truthful perceptions: hear…


We are not only what we see, but we are what we hear. Does music influence misogyny in men? Does it influence our ideals, perceptions and attitudes towards women? Speaking for myself I know that music played a tremendous role in my thoughts and feelings towards women.

My experiences as a younger man coincided with hearing some of the greatest love songs containing lyrics I sang over and over again. Whether it was The Stylistics “You Are Everything, And Everything Is You, Kenny Roger’s “Lady”, Heatwave’s “Always & Forever”, Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”, Teddy Pendergrass “Turn Off The Lights”, Luther Vandross “A House Is Not A Home” or Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Would You Mind” or “After The Love Is Gone”.

These songs laid a foundation within me for romance and to lovingly pursue, protect and provide for the woman of my dreams. These songs also made the women in my community feel special and always like a Lady. Raunchy blues songs existed for the last 100 years, but their content was never at the forefront of the music industry to be promoted.

Today the music managers of the entertainment industry push and seemingly only promote music that is vile, denigrating and misogynistic towards women. Calling them B’s & Hoes is even more tragic when female artists take part in this demonic ritual.

Although you have christian based hip-hop, rap and salsa artists out here today with some incredible music and messages to give, they are virtually ignored and banned from mainstream radio. Why is it that Black and Brown artists are pushed as purveyors of denigrating and vile music that tears down the beauty of women, but clean country music artists are given unlimited promotion in spite of the many country music artists who have vile and misogynistic lyrics in their music. An obvious agenda is at hand. 

I feel the most frustrated for the parents of today who must be overly concerned about what their children are listening to. They certainly cannot police their given devices 24 hours a day, so open communication with their children is very key for the sake of guiding their children morals, principles and ethics. 

Let the music you invite into your soul be wholesome to the mind, healing to the soul, edifying to the spirit and passionate to your heart. 

Remember, we are not only what we see, but we are also what we hear…






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