truthful perceptions…obsolete


We begin a journey of both the mind and the heart to meditate upon a not so distant time to come. Imagine a world in the future where “Domestic Violence” and the existence of “Abusers” were actually non-existent.  A place where the very mention of those words were spoken of and heard only in History Museums by way of a computer program informing visitors through narrative and visual images of a time long ago on Earth where such human activity took place.

People from all walks of life young and old standing in awe, confusion, sadness and completely befuddled by old news stories, big screen 3D images and halo-graphic models unfolding a time when humanity’s inhumanity unto itself was enacted daily in millions of homes across America and around the world sanctioned by the indifference of the general population, politicians, law enforcement, state and local governments and a seemingly ineffective judicial system.

The narrative even in its artificial computer voice evoked deeply sympathetic emotions as the Museums visitors walk along the exhibit to view synthetic life-like human androids playing out a typical scene of abuse, in a typical American household, on a typical and average day.

Interesting to note how each visitor would connect with their counterpart in this simulated drama.  The Women watching how the Woman who comprised the largest demographic of victims were being systematically stripped and deprived of their dignity, freedom of independence, self-respect and the ultimate cost in the final scene, their very life from their abusers.

The Men visitors would fixate with unspoken indignation upon the male android stalking, beating and terrorizing his victim in a rage that could only be construed and diagnosed as Neanderthal behavior by both the spiritual and psychological standards of the day. The hands of these visiting Men balled into a fist through instinctive protective fashion and yet unfolded only to shield the eyes of their smallest children in attendance by their side.

The children themselves watching their child counterparts living in constant fear as witnesses to the brutality suffered by their Mother. Even these visiting children in beholding the savagery depicted, discern a clear and concise meaning of the abusers primary character attribute as one of cowardice and being a terrorist, instead of a nurturing provider and a positive male role model that all men eventually progressed and evolved into becoming.

“The Redemptive & Recovery Hall” of the exhibit shines the brightest as it begins the story of how humanity began the long road of tangible redemption and holistic recovery from this most heinous and viral disease. An insidious historical scourge claiming more untold deaths than history’s Black plague of Europe, the past pandemics of Aids and Famine in Africa and the combined deaths of all previous world wars.

The now more soothing computer voice speaks along with given 3 dimensional images of how the tide seemingly and unequivocally turned in the late 20th and through the early and mid 21st century.

The emergence of a long simmering social conscience and human outrage provided the catalyst for the birth of various organizations to thrive and coalesce in defense of victims and the advocacy of holding politicians accountable in enacting more stringent laws punishing abusers.

Much to the delight of the visiting crowd, images of Men and Women from all walks of life working together to form Coalition Groups, Task Forces, Non-Profit Organizations and through vigilantly utilizing Social Media, their efforts resulted in slowly but eventually removing the cloak of ignorance by exposing and de-humanizing the abuser, while unfastening the shield of shame by Humanizing the Victims through compassion and empowerment.

 The Inoculation of Greater Truth & Social Justice Always Begins With Awareness:

These History Museums of the future must and will teach of the significant and groundbreaking contribution of the National Domestic Violence Registry in the 21st Century by turning the tide of the war against DV much to the same degree as the introduction of Black troops into the Civil War, The Women’s Suffrage Movement into the Sea of Politics & the advent of Medical Vaccines in the eradication of Polio, Measles, Influenza, Chickenpox, etc; in 20th Century America.

We are history in the making. The first national database model for domestic violence convictions available to the public, is no small accomplishment and with our growing professional vanguard of Soldiers on the front line and in the trenches, victory is inevitable.

Finally, the highlight of the entire exhibit is the last and unquestionably most searing fact and image.  It is the video of a future President of The United States on hand for the Ceremony Of Record in commemoration of closing the doors of the last battered Women’s shelter in America.  Due to winning the war on Domestic Violence with our unyielding persistence and unwavering determination, they inevitably and quite simply became….Obsolete.

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