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Sadly, a month and a day after Young Trayvon Martin’s murder, the outcry for justice now fueled by a two million signatures petition seemed to be further from a reality than ever before. Yet, hope is a candle never extinguished by the waters of ignorance. Knowledge of Trayvon Martin’s 10 day suspension from school has somehow managed to be leaked to the press, although that information should be private, especially considering the fact the he is a minor.

The Sanford Florida police department calls the leak regrettable and unconfirmed as to their department being the source.  It is not so much the content of the leak that is despicable here, but rather the veiled attempt of its motive, which is to somehow find a way to vindicate Zimmerman’s actions by being able to point a finger at a dead child’s high school transgressions, to confirm his killer’s paranoid suspicions that lead to this tragedy in the first place.

Then the leak just happens to coincide with more non-filtered details of Zimmerman’s side of the story as to what happened that fateful night. His story continues to be divulged nationally by his public relations team/propaganda machine, Attorney Craig Sonner and Zimmerman family friend Joe Oliver.

There is always two sides to every story, yet what makes this disturbing duo’s demonstrable dance of dangerous delusion to demonize Trayvon Martin tour so despicable, is the price of the ticket called Naivete. Sponsored by Non-Sensical Productions, they either expect the general public to readily accept the accounts of Zimmerman without question, or they themselves are that gullible to swallow all the poop that’s fit to speak and print from Mr. Zimmerman. Anomalies both logically seismic and desperately disproportionate to what facts are known, frequently appear in their accounts as they quote Zimmerman often verbatim to his recollection.

I’ve heard them detail how Mr. Zimmerman claims to have approached young Trayvon, spoke words of which we are to supposed to believe were said in a kind and thoughtful way.  Then as he walked back to his car, lo and behold Trayvon Martin attacked him from behind? The illogical pertinence of this statement is tied to the fact that he forgets that young Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time stating to her that “this guy is following me…”

Young Trayvon informed her that he was cornered.  She tells ABC News that she heard Young Trayvon say “What are you following me for…?”  Then she heard the man say “What are you doing around here…? Then she says “Something pushed Young Trayvon because his headset fell off…” But remember the call was still connected and according to his girlfriend, seconds later she heard the gunshot.

That unidentified something that pushed Young Trayvon was not an alien from outer space, nor was it a northeasterly wind. It was George Zimmerman, who after 31 days of committing cold-blooded murder, is still not under arrest. I would briefly like to address several statements of Mr. Oliver since he has taken it upon himself to be the Pope of Personality, Minister of Manure and Reverend of Reconciliation in his efforts to validate and qualify Zimmerman’s character and humanity:

Mr. Oliver: “Until all the evidence is brought forth and analyzed, people should not cast judgment on a person they do not know and should instead let the wheels of justice turn.

truthful perceptions: Based on the lack of an arrest of Zimmerman that night, critical evidence that should have been taken by the authorities is now lost forever. First and foremost, why wasn’t a toxicology test done on Zimmerman to determine if he was under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol? Instead one is done on the victim. Zimmerman claims Young Trayvon reached for his gun and there was some obvious struggle. Why wasn’t police procedure implemented to collect that weapon for trace and latent fingerprints from Young Trayvon to even establish foundation to Zimmermans story. Again not done.

Reports from Police stated blood was on Zimmerman’s shirt. Reconstruction of a shooting-involved crime scene includes blood stain pattern analysis is a eight step process with the last step being one of conclusion to determine angles, trajectory, distance, etc; consequently  determining the truth.  The first step in this process begins with data collection. Yet, police allowed Zimmerman to walk away wearing the bloody shirt. Again, another critical piece of forensic evidence not done and lost forever. So Mr. Oliver the wheels of justice has started with a car on two tires and one is a donut, thanks to your friends at the Sanford Florida police department.

Mr. Oliver: “All these people who are threatening George, what makes them any better than the person they think he is?” “You’ve got all these people wanting to lynch the man and they don’t know the whole story,”  “There are huge gaps that are being filled in and interpreted without evidence.”

Truthful Perceptions: People are justified to express their moral outrage at a Man who racially profiles, stalks and pursues, interrogates and threatens a child before shooting him. Mr. Oliver seeks to ameliorate both himself and Zimmerman to the public by being the lone Black Man courageous enough to stand up for a man he obviously feels is innocent and is morally and legally justified when he shot Young Trayvon Martin.  He responds to the fringe elements of those demanding justice, but never to the core relevance of the “huge gaps that “were” being filled in and interpreted without evidence” by the police against Young Trayvon when they negligently botched the crime scene forensic investigation, and exonerated Zimmerman on the spot when they believed or helped to concoct his story of self defense.

The devil can always cite scripture to suit his purpose. Sadly, these two men have sought to paint a picture of a man to be pitied and is misunderstood.  That he, Zimmerman is inadvertently the real victim here.

The brighter the picture, the darker the negative. Since they attempt to paint a bright picture of Zimmerman in the media, let us take a closer at the real negative:

In 2005, Zimmerman was accused twice of criminal misconduct and violence. Arrested at a bar near the University of Central Florida after an altercation with police, he was later charged with resisting arrest. He was not convicted but entered a pretrial diversion program, common for first-time offenders. Later that year, records show that a woman filed a petition for an injunction against Zimmerman, alleging domestic violence. He filed his own petition against the woman the next day. Injunctions were later issued against both.

The odorous audacity in attempting to demonize this child and further his parents grief by publishing a high school suspension, when we can plainly see the pattern of criminality does not belong to Young Trayvon Martin, but to George Zimmerman.  Attorney Sonner is a paid hack, in to achieve his own self glory so his motives are at least palpable in understanding his role. Oliver’s role is murky at best, foolish at worst. He appears to be an honorable man, but he’s doing a dishonorable thing in allowing himself to be the one to vouch for Zimmerman’s moral character, especially in light of his past criminal record.

Love may be blind, but friendship is an eyes open event sustained by the virtues of integrity and honesty. Once violated by your friends volition in committing a heinous act of cold-blooded murder, your true role as a friend is to convince him to surrender himself to the authorities. The time will come when Zimmerman’s role in killing Young Trayvon, the local police department’s role to Murder his justice through negligence, and the disturbing duo’s role of demonizing him by omission through sanitizing Zimmerman, will soon end with George Zimmerman’s inevitable arrest, prosecution and conviction. IJPN.

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