truthful perceptions: S.T.F.P.S.


S.T.F.P.S. – Safety. Technique. Form. Progress. Success

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve witnessed focused failures in the gym. What I mean by that is watching people strength training with intense focus, and yet using improper form and technique with both machines and free weights.

 It is a recipe for disaster towards injury and is counterproductive for any meaningful gains one would otherwise have.

  • First and foremost is always to maintain the mindset of safety as your priority.
  • Swinging The Weight. People have a tendency to do this because the weight is either too light and/or they’re just showing off. This produces unnecessary strain on a muscle, drains valuable energy and/or can also cause a pinched nerve through repetitious action.
  • OR people have a tendency to swing the weight because its too heavy and they are trying to compensate using their entire body for a bicep curl or a forearm raise.

 Solution: Find the weight that both presents a challenge to your muscle to trigger growth and is also not too light to waste invaluable training time.

 Utilize the internet/youtube to observe proper form for the desired exercise. Be aware of your breathing and begin slowly to practice the technique. Minimum of 1-3 reps. Then over time 3-5, 6-8 and so on. Use the S.T.F.P.S.  formula to concentrate your approach to strength training. 

 S.T.F.P.S. – Safety. Technique. Form. Progress. Success.


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