truthful perceptions: stigma…


Every minute, 20 people are physically abused by a romantic partner in the U.S., according to The Center for Disease Control numbers. This means as many as 10 million women and men experience physical abuse in a given year.

1o million people in a given year in just the U.S alone is a huge number, then when you multiply that by nations around the world that number easily reaches over 100 million. It’s an easy enough number to point to but not an easy subject to discuss. 

It makes many people uncomfortable and the awkwardness of even beginning the conversation leaves many stumped in knowing what to say. Were vulnerable as humans when it comes to discussing the ugliness of human behavior, but abuse cannot be normalised through silence. It must be brought to light in order to reverse the stigma that protects it. 

It must be talked about if were truly going to address this cancer to the culture and forget about the shame to the brain people try to avoid.  We cannot remain immune to the abuse of victims even in silence. The damage to one affects us all as a people. Stigmas prosper when good people do nothing. Don’t let it happen on your watch.

Speak Up Against Domestic Violence…!!!

Music: “Love Is Always On My Mind” – by Russel Blake.


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