truthful perceptions: citizens

Dear Diary – Its been another day of dreadful monitoring of this planet. Today The Secretary General of the United Nations stated: “Violence against Women is universally practiced and must be universally condemned…”  In Peru , 70 percent of all crimes reported to police involve Women beaten by their husbands.  Of 400 cases of domestic violence in Pakistan, half ended with the death of a Wife.

“Son Preference” is the name for the cultural dynamic that favors male babies over female ones.  Asked how many children he had fathered, the former boxing champion Muhammad Ali told an interviewer: “One boy and seven mistakes.” In addition to “Infanticide”, genetic testing is now the norm in countries like India, Pakistan and China for the sole purpose of deciding whether to abort or not to abort based on the test results.  In one hospital in India, 95 percent of fetuses aborted were because they were all female.  

As a visitor to this planet, I am appalled and simply quite baffled as to why half of this planets global population could be treated in such a way.  Normal conventions of thought would indicate a declaration of war has been predicated upon the female species with the intent to obliterate them entirely from the planet through mass gender-cide. As the Ambassador assigned to monitor this planet for future consideration of official dialogue and formal relations between our two worlds, I regret to report to my superiors that this planet Earth is much too far from the civilized analysis needed for inclusion in our United Coalition for Planetary Peace.

Any race of beings responsible for the systematic annihilation of the gender that propagates and nurtures its own species, is “still” too backwards to comprehend the basic dynamics and properties inherent to the Creator of the Universe.  My planet learned its lesson long ago and I am grateful for our evolution. Since renouncing violence against Women eons ago, our renaissance has furthered our species beyond its own predicted expectations and anticipated extinction.

Due to the Women of my planet, our advances in medicine, science, the arts and every other facet of endeavors on my world has exponentially catapulted us from the elimination of all diseases to the advancement of space exploration. We as Men never anticipated the vast amounts of intelligence combined with the unlimited reservoir of unheralded talent inborn in the female species of our planet.  Fortunately, our past ignorance is now mitigated by our present utopia of interdependence of both genders working progressively together for a better world, as it should be.  

Sadly, this planet called Earth leaves much to be desired.  Until the good Men of this planet unequivocally unite themselves in defense of its Women against the worst of men, there will never be a lasting peace here.  One would think that over half of the population of a so called civilized planet would not suffer as perpetual victims from its male counterparts.  

Universal peace will only come when all Men of this Earth love and cherish its Women as Priceless Souls, Precious Lives & Vitally Protected Citizens.  

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