truthful perceptions: waterworld


Perhaps it can only be described as underwhelming at this point of time how much we as humans take the ground we are walking, running, cycling, playing and doing just about everything else on for granted.

No one thinks about it while stuck in traffic. Hmmm…how much I really love this ground my car is eternally stuck on during this rush hour. Maybe not now, but in few short decades which is a blink of an eye in geologic chronology.  It is estimated at the current rate of glacier ice melting, by the year 2050 or sooner, sea levels will rise by as little as 19 inches and as much as 25.  A mere 19 inches. Yet, the land destruction, human displacement and crop devastation this mere 19 inches will cause will forever alter the course of human life on this planet.  

Keep in mind that this is a mid-range projection by Scientists and does not include natural elevations at high tide around the earth. Also bear in mind these projections are only taking into account current greenhouse gas emissions and not what could be escalated in the next few years, thereby exponentially escalating the speed in which these glaciers are melting.  New York, DC, Boston and at least 15 other major US cities will be plunged underwater affecting untold millions in 2,150 coastal areas.  

It is estimated the cities of Miami FL, New Orleans LA and Galveston TX will be 100% underwater. The Jefferson Memorial, Statue of Liberty, the campus of Harvard University all gone, and I don’t mean fishing.  The apathy in which humans tend to view environmental dire warnings is exceeded only by our arrogance to always think we can somehow outwit and out-think Mother Nature.  

US taxpayers are seemingly more willing to pay higher taxes to build a football stadium than to invest in technologically advanced seawalls similar to the one built in Denmark. In spite of so many civilizations i.e., Pompeii, Mayans, Easter Islanders, Stonehenge, etc;.. having disappeared from the face of the earth by serious changing environmental factors, we’ve become very spoiled in a non-chalant cavalier programmed attitude to believe that if we just get a 24 hour warning to evacuate, everything will be cool.  This in spite of the fact that every intelligent human being with the IQ of a tree knows that it is literally impossible to evacuate any major American city in  24-48 hour timespan.

Warm Oceans because of thermal expansion and melting glacier ice seems inevitable to continue.  As individuals doing our part by being as energy efficient e.g, reduce, reuse, recycle plastics helps. Also reducing the amount of hot water we use, turning off lights when not in use, as well as using energy efficient light bulbs  in our homes and driving cleaner cars over time does make a difference in avoiding leaving a toxic footprint.  We all have a stake in this as the last time I checked this is the only planet we have.  If we continue to ignore and abuse Mother Earth, one day the cry “Head For The Hills” will have some very serious meaning to it. 



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