truthful perceptions…symbolic


Imported from the time of our birth is the inalienable right of life, freedom, opportunity and the desire to be loved and give love in return. I can in no wise speak as a Woman, in obviously not being one. Yet, as a Man I can more objectively speak to my experiences of how and why a Woman should be warranted, perhaps more so than a Man of this imported birthright.

I could never in either good or bad conscience bring deliberate bodily harm unto another Soul, unless in absolute self defense of life and limb, or in the preservation of another’s.  I was raised as I write this with the most biased notions of love by a Mother unselfish and overly nurturing not to my detriment of character in being spoiled, but rather to the expediency of those things that anchor a Man’s Soul to favor maturity.

Throughout my life I’ve witnessed the disempowerment of Women by virtue of an allegiance with an insecure Man. Jealousy combined with low self esteem comprises a terrible product of a Man, and often leads to violently abuse the one feminine Soul who loves him. I have learned from my Dad that one of the wisest ways for a Man to both educate and edify himself is to always uplift, empower, support and encourage the Woman by his side.  To understand the nature of her love as divinely given, loyally driven and constant as both the Moon and the Stars.

This should be his dictum to mentally deliberate, regardless to whether he holds more college degrees than she does, or if he is illiterate yet still favored by her love. For the immeasurable places of a Woman heart are indescribably perfect, and perfectly describable in being akin to the unfathomable depths of space and time.

She is many nations in one Soul given her divinely given gift of maternal instincts and nurturing.  I am less likely to believe this earth has not been destroyed by nuclear weapons by virtue of Man’s wisdom, than by the wisdom world leaders favorably glean from wifely love and priceless children.  When men evolve, they create weapons of mass destruction. When Women evolve, they teach Men how to love.

Let this then be the clarion call for men everywhere to uplift the Woman/Women in his life. Amenities may come and go, but a Man in choosing to substantively affect a Woman’s life for the good will garner more than any dividend of stock or spoils from any corporate merger. I speak to the metaphysical values impossible to calibrate, yet discernible to communicate through her priceless smile and her genuine happiness.  

We are partners in humanity to defend those who are victims of domestic violence and too intimidated to go home at night. We as Men have the power to unify and fight the scourge of domestic violence and on behalf of victims, re-import their inalienable right of life, freedom, opportunity and the desire to be loved and give love in return.

Symbolism pertains to the ideas, emotions and states of mind of an individual. As warriors against domestic violence, let us always gauge how much we as Men have beneficently derived in the blessing of the Woman/Women in our lives, and make our efforts tangibly substantive, ethically intelligent and morally meaningful to compliment our symbolic thoughts of love and protection.

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