truthful perceptions: faker

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Zimmerman is back in the news once again. Were it not for wondering how the parents of Trayvon Martin are feeling about this, I wouldn’t waste my time and thoughts in writing about this latest incident. Seems George is once again displaying the true nature of who and what he is. Unraveling himself before the public eye to the cowardice his lack of anger management warrants.

He is a murderer set free to kill again and it is only a matter of time before he does.  The whole judicial process and courtroom fiasco we all witnessed and will never forget during his trial. His defense lawyers passionately and successfully attempted to paint this man as some sort of misunderstood hero vigilante is what irks me and continues to get under my skin.

Prosecuting Trayvon and criminalizing him with innuendos and inferences to what antics he may or may not have done as an adolescent was bad enough, but to then paint Zimmerman as some sort of paragon of virtue hell bent on protecting his community from the outer elements of criminals was even worse. For it is becoming quite clear this murderer will inevitably kill again.

His affinity to guns and an unchecked psychological dysfunction practically guarantees it.  Instead of doing time in a maximum security or a hospital for the criminally insane, his acquittal served to only bolster and validate his inner demons that he is right to take out his gun and kill anyone who challenges him.

He is a taker of innocent human life and a faker as a man. We in the Black community have seen this time and time again where murderers of our people, especially our children can “legally” get away with their heinous acts, and later on either confess to their crime(s) as in the case of Emmitt Till’s murderers J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant, or be legally vindicated like a Geo. Zimmerman.

Yet this time it will be only a matter of time until Zimmerman kills again, and given his current track record of domestic violence, the victim will ironically be of the same race and gender as those who acquitted him. A white woman. Perhaps another girlfriend of whom will be as defenseless as Trayvon was against a loaded gun.

Whether from some sick desire of self-aggrandizement to be in the media spotlight or out of some twisted form of self guilt to find absolution, he will pull the trigger again. This time as a faker of a man, the life he takes will inevitably and some say rightfully be his own.


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