truthful perceptions: power


Until a demand of faith is placed upon Ur power, its flow is wild, dangerous and potentially destructive; It took a selfish kind of love that brought me to within an inch of losing my life, before I could learn to fight to win back my living faith;

I had knowledge, but soon learned that education is the beginning of a man, and only his conversation will reveal his true character; I had talent, but I learned the greater the talent, the greater the crime; I had money, but I learned that money makes a good servant, but a very dangerous master;

Real power is the quality of Christ-consciousness given to all to realize that we are made in GOD’s image; Not gossiping in the lives of other men and slow to judge ourselves, but enduring the things of the world while bearing our own cross for our own mental growth and spiritual evolution;

Having power without a selfless-inner-driven spiritual conviction is dead, and only a prayerfully nurtured divine faith persuades a genuine open victory;

This alone leads to true power, true happiness and true success. Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


All Rights Reserved 2013


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