truthful perceptions: oven…

As a personal trainer, I get asked by most male clients my age whether exercise can help the “down there…” problem. I inform them if your doctor has ruled out heart disease, enlarged prostate, diabetes, clogged blood vessels, Parkinson’s disease, etc;, then the prognosis for the down their problem is looking up (pun intended).

The remedy is not rocket science and is a Viagra-free way to alleviate the issues of ED. I can’t stress it enough: Consistent cardio exercise combined with weight training is key to metabolizing a protein-based diet and stimulating natural testosterone levels and blood flow. It is also the best way to counteract the side effects of high blood pressure medication(s), which is a main cause of ED.

Men over 50 must set a goal to obtain and maintain keeping their waistline below 35 inches. Prize your diet or die from it. To limit or totally eliminate sugar, excess beer, diet soda, processed foods and a devitaminized diet in general over time plays a strong role in reducing (pun intended) your chances of rising to the occasion.

Prize your diet. I inform my clients to educate themselves. You have inexhaustible resources of the Internet at your beckon call. Utilize it to guide and cultivate your right diet choices to fuel natural testosterone production. Here’s a link to one such site:

In closing, aging is a factor for both men and women to experience decreased sexual activity. However, it is vitally important to realize how much in leading an active lifestyle and healthy dietary choices can play in slowing down that biological clock and keeping both testosterone and estrogen levels high and energized. It will keep you reminded of the proverb that says, “There may be snow on the roof, but there’s still plenty of fire in the oven…”






truthful perceptions: revolution


Revolution is always based on land. There is no time in history where revolution does not include the acquisition of territory. Your body is the temple built on the land of your life.

 Intention is the only thing that matters in your revolution of fitness. Proper nutrition, rest and exercise is your power structure for success.

 Time is of the essence. Do not allow the coercion of complacency to defuse your revolution. There is no growth in a comfort zone and no progress in negligence.

 Determination rules this war and you are its general. This message is simply created for your encouragement and a reminder to keep your temple strong through daily exercise.

 Let the revolution be televised.

 Fitness For Life.


truthful perceptions: machines


Machines can either be our best friend in the gym or our worst enemy. One of my new clients wanted to proudly demonstrate to me all that she had learned. She placed herself on the squat machine and proceeded to stack two 45lb weights on either side.

 She began her exercise lowering herself too quickly, not breathing properly and then pushing herself up using her toes. The strain on her face was enough for me to stop her by her third rep. She thanked me as she said the pain has always been unbearable when doing that exercise.

She explained this is how she learned this machine from her last trainer. I explained to her this particular exercise targeting both the hamstrings and butt is best achieved by placing both feet shoulder length apart and flat-footed.  This provides balance and first and foremost safety from injury. Never lock your knees on your way up and keep a slow but intense fluidity to your reps. 

 I explained to her to never circumvent God-given common sense for a personal trainer. If it hurts when you’re doing it, then something is wrong.

Whatever machines peak your curiosity, make sure you ask gym personnel for the proper directions in how to use it. Avoid serious injury by always placing your safety first. As the saying goes: ”Check yourself, before you wreck yourself…”

 “Fitness For Life…”


truthful perceptions: victory


Victory. “I have the victory…” is much more than a church cliché. It’s above and beyond bumper sticker status and it doesn’t come cheap. To put it bluntly, it’s the boundary line between your success in obtaining your fitness goals and repeated failure in giving up, once again.

Your victory is not determined by how early you get up in the morning, but rather your convicted discipline in getting to bed at the same time every evening in supplying your body ample rest and rejuvenation.

Your victory is never to be acquired by consuming acidic drink’s, sugary foods, sodium filled meals or clandestine visit’s to McDonald’s because you believe no one is looking.

Your victory is measured by persistence and determination to practice proper rest, proper nutrition and proper exercise. Discipline is the price we pay for the dynamic of a healthy lifestyle. That above everything else is what defines our victory.

Not the completion of a goal, but the continuation of building on the success the pursuit of that goal brings to us. The victory is always in learning how to enjoy the journey, more than the destination.

There is no death to ever acknowledge, but rather the revealing of the remarkably renewable spiritual, mental and physical you, who is able to love-God-through-loving self and unveiling the inner workings of all you were created to be, one workout at a time… Victory.  Love All-Ways & Keep Looking Up.

“Fitness For Life…”



truthful perceptions: stress


Through some quite accessible internet research I’ve found there are 15 serious debilitating consequences to living stress filled lives. 1) Lower immunity to disease 2) Weight loss/gain  3) Decreased ability to heal 4) Depression 5) A decreased need for new experiences 6) Hair loss 7) Poorer functioning of internal organs 8) Living in survival mode 9) Increased chance of miscarriage 10) Infertility 11) Inability to sleep 12) Heart problems 13)  Muscle pains 14) Emotional imbalances/phobias/anxieties and last but not least Diabetes.

 Stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between challenges. As a result, the person becomes overworked and stress-related tension builds.

Until you can win the lotto or inherit Aunt Harriet’s fortune from her will, you need to find and practice the best stress-reducer for your longevity. There are many options, but none so holistic as a weekly regimen of fitness combined with a daily practice of spiritual renewal i.e, prayer, meditation, yoga, etc;..

This in and of itself combats all 15 maladies listed above and also keeps you mentally sharp and essentially prepared for the unexpected. As we all know, life is very good for throwing the unexpected at you.

Stay ahead of the curve. Gas up with wisdom and pump the brakes on the stressors of your life. Keep it all under control by lifting with love and staying pumped up and prayed up. Love Always & Keep Looking Up.  

“Fitness For Life…”

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truthful perceptions: HPT


“We are the sum total of our experiences…” “It takes several parts to make up the whole…” “The thigh bone connected to the knee bone, the knee bone connected to the ankle bone…”

 We’ve all heard these catch phrases from time to time throughout our lives. These words and statements convey a message stating although component or a part of something may exist, its greater purpose is to its co-existence and connection to the whole.

 Many have inquired what exactly is a “Holistic Personal Trainer” and how does that differ from a Personal Trainer?

Exercise science is a remarkable branch of knowledge concerning the study of human movement and the physiological responses to those movements.

 However, its range of motion (no pun intended) is limited to its scope of practice concerning the physical and physiological aspects of said science. Holistic science incorporates all components of human living. Mental, Physical, Physiological and the Spiritual.

 As a practicing Christian, my faith both fuels and guides my desired goals and aspirations for a healthy living lifestyle.

As a HPT, I’m not in the business to preach to anyone, but simply to encourage a regimen of proper rest, proper nutrition and proper exercise that also incorporates a clients spiritual belief system.  

I have found that those who do so lead a richer and more fulfilling experience of healthy living in the awareness that GOD is not only the Creator of their temple, but is instrumental in its physical longevity, endowed healing, healthy development and subsequent rewards.  

 The Bible says: “For bodily exercise has some value, but godliness has value in all things, having the promise of the life which is now, and of that which is to come 1 Timothy 4:8…”

 This is why I believe in “(Holistic) Fitness For Life…”

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truthful perceptions: biceps/triceps


I’ve been receiving a great deal of mail from women concerning the upper body. The main concern is how to tone flabby arms and the chest area, especially if there is no time to make it to the gym.

 I always advise to everyone to always have a mindset of carrying your gym with you. In other words YOU and your environment are your gym. Whether at home or in your office you can convert 15 to 30 minutes to upper bodywork.

 In the event you have a private office, then you can always do push-ups, triceps-push up using a chair and/or exercise bands to work both your biceps and your triceps.

 If you work in a cubicle environment, then alternate arm bicep reps using exercise bands will blast your biceps/triceps in to toned shape. Three times a day in a eight hour day, five days a week for one month will demonstrate serious change and get rid of flabby arms for good.

 Feel free to email your questions to me:

 Remember: “Fitness For Life…”






truthful perceptions: S.T.F.P.S.


S.T.F.P.S. – Safety. Technique. Form. Progress. Success

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve witnessed focused failures in the gym. What I mean by that is watching people strength training with intense focus, and yet using improper form and technique with both machines and free weights.

 It is a recipe for disaster towards injury and is counterproductive for any meaningful gains one would otherwise have.

  • First and foremost is always to maintain the mindset of safety as your priority.
  • Swinging The Weight. People have a tendency to do this because the weight is either too light and/or they’re just showing off. This produces unnecessary strain on a muscle, drains valuable energy and/or can also cause a pinched nerve through repetitious action.
  • OR people have a tendency to swing the weight because its too heavy and they are trying to compensate using their entire body for a bicep curl or a forearm raise.

 Solution: Find the weight that both presents a challenge to your muscle to trigger growth and is also not too light to waste invaluable training time.

 Utilize the internet/youtube to observe proper form for the desired exercise. Be aware of your breathing and begin slowly to practice the technique. Minimum of 1-3 reps. Then over time 3-5, 6-8 and so on. Use the S.T.F.P.S.  formula to concentrate your approach to strength training. 

 S.T.F.P.S. – Safety. Technique. Form. Progress. Success.

truthful perceptions: fitness


If there is one word that can strike either fear and dismay or joy and excitement in a human being, its the word: “Fitness…”

Millions run from the word because you might have well said the word “Mirror…”  The word fitness is a reflection of ourselves, our lifestyle and the choices we’ve made for the condition of our life.

I had no choice but to reflect upon my life once I was diagnosed by a cardiologist with a heart condition that would prematurely end my life. I refused to accept that verdict of death and the multitude of pharmaceutical medications I was instructed to take along with it.

Being a spiritually-centered man I focused all of my energies into prayer and meditation on the matter.  I received from GOD a paradigm to employ proper rest, proper nutrition and proper exercise into my daily routine. At the time of my diagnosis I was 125lbs.

Today, 25 years later I am 231lbs and as of my last cardiology checkup, my heart is strong and healthy and I am on schedule to obtain my Personal Trainer Certification by September 2014.

Fitness both saved my life and changed my life. If you’re going through a tailspin about health issues and you really need an answer that does not include taking a multitude of medications. Consider the ancient Egyptian proverb” “Physician Heal Thyself…” Let the power of fitness be the vehicle of change strong enough to turn your life around.

In this blog, I will be offering nutrition tips, insomnia/sleep disorder solutions and exercise/cardio/bodybuilding advice.  

Remember, “Fitness Is Life…”