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Abusing a Woman doesn’t make you a Man, anymore than siring a baby makes you a Daddy. The realities of your intent, based on the content of your actions are what qualifies a Male to be a Dad, and a Man in loving a Woman.

Any fool can ejaculate sperm into a Woman, but its the Male who takes the lifetime dignity of responsibility for the life-giving result of those actions, that both separates and equates, designates and defines him as a Real Man.

Any fool can place a diamond ring on a Woman’s finger, or buy her a house and a Yacht, pay her rent or provide her with a substantial monthly wardrobe allowance.  

However, In the fight against domestic violence, the single most important agent of change in acquiring social justice is the empowered survivor.  They will tell you that a ring on there finger never stopped a beating, a Yacht never prevented a punch and fancy wardrobe doesn’t heal the bruises from bodily blows any faster than regular clothes. 

The Great Slave emancipator Harriet Tubman said that “Although I freed over ten thousand slaves, I could have freed thousand’s more if only they knew they were slaves…”  The greatest weapon in the possession of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed. 

The greatest weapon in the possession of the domestic abuser is the heart, mind and soul of his victim. It is the basis of his ability to control his victim. The strangest dynamic to witness is how oftentimes the abusers insidious ability to flip the script to have the victim believing that “she” was responsible for him beating her up.  

This tactic of reverse psychology is akin to the fox blaming the chicken for being a meal for the fox. The treacherous nature of this tactic is simply to burden the victim with a ever growing overweighted sense of false guilt, and thereby meant to lessen her self-esteem in order to worship and raise his arrogance of delusional grandeur of being a real man, when the true fact of the matter is that he is a real punk. 

Let the young Women know from now, that no male, money or bling is ever equal to the value of there precious self-esteem. Let all Women practice a non-compromising attitude for any red flags symptomatic of anger issues within a potential mate. Don’t make the same mistake as many before you have made in attempting to be the “Rescuer of an Angry Man…” 

Every Woman deserves to be loved, cherished and to have a faithful relationship conducive to a lasting and violence free marriage.  

The only thing that must always supersede that blessing is the inner oath of a deeply personal self love.  One that is not narcissistic, but has a mental, spiritual and emotional allegiance to the highest quality of life conducive to her peace of mind, joy of happiness and immeasurable self worth.   

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truthful perceptions: faith…

“The Religious Abusers…”  It’s not the name of an Alternative Rock Music group. It’s not a 12 Step Program for Controlled Substance Drug Addicts Who Practice A Spiritual Belief  System.   

This is a holy roller religious group of bombastic church pulpit bullies who wear humble holy hats to the congregation, but in reality are nothing more than theological thugs behind closed doors. When and if they’re not beating down and abusing their own Wives, they’re incompetently signing off on the abusive marriages many of the women in their congregations are caught up in.  

“Submission Strategics” is the mantra most Pastors apply in marriage counseling. The vast majority of Church’s across the United States are simply not prepared for the dynamic of domestic violence now being brought in record numbers into marriage counseling sessions. Many christian counselors/ministers are not trained to deal with the social dynamic of domestic violence and usually revert to scriptures on wifely submission. You know, the old societal standby of when in doubt, “blame the victim…”

Why is it that the predominant school of thought is to always suggest that somehow its the victims fault for her abusers violence.  That somehow the victim is not being the fullness of a biblical Wife, through not being submissive enough to her husband.

That somehow she has neglected the duties of being a biblical wife and therefore has irresponsibly brought this violence upon herself. Clean the kitchen more often; yield to him when he demands to be physically pleased (a sign-off on marital rape); consider quitting your job and staying at home, etc;.. are some of the absurd suggestions and advice given to victims of domestic violence who seek help from the Church.

Sadly, this dynamic crosses all denominations of the Christian faith. The predominance of male headship in the Body of Christ regrettably can often lend itself to an insensitivity to its female congregants.  Pastors who struggle  with the issue of abuse must first stop trying to sugar-coat the issue by scripturally blaming the victim while religiously exonerating the abuser.  

Holding the abuser first and foremost accountable for his actions of violence is morally demanding upon any church leader. Let that Pastor use the moral power of the church to shame the abuser, convict him by his conscience to change his ways. Let that Pastor prioritize protecting the victim and the children.  That is what JESUS would do.

This proactive stance will burn itself into the conscience of the abuser and remove whatever religious veil of God he was hiding behind to justify his deplorable and despicable acts of abuse.  This is vitally most important if the abuser is an Associate Pastor, Deacon or holds some other prominent position within the church.

Until that abuser fully repents and commits himself to a six to twelve month fully licensed anger management course for treatment, coupled with extensive bi-daily Pastoral counseling, then any further attempts of marriage counseling will be in vain.  Let the Church serve as a true place of refuge and biblical teaching: “Husbands are to love their Wives as Christ loves the Church, and gave himself up for her, to make her holy – Ephesians 5:25-26…”

Let the church be a place not of complicity and an accessory after the fact for victims of abuse to fear, but rather a true place of healing, protection, courage and love for a Wife, as a sanctuary of hope, leadership and true faith. IJPN – In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: nature

For some unmitigated reason, I’ve had to contend with the most overwhelming brilliance.  A mystical find of greatest importance, and yet treated daily with underwhelming significance to a majority of humanity, simply by virtue of our content with its existence.  

Well I for one refuse to be so disingenuously idle about this event, and I will not just sit back and take the magnitude of this blessing for granted.  Isn’t it just like human nature to subsequently throw under the bus those things of the most significance to our lives,. and yet bally-hoo about the most unimportant things and blow them up to huge proportions of worship.

For example, professional Sports. The manner in which we as humans, or at least a large portion of us deem the existence of sports as religious events rather than mere entertainment is mind boggling. Professional athletes are treated as gods to be worshipped while humans vulnerable to the addiction of gambling will go as far as losing their homes on gambling debts to bookies, or through foreclosure for using mortgage money for betting.  I’ll pass.

I played sports and love to watch the action just as much as the next guy, but all within reason and proportion. I’m also greatly partial to the beauty of the Sun, the Forests, Mountains, Oceans, and the Rivers that parlay themselves around this globe with a resplendent grandeur unequal to anything Man could possibly dream up.  That’s the overwhelming brilliance I speak of.

Why?  Because it lays upon mine heart the equivalent gift and blessing of Virtuous Women given unto Men through GOD. I call attention to this equivalent phenomena not to be disrespectful or facetious, nor to accommodate my conscience for some undue act of immorality.

I raise this empirical point for it is the Virtuous Woman that enhances a Man to be the best he may gainfully strive for himself to be.  It is the Virtuous Woman of whom inspires a Man to first marry himself to the acts of courage in his life, were he to then secondly become impressive enough for a Woman’s attention, admiration and attraction to a confident Man. 

The brevity of life hones our necessity to sharpen the arrows of wisdom to the people, places and things, most meaningful to our lives. I would pray that Men of all walks of life would lessen themselves to those things immaterial and vain, and hasten respectfully in contemplation to the inner beauty of Virtuous Women that surrounds us each and everyday.  Through supporting the efforts of a Virtuous Woman, we morally ground ourselves. When making exceptions of time within our busy schedules on behalf of a Virtuous Woman, we gainfully strengthen the spiritual cords that bind us all.  

We then learn the true meaning of faithful interdependence with each other, while lifting  the currency  of love through mutual respect as the greatest of all abilities accorded to our spiritual human nature.  

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truthful perceptions: leadership


The sheer power and violence of a Tornado leaves lives devastated, swaths of homes and land in a twisted upheaval and the singular necessity to find optimism in the midst of obliteration to pickup and begin anew.  Human purpose takes on a brand new meaning for those victims of natures demonstrative temper tantrum and its ruinous aftermath.

The irony for its victims to feel a sense of shame when they’ve clearly done nothing wrong is a twist of revelation on the human psyche. You had better believe the tornado has no shame. Were it ever to be found to have sentient qualities meeting the criteria for intelligent life, would it even possess a conscience..?  I’d have to safely presume it would not.

The similarities are strikingly fitting to the dynamics and subtleties of an abusive relationship. A tornado could be hours away from being in your area, but just the thought of it and its imminent destructive force barreling towards your home is enough subconscious subtlety to raise your blood pressure to abnormal highs. This is the ominous feeling victims of abuse endure day in and day out at the thought of an abuser making his way back home. Tornados have no excuse for the hell on earth it levels upon the lives of its helpless victims, while abusers have pernicious and corruptible reasons for doing the very same thing.

I’ve not had the pleasure of being free from the stench driven personality of an abuser. I’ve come to know many of these creatures over the years and they vary in species. From the knuckle-dragging-neolithic-minded;  “Me Man. You Woman. Me Strong. I Beat You…” to the pathologically compulsive and abusive sophisticate whose unchecked narcissism and professional success has falsely beguiled his ego into a self-immunized world of delusional dictatorship. These two examples and all the other mixed-nuts in-between promote and constitute the last denizens of its kind in this Civil War of domestic violence.

Just as every disease springs forth the motivated purpose of brilliant medical minds to research for a cure, every unnatural calamity nurtures dramatic human compassion for its positive equivalent of healing.  A Captaincy to answer the silent cries for help; a Governance to repudiate the arrogant gall of an abuser; and a Positive Light of Influence to begin inoculating the minds of victims to become Spirits of victory. These powerful voices are analogous to the lone desert flower springing itself forth in being both persistent and determined to bring renewed life from the dry bones of intimate partner violence and its deadly effects upon personal lives. I am grateful to be associated with three such powerful examples of organizational leadership and indomitable courage in this field of war:

The National Domestic Violence Registry brings the power of database technology to the battlefront. Modeled after the sex offender registry, they possess the first and only national database model providing domestic violence conviction records to the public free of charge.  

Linda’s Voice uniquely engages, empowers and educates Women, in a distinctive way to find the inner strength and confidence in finding their voice of freedom and to forever leave abusive relationships.

G.W.E.N. Global Women’s Empowerment Network is a unique therapeutic community utilizing technology and multi-media platforms to connect and empower those suffering from abusive relationships.

These three nationally acclaimed non-profits represent the invaluable leadership necessary for a new age of a viable human kindness, persistent determination, spiritual freedom and a safe survivorship.  

As a Man, I am dam proud to be associated with them in blending my voice,  my talents, my spirit and my masculinity  to there purpose of eliminating domestic violence once and for all from this country in the 21st Century.  Please support one or all three of these valiant organizations through your time, talent and/or tax-deductible donations.

“The only thing required for domestic violence to ultimately destroy our country, is continued ignorance of its existence; the one thing necessary to stop it, begins with leadership…”





 GWEN Global Women’s Empowerment Network


         LINDA’S VOICE