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A number generally accounted for in the spiritual realm as being one of completion. The end of one cycle, the beginning of another. Holistic, organic and even sexy, as numbers goes. Yet, in this writing I speak to the number in horrified fashion to the excess of barbaric abuses suffered by Women around the world.

You won’t find these included in David Letterman’s top 10 countdown, neither on the immediate “to do” list of world governments to eradicate:  

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, Honor Killing from India to Albania, Bride Burning from Pakistan to Bangladesh, Acid Attacks in Afghanistan, Female Genital Mutilation concentrated in countries throughout Africa, Human Trafficking with Albania, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine as source countries supplying Western Europe and the Middle East with Women reduced to sexual slavery, Ritual Servitude in Ghana where young virgin girls are given as slaves in traditional shrines and are used sexually by the priests in addition to providing free labor.  

There you have it. The Sickening Seven. Abuses carried out against Women  of the world in this 21st Century day and age of advanced technology. 12  years since the start of the new millennium and were still as a human family bringing much of the inhuman baggage of the last thousand years into the new one.  The World Health Organization, United Nations, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF are attempting in what ways are feasible to change attitudes and traditions steeped for thousands of years deep in cultural practices and beliefs.  

People trying to enact change from the outside are often challenged by charges of judgmental stigmatism. “Who are we in the West to dictate what is wrong or right in another country, especially if it is signed off by their government and adopted by its religious beliefs and institutions…”  I would knowingly respond to say that our God is a God of proactive creation, not organized denigration. A God of moral freedom to choose right from wrong, and not immoral indoctrination based on one’s gender.

A God of divining reproductive procreation through love and marriage, not consigned slavery by virtue of induced pregnancy through rape. Yet, regrettably it is plain to see that one person’s God is another person’s devil, and we in the United States have a moral incentive (and a financial obligation to the taxpayers footing the bill in financial aid to a great majority of these countries)  to continue to ratchet up political pressure upon these governments to implement Women’s Rights into action by abolishing these horrific practices.

Yet, the best way to set an example is to lead by one. So let us as the leader of the free world get our own house in order through eradicating arguably the biggest threat to Women in our own backyard, that being Domestic Violence. Let us set the stage for the world to see that we not only exceed in the number of Women who are succeeding in Politics, Business, Education, Labor, Law, Entertainment and the like, but we also lead the world in becoming the first nation to successfully eradicate domestic violence from its culture.

The Re-Authorization of the Violence Against Women Act for another four years passed and represents a great stride in the highest level of government to not only acknowledge and protect victims of abuse, but expands itself to also  increase the number of visas available to victims of domestic violence who are undocumented immigrants, it bans discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender victims of domestic violence, and it gives more authority to Native American tribes to address domestic violence.  

Let us remain vigilant in our global role to consistently fight and advocate for Women’s Right’s against the seven deadly transgressions of abuse, while making certain that we do not either by inaction or omission fail to address our own sinful past and present, and in so doing become the leading world contributor of the 8th deadly sin of domestic abuse.  

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