truthful perceptions: children

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Children Walk In Truth…

They have the uncanny ability to keep it real at all times. Neither pretentious nor seeking vainglory. They cannot help but be who and what we see them to be. Always joyful, always innocent..

Newly arrived from heaven and forever reminding us of how we used to be..And then here comes the world in all of its wickedness…The toxicity of it all ready to infect the innocence of another generation. A day and age where the existence of parental controls for television are more acceptable, than questioning the necessary invention for them in the first place. Our children become what they consume. They evolve more from what enters the eyes and the ears than the mouth..

A violent home most often produces a future batterer of a boy, and a glimpse of what may lie ahead for a girl. Let us allow love to reign in a mighty way. No parent can better achieve long-term peace of mind, than through the diligence of structured quality time invested in there precious children’s lives today.

Praying with them builds their muscles of self-esteem. Studying with them inoculates them with self-confidence. Endowing them with courses in History, Music, Culture and Mathematics teaches them the value of possessing an analytical mind to learn their place in the scheme of things, so that they critical think the necessity of a higher education and it’s vital importance to their success in there future…

Most importantly, feed them the Word of GOD and teach them to reverence the Spiritual & Moral necessities of Practicing Faith, Active Worship, Employing Wisdom & Biblical Tithing. For this will do more for the marrow of their bones than milk; and when they are old, they will not depart from it. From this endless River of Parental compassion, will they forever drink from the Seas of Love a legacy of integrity, to keep them determined and forever walking in truth. IJPN – In JESUS Precious Name.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth – 3 John 1:4.” IJPN – In JESUS Precious Name.


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