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Abusing a Woman doesn’t make you a Man, anymore than siring a baby makes you a Daddy. The realities of your intent, based on the content of your actions are what qualifies a Male to be a Dad, and a Man in loving a Woman.

Any fool can ejaculate sperm into a Woman, but its the Male who takes the lifetime dignity of responsibility for the life-giving result of those actions, that both separates and equates, designates and defines him as a Real Man.

Any fool can place a diamond ring on a Woman’s finger, or buy her a house and a Yacht, pay her rent or provide her with a substantial monthly wardrobe allowance.  

However, In the fight against domestic violence, the single most important agent of change in acquiring social justice is the empowered survivor.  They will tell you that a ring on there finger never stopped a beating, a Yacht never prevented a punch and fancy wardrobe doesn’t heal the bruises from bodily blows any faster than regular clothes. 

The Great Slave emancipator Harriet Tubman said that “Although I freed over ten thousand slaves, I could have freed thousand’s more if only they knew they were slaves…”  The greatest weapon in the possession of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed. 

The greatest weapon in the possession of the domestic abuser is the heart, mind and soul of his victim. It is the basis of his ability to control his victim. The strangest dynamic to witness is how oftentimes the abusers insidious ability to flip the script to have the victim believing that “she” was responsible for him beating her up.  

This tactic of reverse psychology is akin to the fox blaming the chicken for being a meal for the fox. The treacherous nature of this tactic is simply to burden the victim with a ever growing overweighted sense of false guilt, and thereby meant to lessen her self-esteem in order to worship and raise his arrogance of delusional grandeur of being a real man, when the true fact of the matter is that he is a real punk. 

Let the young Women know from now, that no male, money or bling is ever equal to the value of there precious self-esteem. Let all Women practice a non-compromising attitude for any red flags symptomatic of anger issues within a potential mate. Don’t make the same mistake as many before you have made in attempting to be the “Rescuer of an Angry Man…” 

Every Woman deserves to be loved, cherished and to have a faithful relationship conducive to a lasting and violence free marriage.  

The only thing that must always supersede that blessing is the inner oath of a deeply personal self love.  One that is not narcissistic, but has a mental, spiritual and emotional allegiance to the highest quality of life conducive to her peace of mind, joy of happiness and immeasurable self worth.   

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