truthful perceptions: integrity

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Legal Identification in society is most often interpreted as government issued documents clarifying to authorities, educational or commerce related entities of who you are in granting permission to travel, purchase products, further education and/or the right to enroll your children in school.

Moral Identification in society is not a government issued document such as a Birth Certificate, Passport, Drivers License or Social Security Card. It’s a stamp of approval issued by way of your relationships and interaction with family, friends and professional colleagues, based solely on your day to day walk in life and how you respond to situations, circumstances and responsibilities.

Every Man desires the feelings of goodness to be invoked in the person thinking of him. Every Man desires to be held in the utmost esteem when his name and face are raised in thought and in conversation.

We want our name to be associated with the adjectives of excellence, goodness, upstanding, fortitude, honorable, righteous, virtuous, clean, respectable, loving, honest, noble, principled, incorruptible and genuine.  Look over the preceding list one more time and think deeply upon each and every word.

Then think of one Man you’ve personally known or presently know who is an abuser of Women and honestly consider if he can now continue to be associated any one those character traits listed above.

No matter how much he has done for the community, or worked in the church, fixed a flat tire for a station wagon full of Nuns or never uttered a curse word from his mouth.  If he is a Woman beater, then all of his good deeds don’t mean a dam thing. His true character is revealed and the power, respectability, love and honor the word integrity would have brought to his name is now compromised and forever gone.

Integrity is a magnet of emotion that compels others towards you.  As a river of truth, it flows seamlessly around any rocks of confusion. Like oxygen, it spreads through every forest with life giving properties and it is the sand of certainty to any desert of uncertain and dishonest men.

Integrity is the great equalizer of respect that must be given even from people who don’t like or care for you as a person.  You are truly known and remembered by your word and your walk, not your wages.

There are many rich men lacking the asset of integrity and who turn the stomachs of those around them each and everyday.  There are many men who are deemed poor by the standards of this world, yet the entire village of friends, family and colleagues rely upon them as a fountain of love, a source of wisdom and a bridge of moral certainty based solely upon their integrity.

Are you a Man or a Mannequin? Real men exemplify the substance of integrity abiding inside of them. Fake men are like the mannequins in a store. Dressed fashionably well to attract others towards them, and yet cold to the touch and hollow on the inside from a lack of substance.

Real men clothed themselves with the vest of integrity each and everyday.  Fake/abusive men don’t even realize how naked they are before the world regardless to how expensive their clothes are.

Real men court, date, become engaged to and marry integrity for a lifetime. Fake/abusive men have already divorced themselves from the possibility of even knowing who she is.

You can never step up as a Man, if you’re knocking down a Woman. You can never improve yourself as a Man, better yourself as a person and advance inspirational thoughts in others to think of you as a King by worsening the life of a Woman.

Integrity is a lifestyle, not a choice.  It is not a demand, but a dialect of human language invisibly spoken in the form of selfless love and respect for all life, especially the life of your wife/intimate partner.  Most men have integrity genetically encoded in their DNA and will absolutely protect and defend all life. They never abuse women and behave as a moral leader in their home and at the workplace.

Integrity speaks loudest through your actions, not your words. Not your frequency to make promises, but rather through your actions as a Man in keeping them. Though a Man may fall a thousand times, if he is a Man of integrity, the world will always lift him up.

It’s not the size of the headstone on a grave that determines the significance of the person buried; but the number of people who come and desire to come to pay their respects. What man has never stopped to reflect on how he wishes to be remembered long after he has left this Earth.

Integrity insures your legacy to be one that is spoken of with endearing love and respect from your children and creates a lasting impact on everyone that loves you for the rest of their lives.

Let your recognition to be so closely aligned with integrity that others will use it among the first descriptive words when speaking of you. Let your character be so undivided to integrity that even liars become inspired to change their ways because of your influence.

Integrity is not a fancy notion, but a dutiful necessity to this thing called life.  It gives you everything that is noble, nurturing and noticeable to those around you. It plays no favorites and will expose you as a fraud should you desire to cheat on her.

Great men have fallen because of their adultery towards her, and plain men have been lifted to greatness by trusting her. Which shall you be? You simply cannot possess integrity and be an abuser of Women at the same time. BUT you can be ever loved, respected, protected and cherished by those who love you through possessing, developing and nurturing the virtue of integrity.

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