truthful perceptions: words


Words of the Soul forever compliment divine love to be universal; The Soul knows that truth seeks no corners to hide and it never grows old; Truth may always be blamed, but it can never be shamed; It may suffer from neglect and a lack of honorable Men to lift it up, but it will never perish;

Evil men may seek to darken the truth but they can never extinguish it, for sooner or later truth always comes to light; If truth it doesn’t come out in the wash, it will come out in the rinse;

So let the words of your Soul always pray to GOD in truth; Speak to Men as Brothers in integrity and communicate with Women as Sisters we cherish with respect and sincerity; Deceit may hide in honey sweetened words, but the truth shall always set you free; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.   

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truthful perceptions: light

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The wise Man draws more advantage from his enemies, than a fool from his friends; As light is the contrast to darkness, so in life will come the envy of friends and the hatred of enemies; Being caught between these two fires is never good, yet we look to the Christ within as the active instrument of all peace, forgiveness and reconciliation; The same creative force who set the symphony of the universe in motion, grows the bones of a child in the womb and decrees the boundaries for every Sea; This infinite intelligence daily affirms our Spirit to know and declare – If GOD Be For Us, Then Who Can Be Against Us; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: waterworld


Perhaps it can only be described as underwhelming at this point of time how much we as humans take the ground we are walking, running, cycling, playing and doing just about everything else on for granted.

No one thinks about it while stuck in traffic. Hmmm…how much I really love this ground my car is eternally stuck on during this rush hour. Maybe not now, but in few short decades which is a blink of an eye in geologic chronology.  It is estimated at the current rate of glacier ice melting, by the year 2050 or sooner, sea levels will rise by as little as 19 inches and as much as 25.  A mere 19 inches. Yet, the land destruction, human displacement and crop devastation this mere 19 inches will cause will forever alter the course of human life on this planet.  

Keep in mind that this is a mid-range projection by Scientists and does not include natural elevations at high tide around the earth. Also bear in mind these projections are only taking into account current greenhouse gas emissions and not what could be escalated in the next few years, thereby exponentially escalating the speed in which these glaciers are melting.  New York, DC, Boston and at least 15 other major US cities will be plunged underwater affecting untold millions in 2,150 coastal areas.  

It is estimated the cities of Miami FL, New Orleans LA and Galveston TX will be 100% underwater. The Jefferson Memorial, Statue of Liberty, the campus of Harvard University all gone, and I don’t mean fishing.  The apathy in which humans tend to view environmental dire warnings is exceeded only by our arrogance to always think we can somehow outwit and out-think Mother Nature.  

US taxpayers are seemingly more willing to pay higher taxes to build a football stadium than to invest in technologically advanced seawalls similar to the one built in Denmark. In spite of so many civilizations i.e., Pompeii, Mayans, Easter Islanders, Stonehenge, etc;.. having disappeared from the face of the earth by serious changing environmental factors, we’ve become very spoiled in a non-chalant cavalier programmed attitude to believe that if we just get a 24 hour warning to evacuate, everything will be cool.  This in spite of the fact that every intelligent human being with the IQ of a tree knows that it is literally impossible to evacuate any major American city in  24-48 hour timespan.

Warm Oceans because of thermal expansion and melting glacier ice seems inevitable to continue.  As individuals doing our part by being as energy efficient e.g, reduce, reuse, recycle plastics helps. Also reducing the amount of hot water we use, turning off lights when not in use, as well as using energy efficient light bulbs  in our homes and driving cleaner cars over time does make a difference in avoiding leaving a toxic footprint.  We all have a stake in this as the last time I checked this is the only planet we have.  If we continue to ignore and abuse Mother Earth, one day the cry “Head For The Hills” will have some very serious meaning to it. 


truthful perceptions: understanding


Praise GOD: If wisdom is humble because it knows no more; and knowledge is proud because it knows so much; then Understanding is faithful because it simply does the will of GOD; She brings belief when their is a need for faith;

She enlarges your perception in the desire for growth; She broadens your view in the necessity for dialogue and she holds the key for every door of faithful agreement; Young men think old men as fools but Old men know young men to be so; It is only the wise and gracious Woman known as Understanding that brings both of them to her table to sit and reason together;

Allow her to have leadership in your life this day knowing that without her your wisdom is made foolish and your knowledge is but a fog; Only she can bridge the way, the truth and the life of Christ to rest, rule and reign both supreme and forevermore in GOD, to your unlimited success. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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truthful perceptions: genocide


Recently, I’ve joined millions of others across this country in outrage over the Zimmerman verdict. I was outsourcing my feelings of seeing a unity of spirit amongst Black people motivated by the act of injustice right before our eyes through the acquittal of Zimmerman.

 I say outsourcing because all the while, my conscience was speaking to me in a still small voice, but one loud enough to hear over the noise of chants for justice and tears of astonishment in GZ’s acquittal. The voice in my head spoke loud and clear: Where is the unified outcry amongst Black people in particular, for the ongoing deaths in Chicago of Blacks being killed by other Blacks?

 Six people killed and 17 shot this past weekend alone, including Six year old Quianna Thompson, who was ironically shot and killed while attending a vigil for another shooting victim who died the previous week. In addition to Quianna, the five other lives lost this past weekend were just as precious as both hers and Trayvon Martin’s life. 

 What about the lives of other Chicago victims of violent murder: Jeremiah Brown, Marissa Boyd- Stingley, Tommie Bates, Ronald Baskin, Marquis Anderson, Cherie Adams, Clifton Barney, Jovatay Alexander and on and on and on… Weren’t their lives just as precious as Trayvon’s life?

Is it because they weren’t killed by a White/Mexican, that somehow invalidates the need for our unified national outrage? Have we by our own national Black silence set the bar so low for the devaluation of Black life that only when a white jury acquits a white man for murdering one of our own, will we as a people get up in arms about how precious Black life is?

 Does anyone really believe that if Trayvon Martin was killed by another Black youth he would have still become a national martyr symbolizing injustice, OR would he have simply been a 30 second blip on the local news in reporting another murdered Black youth with no witnesses. 

White males with a university degree have a 2.9% unemployment rate while Black male high school dropouts constitute a 51.6% unemployment rate. That coupled with a plethora of available guns, territorial gang disputes/violence and a very hot summer breeds the perfect storm for the murder rates we are all witnessing week after week just in Chicago alone.

Under-educated, under-employed, under-skilled and overly-armed draws the line in the sand for employed contempt and a glaring lack of love for the sanctity of life, especially amongst your own kind. 

Where is the unified boycott by music celebrities? Where are the sports teams/stars wearing Hoodies? Where are the politically religious and religiously political opportunists who are there to posture for the national TV cameras during the Martin case, yet silent and absent when we are killing each other week after bloody week? 

No differently than any other race, Black people exhibit the same behavioral patterns of an anticipated and ongoing measured dispassion when killing their own kind.

We must also remember that White people organized en masse vehemently across the country when protesting an acquittal of a defendant who they collectively felt was guilty of murder. Perhaps if the current dynamics were flipped under the same set of circumstances and the murderer was clearly responsible for the murder and yet found not guilty, then we would again witness a similar reaction from White people. Remember their reaction to the Not Guilty verdict in the OJ criminal trial?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse the amount of paralyzed dismissal we as Black people have now become so accustomed to rendering when it concerns a Black life being murdered by another Black individual.

We all feel the hurt it when we hear the news of another deadly weekend in Chicago, or Washington DC, Detroit, New York, Phily, New Orleans, etc;.. and because ignorance walks so proudly and so well armed, we can only throw our hands up in the air in the attempt to somehow maintain our sanity.

 The question is: Where is our unified national outrage? Organized rallies? Sit-Ins at the State House forcing the Governor to request the FBI and all powers of the State using every means necessary to find the gun suppliers? Where is our demand to the powers that be for equal education funding across the board for Public Schools (as done for Charter Schools) and creating State based Job training opportunities requiring incentivized High School Diploma/GED Equivalent for our youth? 

 Where is our demand of the President and The Justice department to send in Federal troops if necessary to stop these senseless killings?  Perhaps that’s the hardest part of all. Allowing our frustrations to turn into an despondency of acceptance, and that acceptance to morph itself into a growing indifference for life itself through our self-inflicted genocide.  

Ultimately indicting us all, because without commissioned organized action, we then through omission, become an accessory to the very crimes we despise in our loud silence. May GOD Help Us…IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


truthful perceptions: time


Praise GOD: Necessity is a tough Mother, but she raises strong children. In knowing that our fears outnumber our dangers, be particularly careful of the hazards of procrastination; This cunning thief of time works in conspiracy with fear to rob you of your future; With the exception of good health, time is the greatest of all our GOD given assets; So let each day be the scholar of yesterday and the student of tomorrow by always making the present day your messenger of truth regarding your life;

Time waits for no one, and yet it devours all things; So wisely evaluate your necessities; Be determined to invest your quality of time to Ur anointed vision and be resilient against any setbacks; GOD never shuts one door that He does not open another for you to succeed; Because we know GOD is good all the time; and all the time GOD is good. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name. 

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truthful perceptions: lantern


Praise GOD: Keeping your life always open to GOD is more important than work, food, clothes and everything else on earth; as a traveler on the road back to GOD, having personal misgivings and skepticism about yourself puts you in that special place between sanity and insanity; stop doubting yourself and live up to the brilliance of your inner spiritual light; Go into the chambers of Ur anointed heart, shut the door and talk to GOD in secret;

Make up Ur mind once and for all to stop living Ur life for the approval of men, but live rather for the immeasurable estimate of GOD; Just as their is no human darkness impenetrable to spiritual light, there is no brokenness in you that cannot be healed through prayer, forgiveness and love; Study Ur Bible & Pray; GOD’s Word is the daybreak of wisdom and you are GOD’s lantern of bold action; and when combined together, constitute a light that can’t be put out ~ IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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truthful perceptions: prayer

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Praise GOD: Every honorable endeavor is won or lost on the field of prayer; Prayers move the hands that move the universe and our knowledge and practice of this ability enables us to live in harmony. Proficiency of prayer will make a fool wise and the lack of it will turn a wise man into a fool; Prayer is the jewel of contentment belonging to the wisest of souls; the rich man is made wise because he has it and the poor man is made rich because he can’t live without it;

If you lose money, you lose much; when you lose friends you lose much more; but when you lose the wisdom to always pray, you’ve lost it all; therefore let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid; Make the secret of your success be the constancy of Ur anointed purpose on this Earth through love, faith, patience and prayer. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: faith

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Praise GOD: As Children of GOD, we rightfully declare to no longer live in fear. We refuse to allow the uneasiness it produces to rest, rule and reign anywhere in our lives; We realize that to be truly able to rejoice in hope, employ patience in tribulation, and effectively pray in an instant, we forever evict this no-rent paying tenant known as fear from the temple of our mind; Real faith comes from the heart, not the head;

Where there is real faith, there is no fear; especially from those agents of fear/haters who speak negatively into our lives hoping to paralyze the indestructible divine gift at the center of our being; Let us be firm in always possessing a Word-Ruled mind and a Faith-filled tongue that dominates and destroys all the laws of death, especially fear. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

truthful perceptions: marissa

IMG_0011 copyAs of this writing, fortunately most people across the nation are now familiar with the Marissa Alexander case. For those who are not here is a brief summary to bring you up to speed:

Marissa Alexander is a mother of three children and did not have a criminal record before this incident. Marissa’s husband has a documented history of violence and domestic abuse toward women. In a jealous rage, Marissa’s husband violently confronted her while she used the bathroom.  She was assaulted, shoved, strangled and held against her will. She was prevented from escaping and was not able to call 911.

Her husband was asked to leave repeatedly. He and his two sons, were supposed to have exited through the front door but, did not. Her husband entered the kitchen wich leads to the garage and saw Marissa was unable to leave via the malfunctioning garage door. Her husband yelled “Bitch I will kill you!” and charged toward her. Marissa had retrieved her liscensed and registered gun which she owned for years before even meeting her husband – from her vehicle.

She held the weapon in her right hand down by her side as he yelled, “Bitch I Will Kill You! And charged toward her. In fear and desperation, Marissa Alexander lifted her weapon, turned away and discharged a single shot in the  ceiling. As she stood her ground – that single shot prevented him from doing that which he had threatened. He ran out of the house where he contacted police and falsely reported that Marissa Alexander shot at him and his 2 sons.

The police took Marissa Alexander into custody. Alexander’s husband admitted that he was the agressor, threatened her life and was so enraged that he did not know what he would do – this being under sworn statement in November of 2010. Alexander’s husband was arrested for domestic violence twice – once for abuse against Alexander. That attack landed Alexander in the hospital ~

Marisa is now sentenced to 20 years in prison blazing the combined spotlight of public outrage and SMH (scratching my head) across the nation from intelligent thinking people everywhere. Although Marissa’s case is a poster child for the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, instead she was denied and subsequently inherited the fate of her case being one of thousands in Florida where racial bias is insidiously at work. A study by the Tampa Bay Times found that in Florida, defendants citing the Stand Your Ground law were more likely to prevail if the victim was black. Seventy-three percent of people who killed a black person walked away with no penalty, compared to 59 percent of those who killed a white victim.

This is also a case for serious review of the domestic violence statutes that would allow her ex-husband, a serial abuser to get away not only scott free, but also to be given custody of their child.

It is time for Marissa Alexander to be set free, to regain custody of her children and to be financially compensated by the State of Florida for the gross miscarriage of justice imposed upon her. Please take a minute to sign the petition below telling Gov. Rick Scott to pardon Marissa Alexander now.


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