truthful perceptions: receive…


There shall be no pretense, forethought or apprehension within me. There shall neither be anxiety or fear that would incapacitate and otherwise compromise the power given unto me.

My vision left unbound daily restores unto me the truth, that the blessings of my life were not made for me, but “I” was created to receive the blessings that God has in store for me.

I and I alone openly comprehend this fact, or I can reject it through fear.

I and I alone can honestly accept this truth, or I can delay it through procrastinating. To receive my blessings is to acknowledge my quest, knowing that God has equipped me with everything that I would ever need for this journey.

My journey is underwritten by the venture capital of the Word of God that tells me that I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me. Therefore my judgment is sound, my quest is just and all of my blessings are mine to receive ~ 


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truthful perceptions: vanity…


Vanity provides only a bandage, never a cure. Any attempt to procure healing from its wings are fleeting for it contains no substance conducive to restoration, no intrinsic remedy to improve, nor any ingredients to mend the heart to procure true forgiveness unto itself.  

The absence of vanity leads to the essence of compassion, which is the inheritance and importation of wisdom. No man cometh unto the Father, but through JESUS. For the heart of Christ cannot go against itself and in this manner truly sifts and searches the human heart coming unto God for humility and the absence of pride and vanity necessary to be in the presence of God.

Vanity in the human heart has paved the way for countless souls to create the very hell of their day-to-day reality. Much worse to those who never learned the lesson of obedience before going to their graves or were prematurely brought there resulting from the very vanity that plagued their lives.

In studying the Heart of Christ we see that JESUS neither displayed nor possessed one iota of vanity, but instead frequently taught about the dangers of both riches and idolatry, summarily contradicting the plethora of prosperity preachers on the scene today.

Pursuing the heart of Christ reveals the true riches God would have us to abide in and rely upon. The wealth of a rich man is his strong city, yet it is the meek which shall inherit the Earth. Cities fall and eventually crumble to dust, but the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. The things of vanity may thrive for the temporary things of glory, but possessing the heart of Christ leads to a peace that passes all understanding.

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truthful perceptions: stress


Through some quite accessible internet research I’ve found there are 15 serious debilitating consequences to living stress filled lives. 1) Lower immunity to disease 2) Weight loss/gain  3) Decreased ability to heal 4) Depression 5) A decreased need for new experiences 6) Hair loss 7) Poorer functioning of internal organs 8) Living in survival mode 9) Increased chance of miscarriage 10) Infertility 11) Inability to sleep 12) Heart problems 13)  Muscle pains 14) Emotional imbalances/phobias/anxieties and last but not least Diabetes.

 Stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between challenges. As a result, the person becomes overworked and stress-related tension builds.

Until you can win the lotto or inherit Aunt Harriet’s fortune from her will, you need to find and practice the best stress-reducer for your longevity. There are many options, but none so holistic as a weekly regimen of fitness combined with a daily practice of spiritual renewal i.e, prayer, meditation, yoga, etc;..

This in and of itself combats all 15 maladies listed above and also keeps you mentally sharp and essentially prepared for the unexpected. As we all know, life is very good for throwing the unexpected at you.

Stay ahead of the curve. Gas up with wisdom and pump the brakes on the stressors of your life. Keep it all under control by lifting with love and staying pumped up and prayed up. Love Always & Keep Looking Up.  

“Fitness For Life…”

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truthful perceptions: remembrance


It is a good thing to remember sadness, yet to no longer be sad. To remember fear without being fearful, and to even remember past desires without having the desire for those things anymore.  

It is said that the memory is the belly of the mind. If this is true, then by what consequence are we to suffer in the future, if we do not rightly nurture the mind with the most nutritious thoughts today?   

For we define ourselves by our experiences to the degree for which we judge ourselves better or worse by virtue of them.  

Our wisdom of integrity comes not from our future to direct our past, but rather our memory of the past to influence our present to bless our future. 

Remembrance is a form of meditation. A springboard to place the emotions of past desires, joy, fear and sadness in their proper realm of our journey through life.

Let this process be the balance for shaping our thoughts, refining our character and building our future to the foundation of gratitude, foresight, success and a positive attitude.

For in so doing we find ourselves in communion with a Godly and wholesome purpose for our lives. We then eat the bread of life and drink the wine of redemption in doing those things as JESUS commanded: “To do these things in remembrance of me…”  Amen.  

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truthful perceptions: overcome


Life comes equipped with disappointment, setbacks and heartache. These events spare no race, creed or gender. It favors no ethnicity over the other and is servant to the law of averages by dictating… “in each life, some rain must fall…”

A leech is defined as an aquatic or terrestrial worm with suckers at both ends. Many of the species are bloodsucking parasites and others are predators.  Adversity in life can pretty much be viewed and defined as the leeches of our lives. Unless they are carefully avoided, prevented, removed and eliminated they too will become bloodsucking parasites and predators of our very Soul.

Learning to prevail and come out on top of every adversity is the key to our every success in life.  Fortune favors the bold, but occasional misfortune occurs to everyone. So how do we prevail as people of God in achieving victory over adversity? What techniques of the mind and mechanisms of the heart do we employ to our necessary healing?

When we first come to the awareness that adversity is a weapon of fate aimed directly at us, we must immediately arm ourselves with an inner understanding that God will never leave us nor forsake us, and because we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God the Word teaches us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

We get on in the world not by ignoring the prevalence of adversity, but through applying the mental fortitude, emotional resilience and spiritual faith to carry on and persist in achieving our goals in spite of.  Loving yourself and becoming stronger in your determination to overcome adversity is your key to opening doors of success.

So you’ve already won by the definition of the biblical Word. You are victorious over adversity by not only speaking the Word of God over your life, but also in believing deeply in your heart as to its author, its action and its authenticity.

Replace the leeches of adversity with a lease on new life, new thoughts and a new positive attitude that says I shall prevail, I shall succeed and I shall come out on top of every situation. In doing so, by the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart you shall most assuredly overcome. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

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Mr. Russel Blake is the Author of “The Proverbs 31:Virtuous Woman Series…” He is also the creator and presenter of the D.I.V.A. (Divinely Intelligent & Virtuously Anointed) Workshop. A time of dialogue on the perception, purpose and position of the Virtuous Woman from a Man’s perspective.  Contact/Bookings/Representation: Monica Hart 678.612.7251

truthful perceptions: leaders


A Divine Itch? You better scratch it. Have you ever had an uncomfortable sensation from GOD pulling you to do something you feel Ur not ready to do? Bringing you into a place Ur not ready to go to?

In prayer life one becomes conscious of wider realms of experience, higher ways of thought and living with increased foresight; GOD shows no favoritism with no exceptions, simply because you were already created to be exceptional; Designed to be remarkable and born to be unequaled through being fearfully and wonderfully made;

The only requirement is that you learn to genuinely love yourself for the influential leader that GOD created you to be; Leaders are neither born or discovered, but developed. Conquer Ur trials and face every adversity with courage and with eyes wide open;

Because the punch the boxer didn’t see, is usually the one that knocks him out; Check yourself for a divine itch; If you find one, you better scratch it; It could be GOD calling you to experience something greater in Ur life; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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truthful perceptions: words


Words of the Soul forever compliment divine love to be universal; The Soul knows that truth seeks no corners to hide and it never grows old; Truth may always be blamed, but it can never be shamed; It may suffer from neglect and a lack of honorable Men to lift it up, but it will never perish;

Evil men may seek to darken the truth but they can never extinguish it, for sooner or later truth always comes to light; If truth it doesn’t come out in the wash, it will come out in the rinse;

So let the words of your Soul always pray to GOD in truth; Speak to Men as Brothers in integrity and communicate with Women as Sisters we cherish with respect and sincerity; Deceit may hide in honey sweetened words, but the truth shall always set you free; Love Always & Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.   

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truthful perceptions: lantern


Praise GOD: Keeping your life always open to GOD is more important than work, food, clothes and everything else on earth; as a traveler on the road back to GOD, having personal misgivings and skepticism about yourself puts you in that special place between sanity and insanity; stop doubting yourself and live up to the brilliance of your inner spiritual light; Go into the chambers of Ur anointed heart, shut the door and talk to GOD in secret;

Make up Ur mind once and for all to stop living Ur life for the approval of men, but live rather for the immeasurable estimate of GOD; Just as their is no human darkness impenetrable to spiritual light, there is no brokenness in you that cannot be healed through prayer, forgiveness and love; Study Ur Bible & Pray; GOD’s Word is the daybreak of wisdom and you are GOD’s lantern of bold action; and when combined together, constitute a light that can’t be put out ~ IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.


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truthful perceptions: prayer

IMG_0011 copy

Praise GOD: Every honorable endeavor is won or lost on the field of prayer; Prayers move the hands that move the universe and our knowledge and practice of this ability enables us to live in harmony. Proficiency of prayer will make a fool wise and the lack of it will turn a wise man into a fool; Prayer is the jewel of contentment belonging to the wisest of souls; the rich man is made wise because he has it and the poor man is made rich because he can’t live without it;

If you lose money, you lose much; when you lose friends you lose much more; but when you lose the wisdom to always pray, you’ve lost it all; therefore let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid; Make the secret of your success be the constancy of Ur anointed purpose on this Earth through love, faith, patience and prayer. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

Man Of Psalms

truthful perceptions: marissa

IMG_0011 copyAs of this writing, fortunately most people across the nation are now familiar with the Marissa Alexander case. For those who are not here is a brief summary to bring you up to speed:

Marissa Alexander is a mother of three children and did not have a criminal record before this incident. Marissa’s husband has a documented history of violence and domestic abuse toward women. In a jealous rage, Marissa’s husband violently confronted her while she used the bathroom.  She was assaulted, shoved, strangled and held against her will. She was prevented from escaping and was not able to call 911.

Her husband was asked to leave repeatedly. He and his two sons, were supposed to have exited through the front door but, did not. Her husband entered the kitchen wich leads to the garage and saw Marissa was unable to leave via the malfunctioning garage door. Her husband yelled “Bitch I will kill you!” and charged toward her. Marissa had retrieved her liscensed and registered gun which she owned for years before even meeting her husband – from her vehicle.

She held the weapon in her right hand down by her side as he yelled, “Bitch I Will Kill You! And charged toward her. In fear and desperation, Marissa Alexander lifted her weapon, turned away and discharged a single shot in the  ceiling. As she stood her ground – that single shot prevented him from doing that which he had threatened. He ran out of the house where he contacted police and falsely reported that Marissa Alexander shot at him and his 2 sons.

The police took Marissa Alexander into custody. Alexander’s husband admitted that he was the agressor, threatened her life and was so enraged that he did not know what he would do – this being under sworn statement in November of 2010. Alexander’s husband was arrested for domestic violence twice – once for abuse against Alexander. That attack landed Alexander in the hospital ~

Marisa is now sentenced to 20 years in prison blazing the combined spotlight of public outrage and SMH (scratching my head) across the nation from intelligent thinking people everywhere. Although Marissa’s case is a poster child for the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, instead she was denied and subsequently inherited the fate of her case being one of thousands in Florida where racial bias is insidiously at work. A study by the Tampa Bay Times found that in Florida, defendants citing the Stand Your Ground law were more likely to prevail if the victim was black. Seventy-three percent of people who killed a black person walked away with no penalty, compared to 59 percent of those who killed a white victim.

This is also a case for serious review of the domestic violence statutes that would allow her ex-husband, a serial abuser to get away not only scott free, but also to be given custody of their child.

It is time for Marissa Alexander to be set free, to regain custody of her children and to be financially compensated by the State of Florida for the gross miscarriage of justice imposed upon her. Please take a minute to sign the petition below telling Gov. Rick Scott to pardon Marissa Alexander now.


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