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“Was he justified in using the amount of force he did?…”

George Zimmerman’s attorney raised eyebrow’s today when he gave insight into his defense strategy for a client that hasn’t even been charged with a crime much less arrested.  He infomed the media that the “Stand Your Ground” law does not apply in this case. He states this is a case of self defense, pure and simple and the only question that arises is; “Was Zimmerman justified in using the amount of force that killed Trayvon Martin?

Regardless to what planet Zimmerman’s attorney Craig Sonner is living on, this insidious tactic is being manufactured to assert into the minds of a potential jury that his client was confronted and attacked by Trayvon and therefore had no other alternative but to shoot him.  He will try to paint a picture that uses the elements of both darkness of night and the rain as two significant events that would have hampered anyone’s judgement as his client had to assume Trayvon had a weapon.

He will bring into evidence that several burglaries had occurred in the community most recently and that Zimmerman was acting in the best interest of the community when he followed Mr. Martin.

I can hear it all now…” Although my client was told by the 911 operator not to pursue, we submit his obstinacy to obey was exceeded by his determination to protect the community at large…” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.. He knows and has already informed his client that if successful, this strategy could garner a guilty verdict of first degree manslaughter carrying a sentence of 15 years of which he is more than likely instructing his client that he would appeal the verdict, hoping to delay sentencing. In the event that is not successful, then at worst Zimmerman would have to do at least 7 -10 before parole hearings come up.

A tenacious and skillful prosecutor should be able to tear such a defense to shreds. First off, if it were purely an act of self defense, why after 28 days has counsel for Zimmerman decided to inform the press that he is not going to use the Stand Your Ground law in Zimmerman’s defense? Because, they know he doesn’t have a chance with that defense as the Prosecution would call to the stand the Author of the law, who implicitly put into the law the criteria of any force used against a person must be met proportionally to satisfy the statute.

State Representative (R) Dennis Baxley who is the author of the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, has publicly stated that Zimmerman’s actions in the killing of Trayvon Martin is not covered by the Stand Your Ground law and he should probably be arrested.

Also evidence would be presented of prior cases where citizens of whom are Black, when using this law were arrested first, and then the wheels of justice would sort out the incident and in the process would decide whether the Stand Your Ground law applied.  This was not the case for Zimmerman as he was evidently given preferential treatment by the police and allowed to go home with his gun.

Secondly, George Zimmerman was not acting in the capacity of a neighborhood watch Captain once he decided to disobey the orders of the 911 operator.  He is now acting as a vigilante who is taking law enforcement into his own hands without legal authority to do so. Subsequently, anything that results after such a move of ignorance on his part, he must be held accountable.

Final point, it is Trayvon Martin of whom possesses the rightful stance of self-defense. It is Trayvon Martin who had no idea who this 250lb maniac was that was following him and confronted him.  This man was a stranger to him.  Not someone wearing even a security guard uniform or was in a gated community security car with lights flashing so that Trayvon could have a sense of knowledge to know who Zimmerman was.  No such thing existed.  Therefore Trayvon Martin is the true victim here and any alleged swinging of the hands or struggle with Zimmerman is justified as he had the right to do so in his own self defense, based on perceiving Zimmerman as an imminent threat to his life.

So for Zimmerman’s attorney to now try to paint a picture of his client using some form of justifiable force is a mockery of truth and seeks to insult the intelligence of everyone familiar with this case.  Zimmerman’s only true defense is one of being guilty by means of insanity and/or mental deficiency.  Trayvon was just 70 yards away from reaching his Dad’s house, to bring home the Skittles and Iced tea he went out in the first place to purchase on behalf of his little brother.

In his closing argument, all the Prosecutor has to do prior to asking the jury to convict George Zimmerman on a 1st degree Murder charge with no possibility of parole, is hold up two things in his hand for the jury to see.  His only question to them should simply be: “Where is the justifiable force of someone using a 9mm gun against someone possessing a Bag of Skittles…?

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