truthful perceptions: faith

IMG_0011 copy

Praise GOD: As Children of GOD, we rightfully declare to no longer live in fear. We refuse to allow the uneasiness it produces to rest, rule and reign anywhere in our lives; We realize that to be truly able to rejoice in hope, employ patience in tribulation, and effectively pray in an instant, we forever evict this no-rent paying tenant known as fear from the temple of our mind; Real faith comes from the heart, not the head;

Where there is real faith, there is no fear; especially from those agents of fear/haters who speak negatively into our lives hoping to paralyze the indestructible divine gift at the center of our being; Let us be firm in always possessing a Word-Ruled mind and a Faith-filled tongue that dominates and destroys all the laws of death, especially fear. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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