truthful perceptions: fathers…

True Fathers protect from all enemies, provide for all seasons and immerse themselves in constant prayer as it pertains to all things both good and Godly for their children. True Fathers possess a singleness of mind, a singularity of Soul and elect themselves unto sacred and eternal humility before God for the gift(s) of their children.

As a bachelor, selfishness often rules the day while the night orders recklessness and abandon. An arrogant table of the heart in refusing to allow the Word of God to both wisely rest and rule on top of it. This mindset parlays all monies unto wine, women and song. It cradles the basket of lustful whims through youthful charms and dares eternity to a challenge of longevity, arrogantly believing that he will win.

However, when True Fatherhood arrives waters of maturity divide the seas of wisdom to bring forth a mighty charge of God. The clouds above then pour forth rains of sensibility that strengthens the very marrow of a Real Man’s bones, and portions spiritual boldness into his heart while forever sentencing foolishness back unto it’s demonic realm of ignorance.

A wise Man will instinctively cling to this mark of God’s call, and like an eagle perched high on a mountain will begin to fix his eyes with laser like precision on the fragile and vulnerable future of his vulnerable yet beautiful child.

True Fathers personify responsibility of their children while being an example of pure religious morality for their children. True Fathers by definition rules the appointment of dependability, practices the politics of authoritative leadership, legislates the power of invisible loving discipline and are never voted out of office.

True Fathers take charge when the devil seems large, by rebuking the beast back to the pit of hell from whence he came. A True Father validates his faith through works and never allows his children go either hungry or astray.

Fatherhood transcends race and religions, neutralizes nationalities and bonds wise men to a common cause. True Fathers are soldiers fighting on the front lines of stability, in the trenches of the war of fear for what the future may hold for his children.

He is in the army of many millions, yet impersonates none on this battlefield of singular distinction. Though bombs of indecision, mortars of his child’s sickness and mortal rocket fire target the very essence of his compassionate manhood, his mission is never deterred, declined nor defeated. Whether a world away or tangibly with his child everyday, a True Father is a soldier who is never M.I.A. (missing in action).

I witnessed my Daughter as a baby girl. Precious and adorable, vulnerable and fragile and with my mission clear, my heart always steered itself in eternal vigilance to her cause. The deal was sealed with her first utterance of the word “Daddy”.

I witnessed my Son as a baby boy. Smiling and playful, and always laughing in his cradle. Tiny fists with baby bottle in hand, letting everyone know that he is the Man-child who is a conqueror, a King who will be more than equipped and able to lead.

True Fathers set the positive example of masculine tender love for his children, by virtue of how he treats their Mother. His behavior sets the mental and spiritual template for there perception of a future spouse.

From the daughters perception of a Man always gentle and true, loving and kind, protectively loyal and faithfully devoted unto his Wife, to the son’s positive example of a Man who is never psychologically, verbally, emotionally or physically abusive to his Wife.

Rather, in addition to being a provider, prayer warrior and protector, that he loves his wife as Christ also loves the church and gave himself for it (1). 

False fathers plead the perverted fifth on the grounds that they never inseminated anyone. False fathers lust selfishly of themselves before they think of their children. False fathers offend God and there own children who believe in JESUS.

JESUS said, “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”(2).

 After years of strife, false fathers do not man up and make amends to their adult children. False fathers make excuses, abide in lies and foolishly believe that they can escape God’s judgment. False fathers do not know what genuine love is.

True Fathers proudly step up and parent a child even if that child is not biologically his. True Fathers always place their children’s needs and well being first. True Fathers hear the Word of God, “Fathers provoke not your children to wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”(3).

After years of strife, True Fathers humble themselves and repent, seeking reconciliation and restoration with their adult children. True Fathers take responsibility, work hard, abide in truth and continually bless their children with wisdom, guidance and unconditional grace, mercy and love.

True Fathers know what genuine love is. Which is why they overwhelmingly cherish four words said to them by their children that are more meaningful then any other. Those words are:

                                                     “I love you Daddy”


from the book “Psalms, Letters & Light…”

Published By Man Of Psalms Publishing Co.

Copyright 2017







truthful perceptions: africa…

“African nations are failing the female population…” 

Only 21 out of 53 nations on the continent have laws against wife beating. In rural communities in Malawi, an older man of the community is appointed to be the “Village Hyena….” A term is given to a man whose responsibility is to open the door of sexuality to young girls and teenagers.

In KwaZulu Natal, South Africa young girls must undergo and pass virginal tests in order to qualify for a scholarship. In South Sudan, young girls are given to soldiers as sexual favors, which ultimately means forced rape.

These are just a few examples of an incredibly complex problem that spans ideologies, traditions, beliefs in witchcraft, corruption and decades of practices that prevent a narrow one size fits all solution. For example, there is a deep cultural belief in Nigeria that it is socially acceptable to hit and beat a woman to discipline a spouse.

Also, Nigerian women often face physical violence at the hands of their family members. The most common forms of physical violence include rape, murder, slapping, and kicking.

To challenge such deeply ingrained cultural beliefs has to begin with education in order to combat the ignorance that could frame such a practice in the first place.

When 90 percent of women polled in Guinea believe a man is justified in beating his wife (if she’s done something wrong), it illuminates the need for education on this matter. Education breeds negotiation and negotiation inspires assertiveness to combat violent behavior.

The news for the foreseeable future on the continent is not all bad. From South Africa to the Congo to Uganda, voices are now being raised to fight sexual and domestic violence against women.

Education and the literacy it induces hold the key for men and especially women to broaden their perspective to the reality of this form of violence, to embolden their opposition to it and become the lynchpin to reverse the past and change the future for the better for generations to come.

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truthful perceptions: protection…

Over two thousand years ago the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has sustained and fed the church, meaning the body of Christ. It has given salvation and provision of mankind for everyone who believes is not saved from the wickedness of who they used to be in the world. Jesus through His love and salvation demonstrates a love of protection that can only be equivalent to highly valuing each of our lives beyond our understanding. We need only to follow him and he will cherish us for all eternity.

This highest form of love is not weakened by a wrongful perception of a strong man. Which quite often in this world being a strong man is wrongly defined as possessing an arsenal of guns, committing violence against your wife, spending time in prison and every other form of machismo portrayed on the movie screen.

The fact is the strongest man who walked the earth practiced the highest form of love that is humanly possible and divinely ordained. It was done for the sake of protecting us both from the world we see, the world we don’t see and most importantly from the consequences of investing in negative energy.

When we accept the love of Christ through being born again, we begin to learn how to love ourselves and our flesh, and not in a way of lust as that word flesh is now commercially used and conventionally understood, but in the biblical sense of our uniquely sensitive yet durable skin covering of the soul.  

After being saved by Christ I slowly began to learn how to love my flesh again through organic dieting, regular exercise and developing a disciplined and healthy sleep regimen.

In the eyes of God, once man and woman have made the marital covenant, and he is to love and protect her beyond all things because they are now made whole of one spiritual flesh. “Have you not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they two shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder ~ Matthew 19: 4,5,6…”  

truthful perceptions: anything…

It was a very interesting dynamic for me to witness. Generally, as domestic violence goes, the vast number of cases I see are abuse upon women by men. I witnessed the reverse today in how the verbal abuse from a woman to a man was just as cruel, damaging and long lasting to the mind and soul of the victim.

In one of my professional roles, I am a Personal Fitness Trainer. One of my clients had to cancel a booked session last week at the last minute. As per my contract, a cancellation fee is applied if you cancel less than 24 hours of the time booked.

I went to pickup that fee today and as I drove up to the home, I could hear a raised voice coming from the window. The words were profane, weaponized and intent to inflict the greatest amount of harm without spilling one drop of blood.

My client in seeing me through the window walking to the door, said he would meet me outside. In other words, don’t come in here. His girlfriend took one look at me and was crude, rude and filled with a nasty demonic attitude.

My friend came out to meet me and quickly apologized. He informed me this is why he has just plunked down six figures to buy his own condo and to get as far away from her as possible. His eyes were sunken in and he looked demoralized.

I encouraged him to know his choice to leave was the wisest move he could make. Although he was obviously embarrassed to have me to witness his latest verbal bashing at the mouth of his girlfriend, I told him there is absolutely nothing for him to be ashamed of.

I made him understand I would have been ashamed of him if he, in turn, raised a hand to her to physically retaliate, but instead it took much more courage for him to have the wisdom to pack up his belongings and to walk away. Only a coward of a man in his ignorance would strike a woman in retaliation.

Masculinity is not defined by how much more physically stronger a man is to a woman. It is measured by the internal scale of a man to weigh his character, his strengths and his confidence in knowing his worth. That is what true masculinity is all about.

I pray for her deliverance in finding what demons haunt and possess her mind and soul and casting them out in the name of Christ Jesus. I pray his opportunity to nurture forgiveness and pray for her. At one point there must have been love between them, which means there is always hope for reconciliation. Whether a man to a woman or a woman to a man, abuse is abuse and it is ugly, but two heads on one pillow can overcome anything. 

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truthful perceptions: spiritual…


“Christian men are more likely to assault their wives…” This would be a quaint oxymoron were it not factual and the facts state that there is nothing quaint, cute or humorous about domestic violence.

How can a man claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, the greatest iconic figure of love the world has ever known, while at the same time harbor within his soul a demonic influence in stark contradiction to that love?

Religion is defined as the pursuit of a particular system of beliefs and worship. Spiritual is defined as having a relationship based on a profound level of mental and emotional communion with God.

In other words, those men practicing the latter love their wives as Christ loves the church and gave himself for it. He loves his wife as he loves himself and the two are one flesh and no man ever yet hated his own flesh. I contend that any man who calls and defines himself as a religious Christian yet verbally and physically assaults his wife on a daily basis subverts and undermines the Word of God.

I contend his definition of religion gives him an idea of the relationship between God and Man, yet he’s not practiced its fullness of demonstrating an understanding of the true meaning of love between a man and his wife/intimate partner. If a man claims to be Christian and is abusing his wife/intimate partner, then he is practicing a false religion and only fooling himself.

What greater opportunity for a man to practice a true meaning of his spirituality than to love his wife as he loves himself. 

Real repentance and courage must be the bridge by which a man goes from being a quasi-religious pimp to a full-time spiritual and anointed living Man. Let that courage become the new-found weapon that gives, teaches and edifies to a man an anointed spiritual deliverance, and forever banishes the old miserable demonic possessed wife beater. 

Now is the time for the religious-batterer of women to create the greatest possibility of rediscovering the new creature of Christ that he can only become, by walking the walk he talks every Sunday.

IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

Music ~ “Walk The Talk” by Russel Blake

truthful perceptions: responsibility…


The following excerpt is from a recent Boston Globe article on DV: “Domestic violence has turned the home front into a battlefield bloodier than the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Between October 2001 and June 2012, nearly 6,500 American troops were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq; during that same period, more than 11,700 women died in acts of domestic violence, according to the National Network to End Domestic Violence which also found that children are far more likely to die in their homes because of domestic violence than in school shootings…”

The fact that double the number-of-American women (of all races, creeds, and ethnicities) were killed in this country through domestic violence than the combined number of American soldiers killed in two wars to me is alarming. It indicates the real war for the sake of humanity is not the clash of cultures between east and west, but rather between the moral and immoral treatment of women.

For 11,700 women to be killed through domestic violence means that it took 11,700 men who de-evolved from being men grappling with anger management issues, low self-esteem, inner insecurities and cowardly instincts to now become murderers, and a large percentage of those murderers don’t have the courage to face the consequences so they kill themselves after killing their victim.

This is not the time to merely observe, sit back and say this is a shame and a scourge on society. It is a collective responsibility every man must undertake to avoid complicity through omission and indifference. Every man has the responsibility to speak up and speak out about this. Don’t just leave it sports stars, corporations and politicians to do it alone.

Don’t affirmatively join in conversations with other men that brag about beating women. Don’t condone your brother, your son, your cousin, your nephew or any other male relative who beats and abuses his wife/girlfriend through silence.

Remember, men who abuse women essentially are cowards who want your approval of their negative choices. Don’t sign off, but rather sign up to make a difference. Help Stop Domestic Violence. 

As the saying goes, “evil people prosper when good men do nothing…”

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truthful perceptions: virus…

A dislocated nose, busted ear drum, bruises, black eyes seem par for the course in beatings that lasted over four years for one noted survivor in Mobile County, Alabama. Her drug addicted husband had decided he was going to beat, abuse and bruise her when he was both high and not high and seemingly blaming her for both.

Had he not overdosed, her fate more likely than not would have fed the statistics of either homicide or homelessness caused by abuse. Battered women shelters now serve more children than they do women. It is estimated in some small cities in America, battered women’s shelters are more populated with children than the Children’s Hospitals in those cities.

There are so many causes of peril, sadness, disease and charity to support in this world. There truly is no excuse for us not to, other than for lack of trying. I AM aligned with three major causes. Stopping Gun Violence, The Alzheimer’s Association and Domestic Violence Awareness.

88 guns for every one hundred Americans and the insanity of needless deaths caused by them is my reason for stopping gun violence. Alzheimer’s disease ran rampant in my family taking the lives of six paternal Aunts and my maternal Grandfather. That is my reason in joining that cause.

Although there is never been an issue of domestic violence in my family, I AM motivated for just that reason. To know from experience that women are to be protected by men from the men who are true cowards for abusing them. As the bearers of our future it is critical to bring awareness and formulate solutions to the plague of domestic violence. In my mind there is no greater threat to civilized society than to ignore the virus of genocide domestic abuse produces.

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truthful perceptions: aid…

A leader is a person who takes action to better the lives of those under his/her influence. He takes the necessary time to reflect on those things essential to the quality of life of each and every individual. This should naturally lead him to utilise a variety of sources of power to employ compassion and apply the resources necessary to achieve harmony within the nation.

Sadly, the current president we have in the white house does not represent these values as a leader and based on his history with women is factually devoid and woefully impotent of them. By signing off on a draconian budget removing the legal resources that help aid victims of domestic violence, he shows the world his real character when it comes to protecting the women and children of this country.

Helping domestic violence survivors have access to legal protection would seem a no-brainer for obvious reasons, especially an organization like the Legal Services Corporation that provides this type of assistance to domestic violence victims and survivors in virtually every state. President trump is planning to defund the entire organization. All Americans truly interested in fighting back against this travesty should flood the telephone lines of their representatives in congress and the senate.

Raise holy hell on behalf of low-income victims of domestic violence who endure hell each and everyday and need all of the free legal assistance available. Let’s not simply sigh, moan and complain. Let’s stand up for victims and survivors, take action and fight!

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truthful perceptions: greed…


Aside from the fact that politicians who place the financial profits of billionaires as a priority when rolling back environmental laws set in place to protect our planet, it once again begs the question of the revelers and worshippers of greed in asking., “ How much is enough…?

Sadly, the answer that silently comes back is that it is never enough. Never enough money to roll back laws set in place forbidding companies from dumping and/or carrying toxic waste to flow into rivers, streams, lake and oceans that lead into waterways that furnish drinking water not to mention killing aquatic life.

Never enough money to roll back laws set in place to stop companies from dumping waste products into the air, especially fossil fuels, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide that directly contribute to greenhouse gases and thereby creating and advancing global warming.

Water and Air are just two, never mind the other concerns such as emissions standards for landfills, rules around offshore drilling, methane standards for oil and gas drilling, and restrictions on migratory bird hunting, etc.,

Do they not witness what is happening in the cities of China where millions of people are wearing masks everyday because of smog and toxic air. They have now come to a point where they are coping, but learning to live with it as if it’s some kind of organic alternate reality. 


A new study shows that air pollution is killing about 4,000 people in China a day, accounting for 1 in 6 premature deaths in the world’s most populous country.

Physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, calculated that about 1.6 million people in China die each year from heart, lung and stroke problems because of incredibly polluted air, especially small particles of haze.

7043400-3x2-940x627Performing Tai Chi in the midst of dense smog? The words Tai Chi are actually defined as, “Supreme Exercise for Ultimate Living…” Really? Today it should be more defined as “Extreme Living…” This is the extreme of what happens when companies/corporations are allowed to run their businesses without government oversight and strict laws in place to protect both people and the environment.

Just as he put someone in charge of the education dept. who knows nothing about public education, where 9 out of every 10 American children attend school, Trump places someone in charge of the Environmental Protection whose record is directly opposed to what the EPA stands for after decades of existence.

Their mission and objectives are clear: They are going to dismantle piece by piece, law by law the government agency responsible for protecting the pristine and fragile ecological vulnerability of nature.people-practice-tai-chi-775536


If this is what the air in Beijing is like everyday, can you imagine what is being dumped into the rivers, streams, lakes and oceans? 



The tears of GOD will most certainly flow, because only GOD knows what the long term environmental consequences will be upon our country and the planet in the next four years of trumps term in office. Sadly, the name will most assuredly go from the “environmental protection agency” to the “environmental destruction agency…” and all in the name of corporate greed.  



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truthful perceptions: bob cranshaw…


While doing some purging of my belongings, I found some photos today of my friend who recently made his transition home. Dec. 2nd will be one month to the day and finding these photos made me sit down and quietly reflect on him:

It was sometime in the early seventies when my family consisting of my Dad, my Mom, my Sister Bobbie and my Brother Alex Blake was driving Alex from our home in Queens, NY to drop him off at his apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan.


When he got out of the car there was the traditional goodbyes taking place between us when we looked up to notice a gentlemen coming down the street walking his dog.

He stopped and from the back seat I could hear, “Hey Alex…and then Hey Bob, what’s happening man…” They slapped fives, shook hands and hugged while laughing about the random coincidence of it all.
Alex then said, “C’mon over, I want you to meet my family…” That was the first time I had ever met Mr. Bob Cranshaw. After cordially greeting my Mom and Dad in the front seat, he said a very nice hello and waved to my Sister sitting next to me in the back seat. He then extended his hand through the back window to shake mine while I simultaneously listened to Alex describe him as one of the greatest musicians in the world of music.


As a child, I had no idea how far that Divinely-ordained humble meeting with the firm handshake would go in impacting my life as a musician and as a bassist:

On Bebop, Swing and Straight-ahead Jazz music, I learned from him just how important it is for the Bass to employ simplicity. For example, intermittently using the one and five when walking holds down the groove, keeps the swing intact and gives the song some much needed rhythmic and harmonic air so that the soloist can reach a lot higher when playing.

He was the first cat I ever heard use that simple pattern and in so doing control the pulse, the colors, the dynamics and the attitude of the band. Bro. Bob’s groove style was so rhythmically set, ingeniously uncomplicated and yet just like the texture of water, it was fluid all at the same time.

Listening and watching him hold down the tempo was his own virtuoso way of playing. He was so successful in transferring the feel of the Upright Bass effortlessly to that of the Electric that at times, if you closed your eyes and listened, you really couldn’t tell the difference. He was truly the heart of the band in every situation I’ve heard him play in. His style of playing allows the rest of the band to have that centered tempo bass as the focal point for the song to evolve from. A lot of bassists that

I hear play today lack that pure definition of the role the bass is supposed to play.


As a child growing up, I grooved to his bass lines like millions of other children listening and glued to the screen watching Sesame Street and The Electric Company in the sixties. I laughed while being moved and grooved to his bass lines while watching Saturday Night Live in the seventies.

As a young Man in the eighties, I remember escorting my Mom to a performance of “Lena Horne: A Lady And Her Music…” on Broadway, in NY. Of course Lena was phenomenal, but it was Bob on Bass and Grady Tate on drums with such a powerful groove and a consistent swing that all Lena could do was soar from the foundation of it all.

When I first got the gig with Sonny Rollins, at my audition Sonny and I had a conversation about Bass players. Sonny wanted to gauge my knowledge of history about the instrument. He told me that Bob’s playing style allows him (Sonny) to go as far as he needs to go when he’s soloing and improvising because he can trust Bob to keep both the foundation of time and harmonic relevance. He said he did not want me to play like Bob, but to do my own thing.

Yet, what he needed from me was to keep the principles of Bob’s playing so that when he’s soloing he can always count on me to have his back with the time and the chord changes no matter how far the journey his solo is taking the band.

When I was coming up in NY amongst a community of phenomenal and creative musicians, it was and still is mandatory for your growth and education to listen to the iconic and innovative players of all music.

When I think of all the albums where Bob was the bassist and how on a subconscious level, he greatly influenced my own conception and perceptions of the Bass. From his recorded work with Carmen McCrae to Wes Montgomery; Sonny Rollins to Horace Silver; Grant Green to Dexter Gordon; Tony Bennett to Milt Jackson; Oscar Peterson to Paul Simon; Shirley Scott to Lee Morgan and so many more great artists he recorded with which amounts to a literal who’s who spanning over 60 years of music.

The magnitude of Bob’s bass work and his contribution to both music and the music industry cannot be quantified in this writing.

It’s better left to be taught in a conservatory or university curriculum alongside the great bassists who were some of his contemporaries like Paul Chambers, Charlie Mingus, Reggie Workman, Jimmy Garrison, Henry Grimes, Richard Davis, Milt Hinton, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, George Morrow, George Duvivier, Percy Heath and the cat’s who influenced Bob like Scott LaFaro, Arvell Shaw, Bob Haggart, Slam Stewart and Jimmy Blanton.

When his stepson, the great Bassist Tom Barney opened the door for me to do substitute bass work for him on Broadway/NY playing the Bass chair in The Lion King, my Upright Bass at that time was in Los Angeles. Bro. Bob in not wanting me to lose the gig, called me and said he had my back and asked me to go to an address in Brooklyn.

He wanted me to check out an Upright owned by a Bassist who it turned out years before was the house bassist for Prestige Records. That gentleman was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and his challenges forced him to begin selling all of his belongings for money to survive. Bob in wanting to create a win-win situation for the both of us gave me $1500 to give to the gentlemen to purchase the bass and then spent $2000 on repairing it and getting it cleaned up and gig ready along with a brand new case, bridge, pickups, bows, centerpiece and a wheel. Btw, Bob never asked me for a dime back and said it was a gift.

In the subsequent years that followed, every time I came back to NY to work with Clifton Anderson, Bro. Bob would selflessly and generously allow me to use his prized Upright Czech Bass both for the rehearsals and the gigs.

Once when he found out I was in NY on business, he called me and asked me if I could meet him at the Musicians Union.

Upon arriving to his office he brought out a beautiful brand new brown leather Hamburg Electric Bass Case. He had just returned from Germany where he told me the company gave him one in Black and one in Brown. He told me he gave the Black one to Tom and wanted me to have the Brown one.

Lastly, I would constantly get surprise calls from him telling me he was listening to my electric bass solo cd’s and was so very proud and impressed of the direction I was taking the instrument.

He would always say: “Man, I listen to you playing that bass and it makes my fingers hurt…lol….how in the heck are you reaching for and playing those different chords…”

I would then share my limited knowledge of the Bass while respectfully pivoting to interview him about his incredible journey on the instrument.

The last time I saw Bro. Bob was a few years ago backstage after a performance with Sonny Rollins at Symphony Hall in San Francisco. We laughed, joked around, talked shop about bass, the music and then took some pics. His sound and playing that night was impeccable as always. The tone, the feel, the groove and his melodic solos, especially on the ballads, were just beautiful. It inspired me and made me go home and study my instrument.

Always generous and possessed with a spirit that always brings calm, clarity and light into every room. He was selfless and always going the extra mile to help anyone and everyone. The Brother was so musical in every way even when not playing and expressed himself with a keen sense of humor and observation that made you laugh but opened up your eyes at the same time.


Because of his incredible musical contribution and now his physical absence, the Bass chair will never again be the same…

Please keep his Beloved Family lifted up in prayer. IJPN.

MUSIC: “20 Angels & 6 Golden Souls…” by Russel Blake.