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So what else do we call the dynamic when a multi-million dollar contracted athlete is found guilty of being associated with an illegal dog fighting operation, sentenced to 23 months in prison, serves his time and is released only to find a large segment of both the public and the media still clamoring for a pound of his flesh.  He returns to work as a professional football player, generates millions of dollars in television revenue and stadium ticket sales across the country, does countless public relations events not only in compliance with his NFL contract, but also his parole obligations, while displaying a genuine epiphany of change in his lifestyle, spiritual growth and maturity.

Still he is hounded at every game with protestors unwilling to believe his rehabilitation and with dogged determination (no pun intended) continue to berate him with chants of dog-killer, animal abuser, etc;. Meanwhile in the broadcast booth of every nationally televised game, not one game will go by without one of the announcers referencing his past, his prison term or his continued obligation to being on parole.

This of course is insidiously done as it continues to keep the negative narrative of this brilliantly gifted athlete in front of the American consciousness.  Nevertheless, buoyed by his determination, his faith and his loving family this athlete, known by name as Michael Vick, walks humbly though it all.  He speaks up the one time I felt was genuinely and politically warranted.  Apparently his children were desirous to have a puppy, and in complying with the conditions of his parole he informed the authorities of his desire to purchase a puppy to bring into his home for his children. Lo and behold, the news is leaked and the basket cases come out of the woodwork claiming he is not rehabilitated, he does not deserve to have an animal in his home and generally spewing such vitriol that you truly wonder is it really all about the dogs are is their honestly something deeper going here?

Nevertheless, he wins his battle to bring the dogs into his home for his children and much to the chagrin of his haters, he has not as of yet eaten, beaten, sold them to either a dog fighting ring or a butcher shop. He committed his transgressions, paid his debt to society, went back to work and continues to bear the stones cast at him by haters. Yet, he moves on. Go ahead Michael Vick. In spite of the strained and strenuous efforts of those to cast a dark cloud of perception over this Man’s life, I call him a winner.

So what else do we call the dynamic when a 28 year old General Education student enrolled at Seminole State College Florida, takes it upon himself to play Police Officer, Judge and Jury by deeming a 17 year old teenage boy who happens to be a foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter an imminent threat and shoots him down in cold blood.  One would call this cowardly act of violence exactly what it is: Murder. Not any varying degrees of Manslaughter or Aggravated assault with a weapon. Just Murder, plain and simple.

Yet, judging from the hastily done investigation that fateful evening, the police either persuasively lead by their choice of questions the shooter Mr. George Zimmerman to his conclusion of it being self defense, or just accepted his explanation as such on face value.  Their concern for the victim Trayvon Martin was very apparent by their lack of an effort to even notify his family in a timely manner, in spite of the fact that his cell phone was present.

Mr. Zimmerman was allowed to go home with his gun. Go home, with his gun. So unbelievable I had to write it twice. Even during a police officer involved shooting standard procedure is for the officer to be placed on desk assignment until all the facts are in. Hence, the public outcry is huge, will not stop and will continue to grow until this murderer is arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced.  In looking at the dynamic of perceptions as it pertains to Michael Vick & George Zimmerman, one discernibly notices huge chasms in the justice system of the United States and how laws are most often both interpreted and affected by racial sensitivities and motives.

It is highly unlikely to find anyone of whom would believe if the roles were reversed, that the police would have allowed a Black Man to go home after shooting an unarmed white teenager, regardless to the ridiculous Stand Your Ground law on the books in now 23 States.  In spite of the huge social media uprising resulting in inevitably one million petition drive signatures, Senators and Congressman (white and black), rallies planned in multiple cities nationwide, Zimmerman is still unbelievably not under arrest.

That day is coming along with the ouster and warranted charges of Human and Civil Rights violations which should be leveled at Zimmerman, the Sanford Fl Chief of Police and the Detectives who arrived on the scene and allowed Zimmerman to walk away.  I’m certainly also not happy with the State’s Attorney General Office of whom have not issued a warrant of arrest, and they are waiting for what? Probable Cause should be established by virtue of the fact the Stand Your Ground law states that a proportional measure of attack must be utilized in order for the justified use of a firearm.  Trayvon had Skittles, Iced Tea and a Cell Phone.  Zimmerman had a 9mm fully clip loaded handgun.

Where’s the equanimity in that? Therefore that law should not apply in this case and Zimmerman continuing to be shielded by it is reprehensible. Go ahead for now George Zimmerman. In light of the efforts of those vigorously fighting to open the skies of justice on behalf of Trayvon Martin, your self imposed sanctuary of hiding will not save you because it is only a matter of time until you are placed under arrest for the crime of murder.  We learn from this that being a non white citizen in this country in 2012 plays to the same perceptions of sensitivities and motives much as it did 75 years ago.

Although justice never caught up to the rightful perceptions of truth for the countless lynchings and outright murders of Black people, those who were then guilty of and accessories to those crimes can not, could not and will not escape the judgement of God for their heinous acts. In this case, justice is being given a swift kick in the behind to move faster, expedite itself quicker, motivate herself to the turbo speed of the masses using social media.

Because if it doesn’t then this issue will kick through the door of President Obama and his phalanx of advisors of whom have obviously warned him to be cautious and not weigh in on this matter and wisely so.  Should their (rightfully) be charges brought to bear resulting from the Justice Department investigation, any statements from the President could be interpreted as prejudicial. So I can only imagine the pressure he is feeling as he like all of us are waiting for justice to catch up to what we all possess in common sense, wisdom and in the case of Trayvon Martins murder, the knowledge of truthful perceptions.

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