truthful perceptions: light…


The wise Man draws more advantage from his enemies, than a fool from his friends; As light is the contrast to darkness, so in life will come the envy of friends and the hatred of enemies;

Being caught between these two fires is never good, yet we look to the Christ within as the active instrument of all peace, forgiveness and reconciliation;

The same creative force who set the symphony of the universe in motion, grows the bones of a child in the womb and decrees the boundaries for every Sea;

This infinite intelligence daily affirms our Spirit to know and declare – If GOD Be For Us, Then Who Can Be Against Us; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: service


Praise GOD: To overcome each obstacle of vanity only adds to your strength; GOD doesn’t care about your popularity. He’s not concerned about that. If your popularity does no service to helping others less fortunate, then in the end it is vain and really has no substance to it.

Nothing comes out of your life but what was put into it. Make being of service to others the true shine on the popularity you possess and let your character be like a river; the deeper it is, the less noise it makes. It is a good and glorious thing to know that we are helping GOD through our service to others. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: smile


If only a smile were allowed to rule the world…

There would be no wars, no poverty and no frowns to bear…

 If only a smile were allowed to rule the world..

Sadness would be imprisoned, tears would always seek parole and joy would forever be on sale…

 If only a smile were allowed to rule the world…

Wouldn’t there be constant laughter from every boy and every girl…?

 If only a smile were allowed to rule the world…

We would see no difference in each other to hate, no distinction in each other to fear…

 If only a smile were allowed to rule the world, would YOU be our King or our Queen; ready to rule wisely, lead humbly and reliably serve?

 If Only A Smile Were Allowed To Rule The World…


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truthful perceptions: vision


The truest purpose of life is to know the life that never ends; The life engaged to Ur dreams and forever married to the vision GOD has given to manifest for you and you alone at the appointed time;

Attracting evidence of Ur life’s vision begins with speaking “Peace, Be Still” to the storms of uncertainty within you and around you; Don’t allow fear to paralyze the genuine effort required in bringing Ur vision/goals to life; Believe something greater than the status quo exists for you;

Struggles may persist and adversity in life will always come, but declare yourself to be stronger, wiser, built to last and a winner who never quits;

Never limit Ur future by dwelling in the past; Just as there is a past that is gone forever, there is a future that is still Ur very own; So through Ur anointed vision live sensibly for today; Plan wisely for tomorrow and never lose sight of who GOD has created you to be;

Time always discovers truth, and there is no better time than now, to invest in Ur vision, move forward and succeed. Love All Ways & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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truthful perceptions: nature

For some unmitigated reason, I’ve had to contend with the most overwhelming brilliance.  A mystical find of greatest importance, and yet treated daily with underwhelming significance to a majority of humanity, simply by virtue of our content with its existence.  

Well I for one refuse to be so disingenuously idle about this event, and I will not just sit back and take the magnitude of this blessing for granted.  Isn’t it just like human nature to subsequently throw under the bus those things of the most significance to our lives,. and yet bally-hoo about the most unimportant things and blow them up to huge proportions of worship.

For example, professional Sports. The manner in which we as humans, or at least a large portion of us deem the existence of sports as religious events rather than mere entertainment is mind boggling. Professional athletes are treated as gods to be worshipped while humans vulnerable to the addiction of gambling will go as far as losing their homes on gambling debts to bookies, or through foreclosure for using mortgage money for betting.  I’ll pass.

I played sports and love to watch the action just as much as the next guy, but all within reason and proportion. I’m also greatly partial to the beauty of the Sun, the Forests, Mountains, Oceans, and the Rivers that parlay themselves around this globe with a resplendent grandeur unequal to anything Man could possibly dream up.  That’s the overwhelming brilliance I speak of.

Why?  Because it lays upon mine heart the equivalent gift and blessing of Virtuous Women given unto Men through GOD. I call attention to this equivalent phenomena not to be disrespectful or facetious, nor to accommodate my conscience for some undue act of immorality.

I raise this empirical point for it is the Virtuous Woman that enhances a Man to be the best he may gainfully strive for himself to be.  It is the Virtuous Woman of whom inspires a Man to first marry himself to the acts of courage in his life, were he to then secondly become impressive enough for a Woman’s attention, admiration and attraction to a confident Man. 

The brevity of life hones our necessity to sharpen the arrows of wisdom to the people, places and things, most meaningful to our lives. I would pray that Men of all walks of life would lessen themselves to those things immaterial and vain, and hasten respectfully in contemplation to the inner beauty of Virtuous Women that surrounds us each and everyday.  Through supporting the efforts of a Virtuous Woman, we morally ground ourselves. When making exceptions of time within our busy schedules on behalf of a Virtuous Woman, we gainfully strengthen the spiritual cords that bind us all.  

We then learn the true meaning of faithful interdependence with each other, while lifting  the currency  of love through mutual respect as the greatest of all abilities accorded to our spiritual human nature.  

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