truthful perceptions: insidious

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INSIDIOUS – Proceeding in a Gradual Subtle  Way, But With Harmful Effects.

For the longest time now I have listened to one word uttered again and again by the enemies of the President. My incredulity met the same level of astonishment of most Americans upon hearing this word, yet by virtue of a series of well orchestrated political events, it is now become more and more clear of what one can begin to see is a greater conspiracy against the nations first African-American President.  The word in question is “Impeach…”

Never mind all of the Republican fueled manufactured crisis’ we’ve endured over this Presidents tenure, let’s just try to see where all of this is going.  This latest avoidable crisis and nonsensical shutdown of the government is another move on the chessboard towards acquiring the King, in this case that means taking back the Presidency even if Vice President Joe Biden finishes the term.

In spite of his vociferous boast last week “that this shutdown is no dam game..” Speaker (Weaker) of the House John Boehner has by his apparent leadership of  inactivity dutifully played along in the much grander game of taking down the President.

The next move…?  If they purposely or rather insidiuous-ly allow the default of the United States government by failing to raise the debt ceiling, it would create global and domestic economic chaos. The short-term effects of this probability is already causing a sense of international instability and concern.  In spite of the Presidents re-election and popularity, the Republican machine have amassed an unrelenting barrage of consistently methodical negative attacks inferring not just the invalidity of President, but constantly insinuating he is the Captain of the Nation’s Titanic doomed to sink us all by his alleged inability to lead.

Perception is everything.  As long as the nation sinks into the quicksand of financial and moral collapse from one systemic failure after the next, they can ultimately say it was done on his watch and therefore rises to the level of impeachment. They will shift positions as they always do from they’re complicity in this mess to again focusing on who was at the top when the United States of America sequestered, shutdown and inevitably defaulted on its financial obligations, thereby causing a global economic crisis.

The sky is not falling, it is being intentionally brought down by an insidiously constructed plan created by very evil men behind the scenes with large pockets and little minds, possessing the power to effectively control key members of the political spectrum.

Focused on the mastery of their hatred for one of the most well educated, intelligent Presidents this country has had in a very long time, they have skewered the media by manipulating a congruence of ignorance into legitimate high profile politicians, while simultaneously characterizing the President as an invalid citizen illegitimately possessing the highest office in the land.

The collateral damage to millions of Americans by the subsequent eradication of vital services, is of little consequence to the framers of America’s destitution, only that the plan goes forward to its final stage of destination which is the inevitable and logical step of an insidious manufactured impeachment.