truthful perceptions: war…

The New American Civil War wages itself nightly on the battlefields of the American home. It’s armaments comprise physical brute strength, psychological/emotional intimidation and sexual abuse employed predominately by the physically superior of the two sides, and usually implemented with a relentless barrage of firepower.

The numbers from the War department are becoming more and more staggering: 35 million Americans directly or indirectly affected annually, over 4.8 million battery inflicted warfare injuries, assaults and rapes with fatalities of 2,347  in the year 2007 alone.

With only five months into this year, States are reporting increases of deadly skirmishes at an alarming rate. Tennessee went from being ranked 7th to now 5th nationally in battery inflicted warfare.  North Carolina recorded its 23rd casualty on May 7th of a 22 year old Woman killed with a firearm by her husband. Upward spikes from Utah to New Jersey, California to Georgia tell the same story with deadly results. 

The Violence Against Women Act barely survived its own deadly skirmish in the hallowed yet too often hypocritical halls of political Washington DC. It’s long and drawn out battle sent a message (albeit the wrong one) that divisions along these lines although supposedly ideologically based, somehow legitimize the need for debate when it comes to battery inflicted warfare. 

The only concession granted to an enemy in this civil war of domestic violence is that of the right to surrender.  Victims of abuse do not have the luxury of waiting patiently for debate, not with bombs, intimidation, guerilla warfare, terrorism, fear and death being implemented upon their person each and everyday. So unlike the old Civil War waged strategically and successfully from the top down 147 years ago, this one will have to be won from the bottom up.  

 Militias of good men from community to community, city to city, state to state to challenge the worst of men are needed for the fight. While politicians in expensive suits spew rancor in DC, emergency rooms across the land each and everyday bear the brunt of victims of abuse coming in with damaged limbs, broken ribs, blackened eyes, knife and gunshot wounds as well as emotional and psychological scars no measure of antibiotics or stitches can heal.  

A national  draft calling for battalions of Men of Valor from all walks of life are needed for the fight. In lieu of basic training, the love you proudly possess for your Daughters, Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers, Sisters and Wives will suffice by virtue of what immeasurable contribution to your good heart and morally edified character they are directly responsible for. Bring this wisdom and truth to the table of understanding to counter the anger and insecurity that rages in the bosom of every abuser. Let the Real Man in you, challenge and counter the male embryo in him, making him understand that his choice to grasp real and redemptive change, will not be given a second chance. 

This war cannot be won without the action of innumerable garrisons of  Women of  Virtue to become the drill Sergeants of Empowerment, Captains of Courage  and Lieutenants of Lovingkindness in volunteering themselves to multitudes of victims of abuse too intimidated to go home and too victimized to find the strength to face tomorrow.    

The new American Civil War will be won not by an equal force of violence upon the enemy, but by the persistence and determination of the United Spirit of Anti-Domestic Violence & Allied Souls For No More Abuse, sweeping across this nation in the form of multitudes of domestic violence organizations, victim advocacy groups, the continuing leadership of both the President and the Vice President as well as the Justice departments Office of Violence Against Women, and most importantly John and Joan Q. Public’s consciousness being raised to galvanize success through action, and not yield to defeat by silence. 

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address spoke to the necessity of the preservation of the Union. In this New American Civil War, let our Declaration of Independence speak to the preservation of eternal peace from domestic abuse, to the future address of every American home. 

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