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Trayvon Was Killed Once, Murdered Twice…

26 days And No Arrest…

Justice For Trayvon…Is more than a term of endearment, a bumper sticker slogan or a mantra for angry protestors.  Now 44 years after his death by the hands of a murderer, Justice For Trayvon is the song of pain Martin Luther King Jr,. along with countless others during the civil rights era who fought, marched and gave their lives, so that we would not hear this song sung again and again and yet again.

On the night of November 25 2006 a team of fifty New York City undercover and plainclothes police officers initiated a barrage of gunfire into a car with three Black men who were labeled  “suspected” drug dealers. Three of the men were hit a total of fifty times.

One of the occupants, Sean Bell was killed.  Three Officers were subsequently charged with an indictment of manslaughter, reckless endangerment and assault. One of the officers charged was found to have fired 31 of the fifty bullets fired into the vehicle.  The trial resulted in the acquittal of all charges. The morning after he was shot dead by NYC police, Sean Bell was to be married to his fiance who was the Mother of his four year old daughter. The officers walk as free men today. Sean Bell is dead.

In the early morning hours of New Years Day 2009, Oscar Grant was shot in the back while handcuffed and lying face down. The shooter was a San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Officer who subsequently was tried and convicted, but received a reduced sentence from two years to 292 days with 146 days subtracted for time served. He is now released and is a free Man. Oscar Grant is still dead.

From the 19 of 41 shots that struck and killed Amadou Diallo in New York City to the death of Victor Steen, shot dead in his Mother’s home by a Porterville, California police officer who was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing. The multitude of nationwide cases concerning the deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of police reveal a historical pattern tantamount to an ongoing generational curse.

Whether spurred on  by the Overseer-on-the-Plantation mentality of keeping these so called untamed Black men in check through physical force, or perpetuated by a fostered mythical fear of the stereotypical Big Black Boogeyman, the constancy of these reoccurring events fuel the enigma of mistrust for the police that remains deeply embedded in my GrandFather’s generation, my Father’s generation, my generation and now the generation of my 24 year old Son.

George Zimmerman was not a Police Officer, but a cop wannabe. One of whom had assisted the police in previous burglary cases in his community and apparently felt a certain bona fide sense of bloated self importance.  Jesus said to Watch & Pray. A Neighborhood Watch Captain is elected to Watch & Call police.  In his zealous ambition to be community hero, Zimmerman chose to Watch & Shoot.

The lack of an immediate arrest of Zimmerman reveals not only the professional incompetence of the Sanford Florida police department, but also the long history of tensions with the city’s Black community via the questionable deaths of unarmed Black men and the subsequent acquittals of it’s officers in those deaths.  By shielding Zimmerman on the basis of a Stand Your Ground law, they’ve chosen a foolishly evil position that leaves them no alternative but to continue to demonize the victim in order to protect a murderer.  In essence, killing Trayvon Martin once and for all, by murdering him twice.

George Zimmerman may have pulled the trigger that killed Trayvon, but the police have chosen by their actions to assassinate him by demonizing his character. They’ve chosen to alienate the truth, by perpetuating a lie.  They’ve selected to muddy the waters of this beautiful young Man’s life and all of his academic accomplishments and dreams, by attempting to manufacture a caricature of him being the stereotypical criminally minded Black teenager, who MUST have been up to no good if he was walking in the rain that night and wearing a hoodie…

They tested his blood for alcohol and drugs, found none.  They’ve scrutinized his background for past criminal activities, found none. They did no such alcohol and drug tests of Zimmerman that night, who for all we know could have been under the influence.

When they arrived on the scene to find good ole familiar George from the neighborhood watch with a literal smoking gun in his hand, and Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton’s 17 year old Son lying face down on the ground, the theatrical spin was set in place once Officer George Raimundo’s attempts at mouth to mouth resuscitation failed.

It begins by negating to do a proper crime scene forensic investigation, thereby allowing crucial evidence to be destroyed. It continues with a lack of in depth interviews of the ear witnesses who heard Trayvon’s screams for help, the lack of common sense discernment to know it cannot be self defense if Zimmerman got out of his car to pursue and confront Trayvon who did not have proportional weaponry to justify Stand Your Ground law criteria, and the final blow to what dignity of life Trayvon possessed by allowing the murderer to go home with his murder weapon in tow.

The drama now set in place, the final act is the stake that runs through the heart of ALL people of good conscience, when the Chief of Police speaks at a press conference to stand by their initial decision to not arrest Zimmerman on the grounds of self defense and elucidate on their being not enough probable cause to therefore justify an arrest.  I guess with this spin we were supposed to just close the books on this one and believe this wonderful young Man just got what was coming to him for apparently being the aggressor in a confrontation with a murderer who was 11 years older, a foot taller and 110lbs heavier, who disobeyed a 911 police operator not to follow Trayvon and to stay in his car.

Well, they backed the wrong horse on this one.  We will not stand idly by.  A Chief of Police taking a temporary leave of absence is not justice.  A State Attorney General delaying an arrest warrant and indictment of Zimmerman is not justice.  The lack of the Sanford City Manager (who happens to be Black) to have a spine and fire the Chief of Police and the City Council not stepping up to implement its powers is not justice.

Only the arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing of George Zimmerman for 1st degree murder can satisfy the necessity and the public demand for Justice.  Although Zimmerman may have killed him once, and the authorities may have murdered him twice, Trayvon’s human dignity and living legacy will live on through the bigger ensuing movement to now repeal the Stand Your Ground law in 23 States, that poses the greatest risk of this same tragedy happening again and again to another innocent child. Trayvon’s Mother said it best… ” This is not about Black vs. White, but about Right vs. Wrong…”   IJPN.

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