truthful perceptions: stress


Through some quite accessible internet research I’ve found there are 15 serious debilitating consequences to living stress filled lives. 1) Lower immunity to disease 2) Weight loss/gain  3) Decreased ability to heal 4) Depression 5) A decreased need for new experiences 6) Hair loss 7) Poorer functioning of internal organs 8) Living in survival mode 9) Increased chance of miscarriage 10) Infertility 11) Inability to sleep 12) Heart problems 13)  Muscle pains 14) Emotional imbalances/phobias/anxieties and last but not least Diabetes.

 Stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between challenges. As a result, the person becomes overworked and stress-related tension builds.

Until you can win the lotto or inherit Aunt Harriet’s fortune from her will, you need to find and practice the best stress-reducer for your longevity. There are many options, but none so holistic as a weekly regimen of fitness combined with a daily practice of spiritual renewal i.e, prayer, meditation, yoga, etc;..

This in and of itself combats all 15 maladies listed above and also keeps you mentally sharp and essentially prepared for the unexpected. As we all know, life is very good for throwing the unexpected at you.

Stay ahead of the curve. Gas up with wisdom and pump the brakes on the stressors of your life. Keep it all under control by lifting with love and staying pumped up and prayed up. Love Always & Keep Looking Up.  

“Fitness For Life…”

Tropical (Funky) Island by Russel Blake:



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