truthful perceptions: leaders


A Divine Itch? You better scratch it. Have you ever had an uncomfortable sensation from GOD pulling you to do something you feel Ur not ready to do? Bringing you into a place Ur not ready to go to?

In prayer life one becomes conscious of wider realms of experience, higher ways of thought and living with increased foresight; GOD shows no favoritism with no exceptions, simply because you were already created to be exceptional; Designed to be remarkable and born to be unequaled through being fearfully and wonderfully made;

The only requirement is that you learn to genuinely love yourself for the influential leader that GOD created you to be; Leaders are neither born or discovered, but developed. Conquer Ur trials and face every adversity with courage and with eyes wide open;

Because the punch the boxer didn’t see, is usually the one that knocks him out; Check yourself for a divine itch; If you find one, you better scratch it; It could be GOD calling you to experience something greater in Ur life; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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