truthful perceptions: fitness


If there is one word that can strike either fear and dismay or joy and excitement in a human being, its the word: “Fitness…”

Millions run from the word because you might have well said the word “Mirror…”  The word fitness is a reflection of ourselves, our lifestyle and the choices we’ve made for the condition of our life.

I had no choice but to reflect upon my life once I was diagnosed by a cardiologist with a heart condition that would prematurely end my life. I refused to accept that verdict of death and the multitude of pharmaceutical medications I was instructed to take along with it.

Being a spiritually-centered man I focused all of my energies into prayer and meditation on the matter.  I received from GOD a paradigm to employ proper rest, proper nutrition and proper exercise into my daily routine. At the time of my diagnosis I was 125lbs.

Today, 25 years later I am 231lbs and as of my last cardiology checkup, my heart is strong and healthy and I am on schedule to obtain my Personal Trainer Certification by September 2014.

Fitness both saved my life and changed my life. If you’re going through a tailspin about health issues and you really need an answer that does not include taking a multitude of medications. Consider the ancient Egyptian proverb” “Physician Heal Thyself…” Let the power of fitness be the vehicle of change strong enough to turn your life around.

In this blog, I will be offering nutrition tips, insomnia/sleep disorder solutions and exercise/cardio/bodybuilding advice.  

Remember, “Fitness Is Life…”





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