truthful perceptions: time


Praise GOD: Necessity is a tough Mother, but she raises strong children. In knowing that our fears outnumber our dangers, be particularly careful of the hazards of procrastination; This cunning thief of time works in conspiracy with fear to rob you of your future; With the exception of good health, time is the greatest of all our GOD given assets; So let each day be the scholar of yesterday and the student of tomorrow by always making the present day your messenger of truth regarding your life;

Time waits for no one, and yet it devours all things; So wisely evaluate your necessities; Be determined to invest your quality of time to Ur anointed vision and be resilient against any setbacks; GOD never shuts one door that He does not open another for you to succeed; Because we know GOD is good all the time; and all the time GOD is good. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name. 

Man Of Psalms Publishing Co

All Rights Reserved 2013


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