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A dislocated nose, busted ear drum, bruises, black eyes seem par for the course in beatings that lasted over four years for one noted survivor in Mobile County, Alabama. Her drug addicted husband had decided he was going to beat, abuse and bruise her when he was both high and not high and seemingly blaming her for both.

Had he not overdosed, her fate more likely than not would have fed the statistics of either homicide or homelessness caused by abuse. Battered women shelters now serve more children than they do women. It is estimated in some small cities in America, battered women’s shelters are more populated with children than the Children’s Hospitals in those cities.

There are so many causes of peril, sadness, disease and charity to support in this world. There truly is no excuse for us not to, other than for lack of trying. I AM aligned with three major causes. Stopping Gun Violence, The Alzheimer’s Association and Domestic Violence Awareness.

88 guns for every one hundred Americans and the insanity of needless deaths caused by them is my reason for stopping gun violence. Alzheimer’s disease ran rampant in my family taking the lives of six paternal Aunts and my maternal Grandfather. That is my reason in joining that cause.

Although there is never been an issue of domestic violence in my family, I AM motivated for just that reason. To know from experience that women are to be protected by men from the men who are true cowards for abusing them. As the bearers of our future it is critical to bring awareness and formulate solutions to the plague of domestic violence. In my mind there is no greater threat to civilized society than to ignore the virus of genocide domestic abuse produces.

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truthful perceptions: children

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This past week I read the most horrific news of a man in Colorado, who posted a picture on Facebook he took holding his one year old baby girl, right before taking her life using a gun.  Is there injustice, yes. Is there the constant thread of man’s inhumanity to man, Woman, Children, Animals, the Planet and eventually not just the exploration of Space, but the inevitable exploitation of it too, yes, there is and will be.

This irrationality of behavior is far from the things of God and the purpose of love, which are sadly forsaken for the cause of greed, the existence of fear and the illusion of power.  For greed has never created one human being to be loved, fear has never freed one soul and lust for power pushes men ever further from the divine design of compassion.

Domestic violence and all of its devious tentacles is an insidious virus of the human condition, continuing to morph into the most hideous of all earthly creatures. More and more men are now killing the children of their victims of abuse, as a form of punishment against the Mothers. This has got to stop.

Stories come in from all over the country: In Grifton NC. A man kills his 3 yr. old son with a gun in front of the Mother wounding her soul in ways no physical blow can.  In San Jose CA a man kills his three children in a fit of anger to punish the Mother.  The most recent happened in Colorado with a man who shot a toddler in the head, (who incidentally had just learned how to walk) because he wanted to punish the Mother for leaving him, stating that if he can’t have her, no one else will.

Using children as weapons against Mothers is the worst demonstration of greed, existence of fear and the illusion of power a man could ever manifest.  Whether it became a spontaneous last minute tactic brought on by an argument, or a nuclear option you decided to implement after feeling you’re losing the control you’ve had over the Mother for so many years.

Abusing a Woman through killing her child is the lowest level of manhood and the highest form of cowardice you will be forever known for. Deep down as a Man you know this to be true, as this contradicts and presents the complete opposite of why you are divinely blessed to be a Father.  In this case opposites are not attractive.

As a man, if you’ve ever come to this level of thinking then now is the time for you to truly seek the help that is available for you.  No matter where you are, please look into the National Resources listed below to find the someone to talk to in your area.

Just remember there is an answer to every anguish in your soul and a solution to every shadow in your life, but you have to fight to obtain the peace and dignity we all deserve, especially the children.

truthful perceptions: faker

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Zimmerman is back in the news once again. Were it not for wondering how the parents of Trayvon Martin are feeling about this, I wouldn’t waste my time and thoughts in writing about this latest incident. Seems George is once again displaying the true nature of who and what he is. Unraveling himself before the public eye to the cowardice his lack of anger management warrants.

He is a murderer set free to kill again and it is only a matter of time before he does.  The whole judicial process and courtroom fiasco we all witnessed and will never forget during his trial. His defense lawyers passionately and successfully attempted to paint this man as some sort of misunderstood hero vigilante is what irks me and continues to get under my skin.

Prosecuting Trayvon and criminalizing him with innuendos and inferences to what antics he may or may not have done as an adolescent was bad enough, but to then paint Zimmerman as some sort of paragon of virtue hell bent on protecting his community from the outer elements of criminals was even worse. For it is becoming quite clear this murderer will inevitably kill again.

His affinity to guns and an unchecked psychological dysfunction practically guarantees it.  Instead of doing time in a maximum security or a hospital for the criminally insane, his acquittal served to only bolster and validate his inner demons that he is right to take out his gun and kill anyone who challenges him.

He is a taker of innocent human life and a faker as a man. We in the Black community have seen this time and time again where murderers of our people, especially our children can “legally” get away with their heinous acts, and later on either confess to their crime(s) as in the case of Emmitt Till’s murderers J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant, or be legally vindicated like a Geo. Zimmerman.

Yet this time it will be only a matter of time until Zimmerman kills again, and given his current track record of domestic violence, the victim will ironically be of the same race and gender as those who acquitted him. A white woman. Perhaps another girlfriend of whom will be as defenseless as Trayvon was against a loaded gun.

Whether from some sick desire of self-aggrandizement to be in the media spotlight or out of some twisted form of self guilt to find absolution, he will pull the trigger again. This time as a faker of a man, the life he takes will inevitably and some say rightfully be his own.