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A number generally accounted for in the spiritual realm as being one of completion. The end of one cycle, the beginning of another. Holistic, organic and even sexy, as numbers goes. Yet, in this writing I speak to the number in horrified fashion to the excess of barbaric abuses suffered by Women around the world.

You won’t find these included in David Letterman’s top 10 countdown, neither on the immediate “to do” list of world governments to eradicate:  

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, Honor Killing from India to Albania, Bride Burning from Pakistan to Bangladesh, Acid Attacks in Afghanistan, Female Genital Mutilation concentrated in countries throughout Africa, Human Trafficking with Albania, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine as source countries supplying Western Europe and the Middle East with Women reduced to sexual slavery, Ritual Servitude in Ghana where young virgin girls are given as slaves in traditional shrines and are used sexually by the priests in addition to providing free labor.  

There you have it. The Sickening Seven. Abuses carried out against Women  of the world in this 21st Century day and age of advanced technology. 12  years since the start of the new millennium and were still as a human family bringing much of the inhuman baggage of the last thousand years into the new one.  The World Health Organization, United Nations, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF are attempting in what ways are feasible to change attitudes and traditions steeped for thousands of years deep in cultural practices and beliefs.  

People trying to enact change from the outside are often challenged by charges of judgmental stigmatism. “Who are we in the West to dictate what is wrong or right in another country, especially if it is signed off by their government and adopted by its religious beliefs and institutions…”  I would knowingly respond to say that our God is a God of proactive creation, not organized denigration. A God of moral freedom to choose right from wrong, and not immoral indoctrination based on one’s gender.

A God of divining reproductive procreation through love and marriage, not consigned slavery by virtue of induced pregnancy through rape. Yet, regrettably it is plain to see that one person’s God is another person’s devil, and we in the United States have a moral incentive (and a financial obligation to the taxpayers footing the bill in financial aid to a great majority of these countries)  to continue to ratchet up political pressure upon these governments to implement Women’s Rights into action by abolishing these horrific practices.

Yet, the best way to set an example is to lead by one. So let us as the leader of the free world get our own house in order through eradicating arguably the biggest threat to Women in our own backyard, that being Domestic Violence. Let us set the stage for the world to see that we not only exceed in the number of Women who are succeeding in Politics, Business, Education, Labor, Law, Entertainment and the like, but we also lead the world in becoming the first nation to successfully eradicate domestic violence from its culture.

The Re-Authorization of the Violence Against Women Act for another four years passed and represents a great stride in the highest level of government to not only acknowledge and protect victims of abuse, but expands itself to also  increase the number of visas available to victims of domestic violence who are undocumented immigrants, it bans discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender victims of domestic violence, and it gives more authority to Native American tribes to address domestic violence.  

Let us remain vigilant in our global role to consistently fight and advocate for Women’s Right’s against the seven deadly transgressions of abuse, while making certain that we do not either by inaction or omission fail to address our own sinful past and present, and in so doing become the leading world contributor of the 8th deadly sin of domestic abuse.  

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truthful perceptions…symbolic


Imported from the time of our birth is the inalienable right of life, freedom, opportunity and the desire to be loved and give love in return. I can in no wise speak as a Woman, in obviously not being one. Yet, as a Man I can more objectively speak to my experiences of how and why a Woman should be warranted, perhaps more so than a Man of this imported birthright.

I could never in either good or bad conscience bring deliberate bodily harm unto another Soul, unless in absolute self defense of life and limb, or in the preservation of another’s.  I was raised as I write this with the most biased notions of love by a Mother unselfish and overly nurturing not to my detriment of character in being spoiled, but rather to the expediency of those things that anchor a Man’s Soul to favor maturity.

Throughout my life I’ve witnessed the disempowerment of Women by virtue of an allegiance with an insecure Man. Jealousy combined with low self esteem comprises a terrible product of a Man, and often leads to violently abuse the one feminine Soul who loves him. I have learned from my Dad that one of the wisest ways for a Man to both educate and edify himself is to always uplift, empower, support and encourage the Woman by his side.  To understand the nature of her love as divinely given, loyally driven and constant as both the Moon and the Stars.

This should be his dictum to mentally deliberate, regardless to whether he holds more college degrees than she does, or if he is illiterate yet still favored by her love. For the immeasurable places of a Woman heart are indescribably perfect, and perfectly describable in being akin to the unfathomable depths of space and time.

She is many nations in one Soul given her divinely given gift of maternal instincts and nurturing.  I am less likely to believe this earth has not been destroyed by nuclear weapons by virtue of Man’s wisdom, than by the wisdom world leaders favorably glean from wifely love and priceless children.  When men evolve, they create weapons of mass destruction. When Women evolve, they teach Men how to love.

Let this then be the clarion call for men everywhere to uplift the Woman/Women in his life. Amenities may come and go, but a Man in choosing to substantively affect a Woman’s life for the good will garner more than any dividend of stock or spoils from any corporate merger. I speak to the metaphysical values impossible to calibrate, yet discernible to communicate through her priceless smile and her genuine happiness.  

We are partners in humanity to defend those who are victims of domestic violence and too intimidated to go home at night. We as Men have the power to unify and fight the scourge of domestic violence and on behalf of victims, re-import their inalienable right of life, freedom, opportunity and the desire to be loved and give love in return.

Symbolism pertains to the ideas, emotions and states of mind of an individual. As warriors against domestic violence, let us always gauge how much we as Men have beneficently derived in the blessing of the Woman/Women in our lives, and make our efforts tangibly substantive, ethically intelligent and morally meaningful to compliment our symbolic thoughts of love and protection.

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truthful perceptions…obsolete


We begin a journey of both the mind and the heart to meditate upon a not so distant time to come. Imagine a world in the future where “Domestic Violence” and the existence of “Abusers” were actually non-existent.  A place where the very mention of those words were spoken of and heard only in History Museums by way of a computer program informing visitors through narrative and visual images of a time long ago on Earth where such human activity took place.

People from all walks of life young and old standing in awe, confusion, sadness and completely befuddled by old news stories, big screen 3D images and halo-graphic models unfolding a time when humanity’s inhumanity unto itself was enacted daily in millions of homes across America and around the world sanctioned by the indifference of the general population, politicians, law enforcement, state and local governments and a seemingly ineffective judicial system.

The narrative even in its artificial computer voice evoked deeply sympathetic emotions as the Museums visitors walk along the exhibit to view synthetic life-like human androids playing out a typical scene of abuse, in a typical American household, on a typical and average day.

Interesting to note how each visitor would connect with their counterpart in this simulated drama.  The Women watching how the Woman who comprised the largest demographic of victims were being systematically stripped and deprived of their dignity, freedom of independence, self-respect and the ultimate cost in the final scene, their very life from their abusers.

The Men visitors would fixate with unspoken indignation upon the male android stalking, beating and terrorizing his victim in a rage that could only be construed and diagnosed as Neanderthal behavior by both the spiritual and psychological standards of the day. The hands of these visiting Men balled into a fist through instinctive protective fashion and yet unfolded only to shield the eyes of their smallest children in attendance by their side.

The children themselves watching their child counterparts living in constant fear as witnesses to the brutality suffered by their Mother. Even these visiting children in beholding the savagery depicted, discern a clear and concise meaning of the abusers primary character attribute as one of cowardice and being a terrorist, instead of a nurturing provider and a positive male role model that all men eventually progressed and evolved into becoming.

“The Redemptive & Recovery Hall” of the exhibit shines the brightest as it begins the story of how humanity began the long road of tangible redemption and holistic recovery from this most heinous and viral disease. An insidious historical scourge claiming more untold deaths than history’s Black plague of Europe, the past pandemics of Aids and Famine in Africa and the combined deaths of all previous world wars.

The now more soothing computer voice speaks along with given 3 dimensional images of how the tide seemingly and unequivocally turned in the late 20th and through the early and mid 21st century.

The emergence of a long simmering social conscience and human outrage provided the catalyst for the birth of various organizations to thrive and coalesce in defense of victims and the advocacy of holding politicians accountable in enacting more stringent laws punishing abusers.

Much to the delight of the visiting crowd, images of Men and Women from all walks of life working together to form Coalition Groups, Task Forces, Non-Profit Organizations and through vigilantly utilizing Social Media, their efforts resulted in slowly but eventually removing the cloak of ignorance by exposing and de-humanizing the abuser, while unfastening the shield of shame by Humanizing the Victims through compassion and empowerment.

 The Inoculation of Greater Truth & Social Justice Always Begins With Awareness:

These History Museums of the future must and will teach of the significant and groundbreaking contribution of the National Domestic Violence Registry in the 21st Century by turning the tide of the war against DV much to the same degree as the introduction of Black troops into the Civil War, The Women’s Suffrage Movement into the Sea of Politics & the advent of Medical Vaccines in the eradication of Polio, Measles, Influenza, Chickenpox, etc; in 20th Century America.

We are history in the making. The first national database model for domestic violence convictions available to the public, is no small accomplishment and with our growing professional vanguard of Soldiers on the front line and in the trenches, victory is inevitable.

Finally, the highlight of the entire exhibit is the last and unquestionably most searing fact and image.  It is the video of a future President of The United States on hand for the Ceremony Of Record in commemoration of closing the doors of the last battered Women’s shelter in America.  Due to winning the war on Domestic Violence with our unyielding persistence and unwavering determination, they inevitably and quite simply became….Obsolete.

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truthful perceptions: children

IMG_0011 copy

Children Walk In Truth…

They have the uncanny ability to keep it real at all times. Neither pretentious nor seeking vainglory. They cannot help but be who and what we see them to be. Always joyful, always innocent..

Newly arrived from heaven and forever reminding us of how we used to be..And then here comes the world in all of its wickedness…The toxicity of it all ready to infect the innocence of another generation. A day and age where the existence of parental controls for television are more acceptable, than questioning the necessary invention for them in the first place. Our children become what they consume. They evolve more from what enters the eyes and the ears than the mouth..

A violent home most often produces a future batterer of a boy, and a glimpse of what may lie ahead for a girl. Let us allow love to reign in a mighty way. No parent can better achieve long-term peace of mind, than through the diligence of structured quality time invested in there precious children’s lives today.

Praying with them builds their muscles of self-esteem. Studying with them inoculates them with self-confidence. Endowing them with courses in History, Music, Culture and Mathematics teaches them the value of possessing an analytical mind to learn their place in the scheme of things, so that they critical think the necessity of a higher education and it’s vital importance to their success in there future…

Most importantly, feed them the Word of GOD and teach them to reverence the Spiritual & Moral necessities of Practicing Faith, Active Worship, Employing Wisdom & Biblical Tithing. For this will do more for the marrow of their bones than milk; and when they are old, they will not depart from it. From this endless River of Parental compassion, will they forever drink from the Seas of Love a legacy of integrity, to keep them determined and forever walking in truth. IJPN – In JESUS Precious Name.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth – 3 John 1:4.” IJPN – In JESUS Precious Name.


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