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Being silent never eradicated a wrong.  Being silent does not help a victim, nor ease the responsibility and purpose of having a conscience.  Justice must always be blind and impartial, but injustice can only be exposed when confronted and challenged by those unafraid and courageous enough to be willing to die for a cause.

Fear begets silence, which in turn produces more fear.  How many have gone to the graves because of the wickedness of someone else’s inability to speak up?  To exact a wrong is to first enact a strong investigation into the very depth’s of one’s Soul for justice while journeying through the examination of one’s Spirit for courage, in being conscience driven against the very fires of all Men of whom may oppose you.

Historically, truth has never been silent. It has spoken of itself vociferously through the necessity of justice to be made for all of humanity from the dawn of time.

Truth weeps when silence abounds, for never was a sin of silence been kept, when truth was openly met.  Every victim needs a voice to speak up for them, particularly in the area of domestic violence requiring a strong chorus of Men united against the majority of abusers who comprise the same gender.

Wherein does it state in the laws of human hosts that a Man constitutes the sovereignty of bodily dominance conducive to another human being made subject to a physical beating?

Relationships by nature inherently possess a complex dynamic of emotions and attitudes requiring both nurturing and a constant thread of positive communication and honesty above and beyond conventional friendships.  In a world of often chaotic and deceitful experiences, an honest, trustworthy and monogamous relationship is truly medicinal for the Mind, Soul & Body.

Yet, when things do go wrong to the extent of both verbal and physical violence, an enemy more demonstrably worse is that of the muted voice of secrecy.  It is certainly easy for me or anyone else to tell a victim of domestic violence to speak up because were obviously not walking a mile in their shoes.

However, the price for not encouraging any victim towards empowerment is far greater. A soft tongue can often speak the loudest in the room. It is the method in which we encourage someone that often yields the best results.

I always remember that a victim of domestic violence should not be victimized twice.  Therefore let us provide our encouragement through being non-judgmental, practicing compassion, employing patience, and providing education and resources that will enable them to once and for all look within themselves to find the strength and their inner voice to make the logical choice towards both their inner empowerment and inevitable emancipation.

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