truthful perceptions: remembrance


It is a good thing to remember sadness, yet to no longer be sad. To remember fear without being fearful, and to even remember past desires without having the desire for those things anymore.  

It is said that the memory is the belly of the mind. If this is true, then by what consequence are we to suffer in the future, if we do not rightly nurture the mind with the most nutritious thoughts today?   

For we define ourselves by our experiences to the degree for which we judge ourselves better or worse by virtue of them.  

Our wisdom of integrity comes not from our future to direct our past, but rather our memory of the past to influence our present to bless our future. 

Remembrance is a form of meditation. A springboard to place the emotions of past desires, joy, fear and sadness in their proper realm of our journey through life.

Let this process be the balance for shaping our thoughts, refining our character and building our future to the foundation of gratitude, foresight, success and a positive attitude.

For in so doing we find ourselves in communion with a Godly and wholesome purpose for our lives. We then eat the bread of life and drink the wine of redemption in doing those things as JESUS commanded: “To do these things in remembrance of me…”  Amen.  

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