truthful perceptions: leadership


The sheer power and violence of a Tornado leaves lives devastated, swaths of homes and land in a twisted upheaval and the singular necessity to find optimism in the midst of obliteration to pickup and begin anew.  Human purpose takes on a brand new meaning for those victims of natures demonstrative temper tantrum and its ruinous aftermath.

The irony for its victims to feel a sense of shame when they’ve clearly done nothing wrong is a twist of revelation on the human psyche. You had better believe the tornado has no shame. Were it ever to be found to have sentient qualities meeting the criteria for intelligent life, would it even possess a conscience..?  I’d have to safely presume it would not.

The similarities are strikingly fitting to the dynamics and subtleties of an abusive relationship. A tornado could be hours away from being in your area, but just the thought of it and its imminent destructive force barreling towards your home is enough subconscious subtlety to raise your blood pressure to abnormal highs. This is the ominous feeling victims of abuse endure day in and day out at the thought of an abuser making his way back home. Tornados have no excuse for the hell on earth it levels upon the lives of its helpless victims, while abusers have pernicious and corruptible reasons for doing the very same thing.

I’ve not had the pleasure of being free from the stench driven personality of an abuser. I’ve come to know many of these creatures over the years and they vary in species. From the knuckle-dragging-neolithic-minded;  “Me Man. You Woman. Me Strong. I Beat You…” to the pathologically compulsive and abusive sophisticate whose unchecked narcissism and professional success has falsely beguiled his ego into a self-immunized world of delusional dictatorship. These two examples and all the other mixed-nuts in-between promote and constitute the last denizens of its kind in this Civil War of domestic violence.

Just as every disease springs forth the motivated purpose of brilliant medical minds to research for a cure, every unnatural calamity nurtures dramatic human compassion for its positive equivalent of healing.  A Captaincy to answer the silent cries for help; a Governance to repudiate the arrogant gall of an abuser; and a Positive Light of Influence to begin inoculating the minds of victims to become Spirits of victory. These powerful voices are analogous to the lone desert flower springing itself forth in being both persistent and determined to bring renewed life from the dry bones of intimate partner violence and its deadly effects upon personal lives. I am grateful to be associated with three such powerful examples of organizational leadership and indomitable courage in this field of war:

The National Domestic Violence Registry brings the power of database technology to the battlefront. Modeled after the sex offender registry, they possess the first and only national database model providing domestic violence conviction records to the public free of charge.  

Linda’s Voice uniquely engages, empowers and educates Women, in a distinctive way to find the inner strength and confidence in finding their voice of freedom and to forever leave abusive relationships.

G.W.E.N. Global Women’s Empowerment Network is a unique therapeutic community utilizing technology and multi-media platforms to connect and empower those suffering from abusive relationships.

These three nationally acclaimed non-profits represent the invaluable leadership necessary for a new age of a viable human kindness, persistent determination, spiritual freedom and a safe survivorship.  

As a Man, I am dam proud to be associated with them in blending my voice,  my talents, my spirit and my masculinity  to there purpose of eliminating domestic violence once and for all from this country in the 21st Century.  Please support one or all three of these valiant organizations through your time, talent and/or tax-deductible donations.

“The only thing required for domestic violence to ultimately destroy our country, is continued ignorance of its existence; the one thing necessary to stop it, begins with leadership…”





 GWEN Global Women’s Empowerment Network


         LINDA’S VOICE



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