truthful perceptions: determination


What an incredibly unique time to be a musician. We find ourselves at the end of one old business model that allowed verifiable talent to flourish, to a technological frontier creating instantaneous millionaires who are not very talented literally overnight.

 For bona fide musicians the latter creates an inner rage against the machine. One analysis says it now takes $500,000 – 1 million dollars to successfully promote just one song in the Top 40 radio markets that will influence enough people to buy a .99 cent single.

In talking with musicians many say a basic paradigm shift is needed for the industry to change in favor of working musicians. Others say, the billionaire and millionaire artists need to give back, invest and help those less fortunate.

While others say creative laws should be enacted by politicians to protect our industry’s rank and file in the same mindset that is used to bail out banks and the auto industry.

All of the above are applicable to the solution. However the most important attribute is for musicians to never give up on themselves. Maintain your integrity and keep growing on your instrument, your music and your business knowledge of the industry. Be more diligent than ever as it pertains to your long-term plans and short term goals for success. Don’t forget to support independent radio in cross promotional efforts that benefit both parties. 

As an Artist only you can define your destiny and create the environment for its power to manifest. Be resilient to know that sacrifice and disappointment are along for the short-term of your experiences, but never the long ride of your determination to eventually succeed.

Love All-Ways. Stay Encouraged & Keep Looking Up. 

Copyright: Man Of Psalms Publishing Co 2015

Music: Russel Blake – “Models Life…”