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It is so very good to see the diversity of races aligned together against the viciousness of police brutality. They are fighting for change against the injustice of a justice system to hold police accountable when they commit criminal acts of murder.

 According to the 13th Amendment Slavery is abolished, “BUT still permissible in the United States when you are convicted of a crime. I see the latest events to unfold not as a wakeup call, because these events of state sanctioned murder has occurred for centuries against the Black community.

 However, there is an elephant in the room that must be addressed. This elephant is tied to the Worker’s Right’s Rallies taking place around the country against corporations who refuse to pay a livable wage to its employees.

 Let’s connect some dots:

 JC Penney sells jeans made by prison inmates. American Airlines and Avis Car Rental use prison inmates to take reservations.

 In South Carolina Victoria Secret’s uses female inmates to sew products. Fidelity, and, in some cases, some of your money invested by Fidelity is used for prison labor or in other operations related to the prison industrial complex.

 Sprint & Verizon uses inmates to provide telecommunication services and in call centers.

 Wal-Mart uses inmates for manufacturing purposes. The company ”hires” inmates to clean products of their UPC bar codes so that products can be resold.

 Starbucks in Washington State uses inmates to cut costs. Wendy’s and McDonalds also use prison labor to cut costs of it’s operations.

 McDonald’s uses inmates to produce frozen foods. Inmates process beef for patties. They may also process bread, milk and chicken products.

 Most prisons that pay prisoners for work have a range of pay depending on the job. Average of the minimum wages for prisoners paid by the states, in dollars per day for non-industry work: $0.93

 Average hourly rate paid at a prison camp in Nevada: $0.13 Maximum wage paid to prisoner workers in dollars per day in Georgia and Texas: $0

 The largest prison population in the world is in the United States. The largest ethnic group within US prison industrial complex are Blacks.

 This is by design and in complete and insidious cooperation with Corporate America. It was decided in a boardroom long ago that if Blacks were good enough to pick the cotton fields of the past, they’re good enough to populate and work the “new cotton fields” of the present. American police are now simply used as the new slave catchers in order to populate the new cotton fields.

 The only thing that has changed are the types of cotton fields that now employ/enslave Blacks in the Americas. Window dressing, civil rights laws and even a Black President keep us distracted and in a delusional mindset that things are and must be getting better. Yet, the game is the same, just different players.

 As in the past, if potential slaves resisted in any way and had to be killed, the slave catcher/police officer would be immune from prosecution as he is deemed to valuable to the state of operations. That one slave catcher/police officer can be responsible for bringing in up to 50 slaves or more per year. That adds to the financial bottom line of the slavery system and therefore the slave catcher must be protected at all costs.

 Keep in mind the diversity I spoke of earlier also includes Latinos and poor whites. The new slavery system uses an all hands on deck approach of harvesting slave labor. The paradigm is simply skewered and set by design to require Blacks as the primary group of the new enslaved.

 This is quantified by Justice department data of poverty in America being more centralized in Black communities, which is tied to the dropout rate, drug arrests, gang activity, etc., all done by design therefore justifying aggressive law enforcement incursions into the inner city to make arrests and provide prosecutorial convictions.

 Once convicted, you are no longer considered a citizen but now under the 13th amendment you can and shall be treated and regarded as a slave and hence opening the “legal” door for corporations to use you for their financial profits in any manner they see fit.

 It seems very unlikely that the minds and hearts of those highest in these boardrooms of corporate America will ever change. They have absolutely no incentive to. Through enslaving/employing prison labor and the average worker on the street, they are seeing more money in stock dividends in one year than most people will ever see in a lifetime.

 It is quite frankly the evil that men do. It is wickedness in high places. It is the power to control and enslave the powerless through a system that is sanctioned by the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, protected by bribed and corrupt politicians and fueled by an insidious Madison Avenue marketing machine that uses the latest technology of subliminal messaging, sub-conscious symbolism and investing in a variety of distractions such as corporate produced music festivals to keep us mentally distracted and physiologically controlled.

Jesus Christ said., “Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil..John 3:19”

 I truly pray for the spirit of these mass demonstrations across the country to not wither from fatigue, nor become discouraged. This is a moment that may never come again.

 Sparked by the state sanctioned murder of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and so many others, the time for true revelation of the roots of police brutality must be revealed not only as a failed policy of policing Black, Brown and poor White communities, but all the way to exposing its quiet slave master of corporate America.

MUSIC: “AFRICA” by Russel Blake




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