truthful perceptions: courage


Praise GOD: Sometimes in life it’s better to be half of a lion than all of a lamb. If you’re growing roses in your life, you must not fear the thorns that may come along with them. Only your fears can hold you back from living your dreams, but your courage will always support your vision.

Don’t let the haters and those who are jealous of you stop your momentum. They are cowards who sneak closer to death everyday, while the brave live on. So take comfort, courage and confidence in all of your plans, because sometimes in life it’s better to be half of a lion, than all of a lamb. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: service


Praise GOD: To overcome each obstacle of vanity only adds to your strength; GOD doesn’t care about your popularity. He’s not concerned about that. If your popularity does no service to helping others less fortunate, then in the end it is vain and really has no substance to it.

Nothing comes out of your life but what was put into it. Make being of service to others the true shine on the popularity you possess and let your character be like a river; the deeper it is, the less noise it makes. It is a good and glorious thing to know that we are helping GOD through our service to others. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: glory


One must want to purposely glorify GOD. As believers we are faced with the same question everyday. Do you prefer the glory of GOD above everything else?

Are you on the Lord’s side? Remember there is always a price to pay for who and what you worship, for whatever you love will always have the tightest grip on your life. In order to get from glory to glory, sometimes we have to give up the level where we are in order to get to where we need to be.

The very purpose of glory is for us to change and if you stand on the shore waiting for everything to look good, you’ll never step into the waters of change. The moment we say yes to GOD the process of change can begin.

So let the ceiling be the floor of your new dimension of change today. Take your wings of faith and ask yourself: How high will you fly?

IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: remembrance


It is a good thing to remember sadness, yet to no longer be sad. To remember fear without being fearful, and to even remember past desires without having the desire for those things anymore.  

It is said that the memory is the belly of the mind. If this is true, then by what consequence are we to suffer in the future, if we do not rightly nurture the mind with the most nutritious thoughts today?   

For we define ourselves by our experiences to the degree for which we judge ourselves better or worse by virtue of them.  

Our wisdom of integrity comes not from our future to direct our past, but rather our memory of the past to influence our present to bless our future. 

Remembrance is a form of meditation. A springboard to place the emotions of past desires, joy, fear and sadness in their proper realm of our journey through life.

Let this process be the balance for shaping our thoughts, refining our character and building our future to the foundation of gratitude, foresight, success and a positive attitude.

For in so doing we find ourselves in communion with a Godly and wholesome purpose for our lives. We then eat the bread of life and drink the wine of redemption in doing those things as JESUS commanded: “To do these things in remembrance of me…”  Amen.  

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truthful perceptions: smile


If only a smile were allowed to rule the world…

There would be no wars, no poverty and no frowns to bear…

 If only a smile were allowed to rule the world..

Sadness would be imprisoned, tears would always seek parole and joy would forever be on sale…

 If only a smile were allowed to rule the world…

Wouldn’t there be constant laughter from every boy and every girl…?

 If only a smile were allowed to rule the world…

We would see no difference in each other to hate, no distinction in each other to fear…

 If only a smile were allowed to rule the world, would YOU be our King or our Queen; ready to rule wisely, lead humbly and reliably serve?

 If Only A Smile Were Allowed To Rule The World…


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