truthful perceptions: oven…

As a personal trainer, I get asked by most male clients my age whether exercise can help the “down there…” problem. I inform them if your doctor has ruled out heart disease, enlarged prostate, diabetes, clogged blood vessels, Parkinson’s disease, etc;, then the prognosis for the down their problem is looking up (pun intended).

The remedy is not rocket science and is a Viagra-free way to alleviate the issues of ED. I can’t stress it enough: Consistent cardio exercise combined with weight training is key to metabolizing a protein-based diet and stimulating natural testosterone levels and blood flow. It is also the best way to counteract the side effects of high blood pressure medication(s), which is a main cause of ED.

Men over 50 must set a goal to obtain and maintain keeping their waistline below 35 inches. Prize your diet or die from it. To limit or totally eliminate sugar, excess beer, diet soda, processed foods and a devitaminized diet in general over time plays a strong role in reducing (pun intended) your chances of rising to the occasion.

Prize your diet. I inform my clients to educate themselves. You have inexhaustible resources of the Internet at your beckon call. Utilize it to guide and cultivate your right diet choices to fuel natural testosterone production. Here’s a link to one such site:

In closing, aging is a factor for both men and women to experience decreased sexual activity. However, it is vitally important to realize how much in leading an active lifestyle and healthy dietary choices can play in slowing down that biological clock and keeping both testosterone and estrogen levels high and energized. It will keep you reminded of the proverb that says, “There may be snow on the roof, but there’s still plenty of fire in the oven…”






truthful perceptions: gratitude…


There are a million bits and pieces of information that make up the experiences of a Man’s life. Most are often forgotten in the blink of an eye. Others are much more traumatic, joyful, significant and mournful to the memories held on to for a lifetime.

The balance of equity for most men of integrity regardless of race, religious belief system or background is to practice either by the minute, the hour, the day or even once a week is a time of reflection to be thankful.

It costs nothing and yet yields the biggest personal returns. This is a character trait most promising to know that a poor man is made rich by it, and a rich man is made poor without it.


It grounds you in ways to keep you safe from the arrogance of the batterer mindset. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Pastor or a Police Officer, the arrogant mindset of the physical batterer and verbal abuser remain the same.

One of thinking he is untouchable by virtue of his vocation and somehow immune from any conviction of conscience because it is both neutralized and patronized by his service to the community.

That somehow his livelihood qualifies him to live a secretive lifestyle free of condemnation in beating his wife/intimate partner. Nothing could be further from the truth for we know the universal law speaks to the heart of the matter: “To whom much is given, much is required.”

So on this Thanksgiving Day, may we as men take the time to truly search our hearts for any level of abusive behavior we have towards our wife/intimate partner, and begin the changing process with the best weapon of all, gratitude…

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truthful perceptions: power



Change requires process and process is never a pleasant thing. Through the process leading to change we develop power. We come to learn the source of this power is from within. It takes on many forms in the virtues known as resilience, perseverance, determination, truth, wisdom, faith, prayer, confidence and so on.

 Nonetheless it is all under and connected to power and understanding that as the Master Teacher taught, “the kingdom of God is within…”

 The word power occurs in the Bible 276 times. It is a word synonymous to the name of GOD. Power is what gives us a prevailing strength over the stressors in our lives draining our positive energy.

 The great question before us is am I being decisive in finding my power? Or am I just fledging through life awaiting something grand to happen like winning the lottery…?

Within you is the Spirit of the Great Creator of the known Universe. That in and of itself is recognizable as Power. It is said that your body is your first land to conquer. Your spirit is second and your mind is third.

 When you discipline and tame the body you conquer the flesh. When you calm, poise and channel the spirit, you have now conquered the fear.

When you conquer the mind you now release the powers of creativity unbound and capable of creating worlds of reality beyond your previous imagination.

 While the grace of GOD supplies all of our needs, the power of GOD provisions all of our thoughts and creative endeavors, for as you think in your heart, so you will become.

Find, Recognize and Source Your Power Forevermore.

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truthful perceptions: balance…


Life requires balance.

The areas of time management are not exempt. As in most things it is the habitual practice of an imbalance that endangers the daily peace of the individual. To find inner balance and its ensuing tangible peace one should affirm the necessity of implementing positive time management within their life’s regimen. It is said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, yet all play and no work makes him something greatly worse”.

The adage is clear as to the significance of placing priorities of work and leisure rightly divided within one’s life. Yet deeper still is the importance of defining the discipline. There is simply no replacement for the value of work.

I speak not of the regulatory 9 to 5 position most of us pursue and retain in order to pay the bills and keep food on the table. As important as that is, this book’s purpose is to subscribe to the inner architect residing within all Souls who read these words in order to understand the power within your minds eye to both challenge and change your future, for there is no future brighter than the present. We each have a vision of how our lives can, could and should be made better. For all who are living that dreamality (experiencing your dream + living your reality = dreamality) life cannot be a grander place to both work and play.

Yet, for the majority there is no causality for the expression of freedom. Other than a yearning seed of belief through the Word of GOD given every Sunday in church, do the masses experience any true change of their position in life. This is now the time to begin designing the most significant concept of your life and being entrusted to supervise the greatest enterprise you will ever manage. By contrast, the time required to endeavor the power of your imagination is miniscule in comparison to weekly leisurely exploits as trivial as watching television. The need to flip the script has never been greater nor the rewards more relevant to one’s prosperity.

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truthful perceptions: architect…

IMG_3225 copy

Every architect dreams to create the finest and tallest building for the entire world to behold. Every building engineer dreams to unfold the quasar of their imagination after years of dedicated study in school and countless engineering schematics and model diagrams. The one common denominator shared by these persons of creativity the world over is the shared biblical principle of their occupation.

That principle is that you must first have a solid foundation. Regardless to how much money, manpower, city permits, and insurance cost for the massive project it may require, they first started with the geological analysis of the proposed area of land for a solid foundation of their creation.

As the architects and building engineers of our own lives, we too require a precise and self-perceptible analysis conducive to a solid foundation that remains impervious to spiritually violent weather, flexible to extenuating circumstances and immune to human ridicule. One that is secure to both the earthquakes of our wrong choices and obedient to the inner vocal calls to stop the madness of our journey. A solid foundation irrespective of what torrential rains or typhoon floods may lash upon it and will still continue to stand undeterred.

The foundation I speak of is the confidence of the human Spirit in concert with the power of the human Voice believing in our inherent God given ability to succeed over adversity. Separately these entities are dynamic, yet limited in both scope and nature. Thus it is logical to presume that GOD through wisdom created both to harness the strength of each other not simply for the benefit of the body, but rather the whole earthly life of the Soul.

Learn to preach the power of the human spirit, minister the invincibility of our Lord & Savior JESUS Christ and daily practice His message for us to sincerely love one another, as we genuinely love ourselves.

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truthful perceptions: machines


Machines can either be our best friend in the gym or our worst enemy. One of my new clients wanted to proudly demonstrate to me all that she had learned. She placed herself on the squat machine and proceeded to stack two 45lb weights on either side.

 She began her exercise lowering herself too quickly, not breathing properly and then pushing herself up using her toes. The strain on her face was enough for me to stop her by her third rep. She thanked me as she said the pain has always been unbearable when doing that exercise.

She explained this is how she learned this machine from her last trainer. I explained to her this particular exercise targeting both the hamstrings and butt is best achieved by placing both feet shoulder length apart and flat-footed.  This provides balance and first and foremost safety from injury. Never lock your knees on your way up and keep a slow but intense fluidity to your reps. 

 I explained to her to never circumvent God-given common sense for a personal trainer. If it hurts when you’re doing it, then something is wrong.

Whatever machines peak your curiosity, make sure you ask gym personnel for the proper directions in how to use it. Avoid serious injury by always placing your safety first. As the saying goes: ”Check yourself, before you wreck yourself…”

 “Fitness For Life…”


truthful perceptions: glory


One must want to purposely glorify GOD. As believers we are faced with the same question everyday. Do you prefer the glory of GOD above everything else?

Are you on the Lord’s side? Remember there is always a price to pay for who and what you worship, for whatever you love will always have the tightest grip on your life. In order to get from glory to glory, sometimes we have to give up the level where we are in order to get to where we need to be.

The very purpose of glory is for us to change and if you stand on the shore waiting for everything to look good, you’ll never step into the waters of change. The moment we say yes to GOD the process of change can begin.

So let the ceiling be the floor of your new dimension of change today. Take your wings of faith and ask yourself: How high will you fly?

IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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truthful perceptions: insidious

IMG_0011 copy

INSIDIOUS – Proceeding in a Gradual Subtle  Way, But With Harmful Effects.

For the longest time now I have listened to one word uttered again and again by the enemies of the President. My incredulity met the same level of astonishment of most Americans upon hearing this word, yet by virtue of a series of well orchestrated political events, it is now become more and more clear of what one can begin to see is a greater conspiracy against the nations first African-American President.  The word in question is “Impeach…”

Never mind all of the Republican fueled manufactured crisis’ we’ve endured over this Presidents tenure, let’s just try to see where all of this is going.  This latest avoidable crisis and nonsensical shutdown of the government is another move on the chessboard towards acquiring the King, in this case that means taking back the Presidency even if Vice President Joe Biden finishes the term.

In spite of his vociferous boast last week “that this shutdown is no dam game..” Speaker (Weaker) of the House John Boehner has by his apparent leadership of  inactivity dutifully played along in the much grander game of taking down the President.

The next move…?  If they purposely or rather insidiuous-ly allow the default of the United States government by failing to raise the debt ceiling, it would create global and domestic economic chaos. The short-term effects of this probability is already causing a sense of international instability and concern.  In spite of the Presidents re-election and popularity, the Republican machine have amassed an unrelenting barrage of consistently methodical negative attacks inferring not just the invalidity of President, but constantly insinuating he is the Captain of the Nation’s Titanic doomed to sink us all by his alleged inability to lead.

Perception is everything.  As long as the nation sinks into the quicksand of financial and moral collapse from one systemic failure after the next, they can ultimately say it was done on his watch and therefore rises to the level of impeachment. They will shift positions as they always do from they’re complicity in this mess to again focusing on who was at the top when the United States of America sequestered, shutdown and inevitably defaulted on its financial obligations, thereby causing a global economic crisis.

The sky is not falling, it is being intentionally brought down by an insidiously constructed plan created by very evil men behind the scenes with large pockets and little minds, possessing the power to effectively control key members of the political spectrum.

Focused on the mastery of their hatred for one of the most well educated, intelligent Presidents this country has had in a very long time, they have skewered the media by manipulating a congruence of ignorance into legitimate high profile politicians, while simultaneously characterizing the President as an invalid citizen illegitimately possessing the highest office in the land.

The collateral damage to millions of Americans by the subsequent eradication of vital services, is of little consequence to the framers of America’s destitution, only that the plan goes forward to its final stage of destination which is the inevitable and logical step of an insidious manufactured impeachment.

truthful perceptions: power


Until a demand of faith is placed upon Ur power, its flow is wild, dangerous and potentially destructive; It took a selfish kind of love that brought me to within an inch of losing my life, before I could learn to fight to win back my living faith;

I had knowledge, but soon learned that education is the beginning of a man, and only his conversation will reveal his true character; I had talent, but I learned the greater the talent, the greater the crime; I had money, but I learned that money makes a good servant, but a very dangerous master;

Real power is the quality of Christ-consciousness given to all to realize that we are made in GOD’s image; Not gossiping in the lives of other men and slow to judge ourselves, but enduring the things of the world while bearing our own cross for our own mental growth and spiritual evolution;

Having power without a selfless-inner-driven spiritual conviction is dead, and only a prayerfully nurtured divine faith persuades a genuine open victory;

This alone leads to true power, true happiness and true success. Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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truthful perceptions: genocide


Recently, I’ve joined millions of others across this country in outrage over the Zimmerman verdict. I was outsourcing my feelings of seeing a unity of spirit amongst Black people motivated by the act of injustice right before our eyes through the acquittal of Zimmerman.

 I say outsourcing because all the while, my conscience was speaking to me in a still small voice, but one loud enough to hear over the noise of chants for justice and tears of astonishment in GZ’s acquittal. The voice in my head spoke loud and clear: Where is the unified outcry amongst Black people in particular, for the ongoing deaths in Chicago of Blacks being killed by other Blacks?

 Six people killed and 17 shot this past weekend alone, including Six year old Quianna Thompson, who was ironically shot and killed while attending a vigil for another shooting victim who died the previous week. In addition to Quianna, the five other lives lost this past weekend were just as precious as both hers and Trayvon Martin’s life. 

 What about the lives of other Chicago victims of violent murder: Jeremiah Brown, Marissa Boyd- Stingley, Tommie Bates, Ronald Baskin, Marquis Anderson, Cherie Adams, Clifton Barney, Jovatay Alexander and on and on and on… Weren’t their lives just as precious as Trayvon’s life?

Is it because they weren’t killed by a White/Mexican, that somehow invalidates the need for our unified national outrage? Have we by our own national Black silence set the bar so low for the devaluation of Black life that only when a white jury acquits a white man for murdering one of our own, will we as a people get up in arms about how precious Black life is?

 Does anyone really believe that if Trayvon Martin was killed by another Black youth he would have still become a national martyr symbolizing injustice, OR would he have simply been a 30 second blip on the local news in reporting another murdered Black youth with no witnesses. 

White males with a university degree have a 2.9% unemployment rate while Black male high school dropouts constitute a 51.6% unemployment rate. That coupled with a plethora of available guns, territorial gang disputes/violence and a very hot summer breeds the perfect storm for the murder rates we are all witnessing week after week just in Chicago alone.

Under-educated, under-employed, under-skilled and overly-armed draws the line in the sand for employed contempt and a glaring lack of love for the sanctity of life, especially amongst your own kind. 

Where is the unified boycott by music celebrities? Where are the sports teams/stars wearing Hoodies? Where are the politically religious and religiously political opportunists who are there to posture for the national TV cameras during the Martin case, yet silent and absent when we are killing each other week after bloody week? 

No differently than any other race, Black people exhibit the same behavioral patterns of an anticipated and ongoing measured dispassion when killing their own kind.

We must also remember that White people organized en masse vehemently across the country when protesting an acquittal of a defendant who they collectively felt was guilty of murder. Perhaps if the current dynamics were flipped under the same set of circumstances and the murderer was clearly responsible for the murder and yet found not guilty, then we would again witness a similar reaction from White people. Remember their reaction to the Not Guilty verdict in the OJ criminal trial?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse the amount of paralyzed dismissal we as Black people have now become so accustomed to rendering when it concerns a Black life being murdered by another Black individual.

We all feel the hurt it when we hear the news of another deadly weekend in Chicago, or Washington DC, Detroit, New York, Phily, New Orleans, etc;.. and because ignorance walks so proudly and so well armed, we can only throw our hands up in the air in the attempt to somehow maintain our sanity.

 The question is: Where is our unified national outrage? Organized rallies? Sit-Ins at the State House forcing the Governor to request the FBI and all powers of the State using every means necessary to find the gun suppliers? Where is our demand to the powers that be for equal education funding across the board for Public Schools (as done for Charter Schools) and creating State based Job training opportunities requiring incentivized High School Diploma/GED Equivalent for our youth? 

 Where is our demand of the President and The Justice department to send in Federal troops if necessary to stop these senseless killings?  Perhaps that’s the hardest part of all. Allowing our frustrations to turn into an despondency of acceptance, and that acceptance to morph itself into a growing indifference for life itself through our self-inflicted genocide.  

Ultimately indicting us all, because without commissioned organized action, we then through omission, become an accessory to the very crimes we despise in our loud silence. May GOD Help Us…IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.