truthful perceptions: biceps/triceps


I’ve been receiving a great deal of mail from women concerning the upper body. The main concern is how to tone flabby arms and the chest area, especially if there is no time to make it to the gym.

 I always advise to everyone to always have a mindset of carrying your gym with you. In other words YOU and your environment are your gym. Whether at home or in your office you can convert 15 to 30 minutes to upper bodywork.

 In the event you have a private office, then you can always do push-ups, triceps-push up using a chair and/or exercise bands to work both your biceps and your triceps.

 If you work in a cubicle environment, then alternate arm bicep reps using exercise bands will blast your biceps/triceps in to toned shape. Three times a day in a eight hour day, five days a week for one month will demonstrate serious change and get rid of flabby arms for good.

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