth to mouth resuscitation failed.

It begins by negating to do a proper crime scene forensic investigation, thereby allowing crucial evidence to be destroyed. It continues with a lack of in depth interviews of the ear witnesses who heard Trayvon’s screams for help, the lack of common sense discernment to know it cannot be self defense if Zimmerman got out of his car to pursue and confront Trayvon who did not have proportional weaponry to justify Stand Your Ground law criteria, and the final blow to what dignity of life Trayvon possessed by allowing the murderer to go home with his murder weapon in tow.

The drama now set in place, the final act is the stake that runs through the heart of ALL people of good conscience, when the Chief of Police speaks at a press conference to stand by their initial decision to not arrest Zimmerman on the grounds of self defense and elucidate on their being not enough probable cause to therefore justify an arrest.  I guess with this spin we were supposed to just close the books on this one and believe this wonderful young Man just got what was coming to him for apparently being the aggressor in a confrontation with a murderer who was 11 years older, a foot taller and 110lbs heavier, who disobeyed a 911 police operator not to follow Trayvon and to stay in his car.

Well, they backed the wrong horse on this one.  We will not stand idly by.  A Chief of Police taking a temporary leave of absence is not justice.  A State Attorney General delaying an arrest warrant and indictment of Zimmerman is not justice.  The lack of the Sanford City Manager (who happens to be Black) to have a spine and fire the Chief of Police and the City Council not stepping up to implement its powers is not justice.

Only the arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing of George Zimmerman for 1st degree murder can satisfy the necessity and the public demand for Justice.  Although Zimmerman may have killed him once, and the authorities may have murdered him twice, Trayvon’s human dignity and living legacy will live on through the bigger ensuing movement to now repeal the Stand Your Ground law in 23 States, that poses the greatest risk of this same tragedy happening again and again to another innocent child. Trayvon’s Mother said it best… ” This is not about Black vs. White, but about Right vs. Wrong…”   IJPN.

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truthful perceptions…

So what else do we call the dynamic when a multi-million dollar contracted athlete is found guilty of being associated with an illegal dog fighting operation, sentenced to 23 months in prison, serves his time and is released only to find a large segment of both the public and the media still clamoring for a pound of his flesh.  He returns to work as a professional football player, generates millions of dollars in television revenue and stadium ticket sales across the country, does countless public relations events not only in compliance with his NFL contract, but also his parole obligations, while displaying a genuine epiphany of change in his lifestyle, spiritual growth and maturity.

Still he is hounded at every game with protestors unwilling to believe his rehabilitation and with dogged determination (no pun intended) continue to berate him with chants of dog-killer, animal abuser, etc;. Meanwhile in the broadcast booth of every nationally televised game, not one game will go by without one of the announcers referencing his past, his prison term or his continued obligation to being on parole.

This of course is insidiously done as it continues to keep the negative narrative of this brilliantly gifted athlete in front of the American consciousness.  Nevertheless, buoyed by his determination, his faith and his loving family this athlete, known by name as Michael Vick, walks humbly though it all.  He speaks up the one time I felt was genuinely and politically warranted.  Apparently his children were desirous to have a puppy, and in complying with the conditions of his parole he informed the authorities of his desire to purchase a puppy to bring into his home for his children. Lo and behold, the news is leaked and the basket cases come out of the woodwork claiming he is not rehabilitated, he does not deserve to have an animal in his home and generally spewing such vitriol that you truly wonder is it really all about the dogs are is their honestly something deeper going here?

Nevertheless, he wins his battle to bring the dogs into his home for his children and much to the chagrin of his haters, he has not as of yet eaten, beaten, sold them to either a dog fighting ring or a butcher shop. He committed his transgressions, paid his debt to society, went back to work and continues to bear the stones cast at him by haters. Yet, he moves on. Go ahead Michael Vick. In spite of the strained and strenuous efforts of those to cast a dark cloud of perception over this Man’s life, I call him a winner.

So what else do we call the dynamic when a 28 year old General Education student enrolled at Seminole State College Florida, takes it upon himself to play Police Officer, Judge and Jury by deeming a 17 year old teenage boy who happens to be a foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter an imminent threat and shoots him down in cold blood.  One would call this cowardly act of violence exactly what it is: Murder. Not any varying degrees of Manslaughter or Aggravated assault with a weapon. Just Murder, plain and simple.

Yet, judging from the hastily done investigation that fateful evening, the police either persuasively lead by their choice of questions the shooter Mr. George Zimmerman to his conclusion of it being self defense, or just accepted his explanation as such on face value.  Their concern for the victim Trayvon Martin was very apparent by their lack of an effort to even notify his family in a timely manner, in spite of the fact that his cell phone was present.

Mr. Zimmerman was allowed to go home with his gun. Go home, with his gun. So unbelievable I had to write it twice. Even during a police officer involved shooting standard procedure is for the officer to be placed on desk assignment until all the facts are in. Hence, the public outcry is huge, will not stop and will continue to grow until this murderer is arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced.  In looking at the dynamic of perceptions as it pertains to Michael Vick & George Zimmerman, one discernibly notices huge chasms in the justice system of the United States and how laws are most often both interpreted and affected by racial sensitivities and motives.

It is highly unlikely to find anyone of whom would believe if the roles were reversed, that the police would have allowed a Black Man to go home after shooting an unarmed white teenager, regardless to the ridiculous Stand Your Ground law on the books in now 23 States.  In spite of the huge social media uprising resulting in inevitably one million petition drive signatures, Senators and Congressman (white and black), rallies planned in multiple cities nationwide, Zimmerman is still unbelievably not under arrest.

That day is coming along with the ouster and warranted charges of Human and Civil Rights violations which should be leveled at Zimmerman, the Sanford Fl Chief of Police and the Detectives who arrived on the scene and allowed Zimmerman to walk away.  I’m certainly also not happy with the State’s Attorney General Office of whom have not issued a warrant of arrest, and they are waiting for what? Probable Cause should be established by virtue of the fact the Stand Your Ground law states that a proportional measure of attack must be utilized in order for the justified use of a firearm.  Trayvon had Skittles, Iced Tea and a Cell Phone.  Zimmerman had a 9mm fully clip loaded handgun.

Where’s the equanimity in that? Therefore that law should not apply in this case and Zimmerman continuing to be shielded by it is reprehensible. Go ahead for now George Zimmerman. In light of the efforts of those vigorously fighting to open the skies of justice on behalf of Trayvon Martin, your self imposed sanctuary of hiding will not save you because it is only a matter of time until you are placed under arrest for the crime of murder.  We learn from this that being a non white citizen in this country in 2012 plays to the same perceptions of sensitivities and motives much as it did 75 years ago.

Although justice never caught up to the rightful perceptions of truth for the countless lynchings and outright murders of Black people, those who were then guilty of and accessories to those crimes can not, could not and will not escape the judgement of God for their heinous acts. In this case, justice is being given a swift kick in the behind to move faster, expedite itself quicker, motivate herself to the turbo speed of the masses using social media.

Because if it doesn’t then this issue will kick through the door of President Obama and his phalanx of advisors of whom have obviously warned him to be cautious and not weigh in on this matter and wisely so.  Should their (rightfully) be charges brought to bear resulting from the Justice Department investigation, any statements from the President could be interpreted as prejudicial. So I can only imagine the pressure he is feeling as he like all of us are waiting for justice to catch up to what we all possess in common sense, wisdom and in the case of Trayvon Martins murder, the knowledge of truthful perceptions.

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