truthful perceptions…trayvon

…he never even tried to help Trayvon..”

I enjoyed participating in a very interesting dialogue today on a radio program that invited me to weigh in on the Trayvon Martin case based on my blogs. Specifically, the blog that was themed; “Trayvon Was Killed Once, But Murdered Twice…”

Now it is one month to the day his beautiful Soul was taken from his Family, his uniquely gifted talents, personal dreams and professional aspirations permanently extinguished from the reality of this world, while his murderer is still not under arrest. Each day continues to expose more detailed revelation(s) from both the evening of the murder, as well as the nations growing indignation and anger for the slow pace towards Justice For Trayvon.

Now words that are both haunting and expose what level of inhumanity George Zimmerman had for Trayvon have been spoken to the media by neighbors who are now serving as ear witnesses in the State and Federal investigation.

Once a hunter has made a kill of his prey, the last thing on his mind is to take steps necessary to revive the animal. On the contrary, once he has made his way to the wounded animals location,  he is more inclined once he discovers that the beast is not dead, to take another fatal shot to end its life in some strange show of merciful aggrandizement.

The portrayal of his outer feelings is that he is begrudgingly happy to have caught his prey, but he is really more inwardly upset with himself for not imposing the kill as it were in one shot, instead of two. Any emotional remorse is absent from his conscience, as his humanity is disengaged from the very notion of a cultural necessity to hunt for survival, as much as it is motivated solely for the sport of hunting and killing God’s defenseless creatures.

George Zimmerman exhibited the very same characteristics of a dispassionate hunter in colonial Africa, not just in pursuit of the prey in his sights, but more so for the lack of compassion and human decency to the reality that Trayvon was not some wounded animal in the forest to be dismissed, ignored and euthanized, but a human being of who lay dying before his very eyes.

Resident Mary Cutcher spoke to a nationally televised audience aired Sunday night on the news program Dateline, that she and her roommate both saw Zimmerman “straddling the body of Trayvon Martin, basically a foot on both sides of Trayvon’s body, and his hands pressed on his back.”  She goes on to say; “Zimmerman never turned him over or tried to help him or CPR or anything,” Cutcher said.

In an effort to counter the obvious, Zimmerman’s lawyer is making the rounds on television trying to paint his client as a victim and Trayvon as the instigator.  Zimmerman family friend Joe Oliver, who happens to be Black joins the attorney on the media jaunts and has the audacity to state that none of this would have happened if Trayvon would have just said that he’s staying with his Dad in the community…” Mr. Oliver also spoke on how poor Mr. Zimmerman has been crying and cannot believe how big this whole thing has gotten to affect not only him, but the nation at large.

Sadly, Mr. Oliver is lacking intellectual discernment and the moral common sense to know that Trayvon Martin was not legally or morally obligated to inform Zimmerman of anything, because to Trayvon, Zimmerman is a total stranger that was stalking him ever since he arrived from his errand back into the gated community. As to Zimmerman’s crying, let Mr. Oliver be reminded that Trayvon’s Family will be both crying and grieving for the rest of their lives for what his “friend did.”

Because of the epidemic of pedophiles and sex offenders preying on our children, is it not both common and prudent practice of parents to teach their children to avoid talking to strangers at all times? It is dark and raining and some 250lb gorilla is rolling up aggressively on Trayvon, and Mr. Oliver expects Trayvon to show Zimmerman some respect? I must question the mental stability of this man to make such a statement.

So we see the beginnings of the defense strategy is to somehow manipulate this as a regrettable set of  circumstances, that somehow culminated into an unfortunate series of events that left Mr. Zimmerman somehow fighting for his life, with his only option left, was but to shoot this wild teenager. I will not waste anymore valuable time in denouncing Mr. Oliver for his blindly naive bias for his family friend, other than to wonder would he be feeling the same way, were this his 17 year old child that lay dead at the hands of his friend George Zimmerman..? I don’t think so.

As to the attorney, I am not surprised by his rationale as it is his job to spin the event, however recklessly, and turn good for evil (Trayvon), and evil for good (Zimmerman).  The lunacy of exaggerated hyperbole will never turn into sympathetic wisdom for his client, no matter how articulate he speaks it.  This ongoing event of Trayvon Martin’s murder, one month after it took place without an arrest of Mr. Zimmerman is the real tragedy here.

For 372 years since the first African arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1640 and was declared a Slave, Black Americans have lived as a Nation within a Nation. Black people have arguably endured the worst of those things one set of human beings can do unto another. We were always somehow expected to engender our better angels and not exact revenge or seek vengeance upon the perpetrators of our race, but to allow the curtains of justice to mythically part themselves and render unto us our due benevolence.

We spilled our blood in every War for the Nations cause and always satisfied her thirst for cultural and entertainment excellence, or when called upon for academic and professional expertise in the case of our many Scientists and Inventors.  We remedied her ills through the best minds in Medicine and worked tirelessly  to be accepted as equally as every other ethnic group in this country, in spite of her original Constitution rendering our humanity as three fifths of a human being, equitable to that of a horse.

Let us not get it twisted, for we as a people arguably have the most tenable and credible experience(s) as any other ethnic group to seek, desire and demand the rightful presence of Justice, as it has been the most elusive of all desirable entities present unto us, ever since we were forcibly brought to these shores and then forced to do slave labor.

The verity of this argument is witnessed by African-Americans being the only race in this country with the most outstanding number of crimes done unto us, over the longest span of time that were unsolved by law enforcement, unrequited of justice and rendered unto us in the form of countless lynchings for over 135 years, and officially ending 72 years ago according to the Justice department for the last recorded lynching of Joe Rogers, lynched in Canton Mississippi, May 8 1939. Magnify these facts by how many lynchings went undocumented.

So this 21st Century modern day lynching of Trayvon Martin carries a great deal of weight upon the shoulders of this country’s justice system to learn that lessening the wrongs of the past, does not come by delaying justice of the present.  For a innocent young Man paid the price with his life, because of the ignorance of one recklessly profiling his immediate future, based on the color of his skin. In spite of the millions of petitioned signatures demanding an arrest, counsel for the accused seeks to change the climate, alter the argument and balance the scales of media attention in favor of his client. All people of good conscience will not be fooled by this tactic. You can put a diamond in a pig’s snout, but its still a pig.

This is not about sympathy for George Zimmerman who remains free after committing cold-blooded murder one month ago today. This is about giving rightful Justice For…Trayvon. IJPN – In JESUS Precious Name.

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