truthful perceptions: genocide


Recently, I’ve joined millions of others across this country in outrage over the Zimmerman verdict. I was outsourcing my feelings of seeing a unity of spirit amongst Black people motivated by the act of injustice right before our eyes through the acquittal of Zimmerman.

 I say outsourcing because all the while, my conscience was speaking to me in a still small voice, but one loud enough to hear over the noise of chants for justice and tears of astonishment in GZ’s acquittal. The voice in my head spoke loud and clear: Where is the unified outcry amongst Black people in particular, for the ongoing deaths in Chicago of Blacks being killed by other Blacks?

 Six people killed and 17 shot this past weekend alone, including Six year old Quianna Thompson, who was ironically shot and killed while attending a vigil for another shooting victim who died the previous week. In addition to Quianna, the five other lives lost this past weekend were just as precious as both hers and Trayvon Martin’s life. 

 What about the lives of other Chicago victims of violent murder: Jeremiah Brown, Marissa Boyd- Stingley, Tommie Bates, Ronald Baskin, Marquis Anderson, Cherie Adams, Clifton Barney, Jovatay Alexander and on and on and on… Weren’t their lives just as precious as Trayvon’s life?

Is it because they weren’t killed by a White/Mexican, that somehow invalidates the need for our unified national outrage? Have we by our own national Black silence set the bar so low for the devaluation of Black life that only when a white jury acquits a white man for murdering one of our own, will we as a people get up in arms about how precious Black life is?

 Does anyone really believe that if Trayvon Martin was killed by another Black youth he would have still become a national martyr symbolizing injustice, OR would he have simply been a 30 second blip on the local news in reporting another murdered Black youth with no witnesses. 

White males with a university degree have a 2.9% unemployment rate while Black male high school dropouts constitute a 51.6% unemployment rate. That coupled with a plethora of available guns, territorial gang disputes/violence and a very hot summer breeds the perfect storm for the murder rates we are all witnessing week after week just in Chicago alone.

Under-educated, under-employed, under-skilled and overly-armed draws the line in the sand for employed contempt and a glaring lack of love for the sanctity of life, especially amongst your own kind. 

Where is the unified boycott by music celebrities? Where are the sports teams/stars wearing Hoodies? Where are the politically religious and religiously political opportunists who are there to posture for the national TV cameras during the Martin case, yet silent and absent when we are killing each other week after bloody week? 

No differently than any other race, Black people exhibit the same behavioral patterns of an anticipated and ongoing measured dispassion when killing their own kind.

We must also remember that White people organized en masse vehemently across the country when protesting an acquittal of a defendant who they collectively felt was guilty of murder. Perhaps if the current dynamics were flipped under the same set of circumstances and the murderer was clearly responsible for the murder and yet found not guilty, then we would again witness a similar reaction from White people. Remember their reaction to the Not Guilty verdict in the OJ criminal trial?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse the amount of paralyzed dismissal we as Black people have now become so accustomed to rendering when it concerns a Black life being murdered by another Black individual.

We all feel the hurt it when we hear the news of another deadly weekend in Chicago, or Washington DC, Detroit, New York, Phily, New Orleans, etc;.. and because ignorance walks so proudly and so well armed, we can only throw our hands up in the air in the attempt to somehow maintain our sanity.

 The question is: Where is our unified national outrage? Organized rallies? Sit-Ins at the State House forcing the Governor to request the FBI and all powers of the State using every means necessary to find the gun suppliers? Where is our demand to the powers that be for equal education funding across the board for Public Schools (as done for Charter Schools) and creating State based Job training opportunities requiring incentivized High School Diploma/GED Equivalent for our youth? 

 Where is our demand of the President and The Justice department to send in Federal troops if necessary to stop these senseless killings?  Perhaps that’s the hardest part of all. Allowing our frustrations to turn into an despondency of acceptance, and that acceptance to morph itself into a growing indifference for life itself through our self-inflicted genocide.  

Ultimately indicting us all, because without commissioned organized action, we then through omission, become an accessory to the very crimes we despise in our loud silence. May GOD Help Us…IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.



3 thoughts on “truthful perceptions: genocide

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  2. I would like to comment on this true and moving peace at the apathy we display for a black life.
    As a South African, it pains me to hear that a person has been killed, even here its true, when people are killed, and we find out its a white person, we are more outrage because we feel like its a personal attack to every black person.
    On black on black crime, its different for us, because of our heritage of the struggle movement, a community is quick to man handle someone who is thought to be a criminal, they just form a kangaroo court and you are sentenced, so the blacks who commit crime, don’t necessarly live in the black community, they buy a house in the surbubs because they know, if they make a wrong move and kill one our children, the community will bury you alive in the street.
    It is a dark side to see when the people are fed up with being terrotised, they can kill a criminal senselessly, which means our hearts have become callouse to the value of human life as well. Our police system is not that good, cops take time to attend to a crime in the township more than they would in Sandton, but our cops are lazy, the ones I have met, they do their jobs life they have no formal training, so its very difficult to take them seriously.
    So our dynamics as black people are very different in SA, we are quick to protest against anyone who would harm a child or brutally murder another, especially in the community, but we are also able to kill a person because we believe they are a criminal, which is another form of black on black crime, I have seen women who have children stomping down someone else’s child and well, my heart breaks for the way we do things, but we don’t let it go at all.
    Criminals steal in Sandton where there is something to steal and bring it home, they don’t steal next door, because if they are found, they are killed.

    Another dynamic is witchcraft for us, that is how our people kill one another, in a street, you will find, all the houses have been progressing and there is this one house that is not going anywhere. That’s how we kill each other, we bind each other so that you don’t go forward as a family, that is what I have become aware of, we have to contend for our healing and protection because the person that could be doing that, could be your aunt, uncle, mom’s sister, close family memebers or next door neighbour, so its rough if you live in that neighbourhood, where there are scientist, we call them. That’s our struggles as black and our biggest crime one to another.

    I guess it varies in regions, so I speak for Johannesburg, Soweto, where I grew up, but I think its the same in every town, where you find a black community living together.

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