truthful perceptions: repress…


I’ll challenge any emotion, fight every fear and kick the butt of anything threatening the success of me as a man. I can only speak to my testosterone-driven aggression as a man in making that statement. However, I can attest through experience of personally knowing many of my fellow men to wholeheartedly feel the same.

Modern psychology say’s the driving force behind men who abuse women are the repressed emotions these men carry. As a result of feeling threatened for any number of reasons from childhood to adulthood, these repressed emotions spark the dynamic of aggressive behavior as well as verbal and physical abuse towards their partners.

In the event event there is any validity to this theory, in now living in a world where communication causes more individual isolation than ever before, we need more opportunities  for men to communicate. Specifically in an environment where they won’t feel judged or ridiculed for expressing whatever repressed feelings of intimidation and/or vulnerability that may exist.

It is much better to let off steam than to allow the valve to burst. Abusing your wife/intimate partner is an outdated, immoral and violent way of externalising stress. It has deadly consequences and can irreparably and forever shift family dynamics.

Find a man you can trust and confide in and share rather than swear. Express rather than repress. In the long run, you’ll be much happier that you did.  

Music: “God’s Peace…” by Russel Blake


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