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LONGSUFFERING: The etymological history of this word dates back to biblical times and was used most prevalently during the 1600’s in England. Its conventional translation lends itself to the spiritually genetic trait of “Godly Patience”, of which is in and of itself is greater and ultimately more rewarding than human patience.

This genetic trait of GOD calls upon us to raise our level of self-perception equivalent to the pureness of how Almighty GOD sees us. Should we be honestly convicted within ourselves to make our tomorrow’s into what we envision today, this genetic trait of Godly Patience/longsuffering must be intrinsically included in our arsenal of victorious faith.

GENTLENESS: “What considerations we may bear, in rightful efforts be sincere; should armor or might fail the day, let gentleness win, through what we speak, what we talk and what we pray…”

No effort of future success will come to pass without a continuous examination of one’s self. We must be as the surgeon’s hand with skillful precision, and yet as considerate and gradual as the Word of GOD.

This spiritual genetic trait is sublime as it calls not just for the passion of our goal to be evident, but also the “compassion” required in consistently employing love into our labor, and subsequently our labor will demonstrate the commensurate gentleness of the same love we’ve put into it.

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LOVE: By what parlance has this word through the ages been used and abused, politicized & proselytized, resigned and reserved by those whose hearts were either sincere and contrite, or scandalous and ill willed. Through JESUS Christ we have the personification of GOD’S love to behaviorally guide us through every challenge  life brings before us.  

JOY: Is it not written that within this spiritual genetic trait is our strength in, of and through the Lord? Go into your labor of dependable time working with intense deliberation on your passion using this attribute to leaven your bread. Allow this attribute, this wonderful fruit of the spirit to mitigate anxiety and properly dissipate fear from your heart, mind and soul.

PEACE: Through the journey of discovery it is essential for your mindset to remain focused on GOD. This indispensable protocol of spiritual genetics denies the invasion of your mind from distractions and protectively envelopes the soul, making it impervious to the spirit of depression. The scriptures exhort us to practice and believe;

“I will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee”.

Therefore it is imperative to know that as you keep your mind on, in and with GOD during your process of creation, GOD has His Spirit immersed in, of and throughout the process of your creation. Stay Blessed, Peaceful & Anointed. IJPN ~ IN JESUS Precious Name. 

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truthful perceptions: time


In times of prosperity, be cautious; In adversity, be patient; In love, be honest; In popularity, be humble; In having authority, be wise.

In times of community, be joyful; In spirituality, be grateful; In war, be peaceful and in peace, be prepared for war.

In times of sadness, be prayerful; In fear, be faithful and in times of darkness, to always be the light.

In times of injustice, be righteousness; In life, to live in moderation and always increase learning; for all wish to live long, but none wish to be called old and unlearned.

In times of despair, be hopeful; In friendship, to be a good listener; In plenty, be charitable and in lean times, hold on.

In times of confusion, be understanding and in times of misunderstanding, strive to be the voice of reason, restoration and reconciliation.

In times of reflection, always take time to determine the value of your freedom.

To render expected happiness in your accomplishments, but to employ a much deeper knowledge to understand what you’ve learned about yourself while in pursuit of your goals.

This will always be your greatest teacher; It is the joy of the journey for your life and all done, through the anointed breath of time.

IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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