truthful perceptions: time


In times of prosperity, be cautious; In adversity, be patient; In love, be honest; In popularity, be humble; In having authority, be wise.

In times of community, be joyful; In spirituality, be grateful; In war, be peaceful and in peace, be prepared for war.

In times of sadness, be prayerful; In fear, be faithful and in times of darkness, to always be the light.

In times of injustice, be righteousness; In life, to live in moderation and always increase learning; for all wish to live long, but none wish to be called old and unlearned.

In times of despair, be hopeful; In friendship, to be a good listener; In plenty, be charitable and in lean times, hold on.

In times of confusion, be understanding and in times of misunderstanding, strive to be the voice of reason, restoration and reconciliation.

In times of reflection, always take time to determine the value of your freedom.

To render expected happiness in your accomplishments, but to employ a much deeper knowledge to understand what you’ve learned about yourself while in pursuit of your goals.

This will always be your greatest teacher; It is the joy of the journey for your life and all done, through the anointed breath of time.

IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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