truthful perceptions: understanding


Praise GOD: If wisdom is humble because it knows no more; and knowledge is proud because it knows so much; then Understanding is faithful because it simply does the will of GOD; She brings belief when their is a need for faith;

She enlarges your perception in the desire for growth; She broadens your view in the necessity for dialogue and she holds the key for every door of faithful agreement; Young men think old men as fools but Old men know young men to be so; It is only the wise and gracious Woman known as Understanding that brings both of them to her table to sit and reason together;

Allow her to have leadership in your life this day knowing that without her your wisdom is made foolish and your knowledge is but a fog; Only she can bridge the way, the truth and the life of Christ to rest, rule and reign both supreme and forevermore in GOD, to your unlimited success. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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