truthful perceptions: lantern


Praise GOD: Keeping your life always open to GOD is more important than work, food, clothes and everything else on earth; as a traveler on the road back to GOD, having personal misgivings and skepticism about yourself puts you in that special place between sanity and insanity; stop doubting yourself and live up to the brilliance of your inner spiritual light; Go into the chambers of Ur anointed heart, shut the door and talk to GOD in secret;

Make up Ur mind once and for all to stop living Ur life for the approval of men, but live rather for the immeasurable estimate of GOD; Just as their is no human darkness impenetrable to spiritual light, there is no brokenness in you that cannot be healed through prayer, forgiveness and love; Study Ur Bible & Pray; GOD’s Word is the daybreak of wisdom and you are GOD’s lantern of bold action; and when combined together, constitute a light that can’t be put out ~ IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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