truthful perceptions: water


Wine has drowned more men than the Sea; but the faithful drink the waters of life which keeps us free; Water symbolizes the flowing life of GOD; It is connected to purity and fertility; It calls attention to spiritual circulation, unity, birth and re-awakening through its creative and life-giving properties; Just as he that is born to be hanged does not fear water, rebellious angels will never reconcile themselves to this flowing life of GOD, nor even confess to the fact of any wrongdoing;

We who love GOD know better; We live in Christ because Christ first lives in us; We rejoice in Christ because though we were once worldly lost, now we are spiritually found and mentally sound; It is our love of possessing Christ consciousness which has taken us to a higher degree from a lowly place; a prosperous life from a certain death and a testimony worthy of praise, rather than a tombstone on an early grave;

Ultimately, its not the holy water that blesses, nor the wine of violence that kills; but the righteous blood/mind of Christ which fixes our focus, flourishes our thoughts and keeps our salvation pure, everlasting and eternally filled; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

MAN OF PSALMS Publishing Co

All Rights Reserved 2013


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