truthful perceptions: made…


A lack of love does more harm than lack of knowledge; Practice a love of values, that judges no one, but seeks to find the good in all people;

No matter how many degrees you may have from man’s colleges and universities, you can never Out-Grow, Out-Think, Out-Knowledge or Out-Perform GOD.

Only through your continued love, desire and humility to grow In-GOD, you come to realize you can never “Out-Do-GOD…” because He is GOD all by himself.

Let Him make “In-Roads-Of Success” through you. It is GOD’s will for you to be “In-Vincible Through Him”, “In-Valuable To Him” & “In-Credible With Him” in all that you would think, say and do.

It is GOD’s will for you to be In-ferior to no one for you are fearfully and wonderful made – Psalm 139:14

Stay In-telligent through His Word, In-digenuous to Ur unique gifts and talents while nurturing In-terest to always grow and learn new things;

Most importantly, never forget that GOD loves you so much that it’s In-conceivable for Him to ever leave you or forsake you, In-JESUS Name. GOD Bless You. Stay Encouraged & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

Man Of Psalms Publishing Co 

Copyright 2014

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